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8 Prayers for Youth


Our youth are the future of the earth. It only makes sense that we would want to guide them along the right path. These prayers for youth can help you ask for God’s blessing as they learn and grow. Through prayer, you can encourage the youth to follow God in all things and become the change that they want to see in the world.

A Prayer for Our Youth

1. Heavenly Father, you are so wonderful and the source of all goodness. We worship you and give you our hearts, minds and body. You are the source of love and grace in the world. We pray that you will help us to grow in your goodness so that we may be the light that shines in the darkness. Help us to dwell in your truth and never be shaken by doubt. Help us to see your vision for our lives and to follow you in all ways. We ask that you give us the energy to care for the doubtful and the lost. Help us to use our creativity to comfort the brokenhearted and downtrodden. Through your almighty power, help us to bring peace and joy to everyone. Amen.

2. Almighty Father, we thank you and praise you for bringing these young men and women to the Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that you will work in their lives to help them follow you and become closer to you. Bring them closer to your grace and grant them strength in their faith. May each young man and woman learn to walk in your spirit and trust in your word. May we all know that your grace is enough to satisfy our needs. Keep these young men and women from being tempted and influence by the evil things of the world. Protect them from sin and from the wiles of the evil one. Through each day, help these young people walk in your path and find wisdom to answer every struggle in their life. Keep them humble in spirit as they look for your guidance in all things. Amen.

3. O loving Lord, we thank you for these children, teenagers and young people. Thank you for giving them faith in you and bringing them closer to you in all ways. We ask that you help these young people to grow in faith and trust in the truth of the gospels. Help them to become a disciple of Jesus as they go out into the world. We pray for the youth of the world that they may grow in their faith and develop a spirit of humility toward you. Amen.

4. Holy Father, we ask that you keep your dear children pure in heart, mind and spirit. Help these youth develop a desire to remain clean in life so that they can come before you with a pure heart. Help each child to grow in your grace and in the knowledge of your son, Jesus Christ. May they grow in grace and see the truth in your world. Protect these youth from all that might cause them to stumble from the path of righteousness. In all things, help them to be guided closer to your truth so that they can one day be a part of your everlasting kingdom. Amen.

Prayers For Teens

5. Heavenly Father, you send Jesus Christ, your only son, to the world to save all sinners. We know that there are many people in the world who are never fortunate enough to hear the glorious gospel of the Lord. These youth are fortunate for hearing your word. We pray that they may continue to follow you and have a desire to share the gospel with those who have not heard your word. May they share the good news with everyone they meet and inspire others to become Christians through their example. Amen.

6. As your children go out into the world, we ask for your guidance, Lord. These young Christians will attend high school, college and universities where your word is not held sacred. We pray that you will protect them from evil and drive away the evil one. Protect their hearts and minds so that they follow the truth of your word. Amen.

7. Lord, we ask that you give your children wisdom to make the right choices in life. Help them to discover fellowship in you. When others doubt, help these youth to support them and guide others toward a life of faith. Strengthen their trust in you so that they may be strong in their faith in Jesus Christ.

8. Almighty Father, we ask for your mercy and loving kindness for these young people today. Help all of the youth who have turned away from Jesus to hear your word. Guide these children to open their eyes to your truth and to have faith in your promises. Lord, we pray that you will speak to their hearts so that they may glorify your name in all ways.


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