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The Pros And Cons Of Marriage


Getting married is exciting, right!? But you might be wondering if it’s the right thing for you. Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place to help you figure out the answer. We have a few pros and cons of marriage for you to gloss over before you make the biggest decision of your life! Check them out below:


  • Your Bond Deepens

Marriage is a sacred thing, or so they say, so that means you will feel like your bond has strengthened once you two say your vows to each other. There’s no doubt that getting married to the person that you love will bring you a load of joy that we just can’t explain. You will feel on top of the world with them. And sometimes that never ends! Being married to the perfect person is the perfect way to spend your life. You might be thankful that you made that decision and feel content for the rest of your life. Let’s not forget that a honeymoon is an amazing romantic vacation that you get to embark on after the wedding! Oh! And the cake, let’s not forget about delicious and wonderful wedding cake. Also, having your friends and family gathered in one place to celebrate you and your best friend… What’s better than that?

  • Your Income Changes

There are a ton of great financial benefits from getting married to your partner. You finally get to share your assets and you are released from some simple tax burdens. You will also be entitled to receive your partner’s benefits if they have a great job or you can become a part of their health insurance. There are a lot of different ways getting married helps lighten your financial load a little bit. Even if it takes some time to do so, you will see the ups more than the downs when the two of you make that lifelong commitment to each other. You might also have a better chance at getting a nicer home if the two of you get married. When you become a single household to the government, they will ultimately allow you to apply for a better mortgage loan. Of course that is only if neither of you have terrible credit and are both employed.

  • Your Family Will Be Stable

There is proof that children are much happier when their parents are in a healthy, long term relationship together. Stability is important in a child’s life. There’s no harm in not getting married and still maintaining stability. But it might make things messier if the two of you decide to end things. When you are in a marriage, things can be handled easier through mediation and attorneys than if you were never married in the first place.

  • You Have Someone To Share Everything With

Yes, we know that you can share things with your partner even if the two of you are not married by law. However, it does make it much more special to share things with a spouse. It’s much easier to share legal things with your partner if the two of you are bounded in marriage, too.

  • You Have Someone Legally Responsible For You

Sadly, there is not much you can do if you and your partner are not legally binded. When you are with someone long term without marriage, you risk not being able to make legal decisions for them if something bad happens to them and vice versa.

It’s sad to think about, but let’s say that your partner was in a horrific car accident and suffered serious injuries or even ended up in a coma or on life support. If the two of you are not married, there is a strong chance that you will not be able to be a part of any of the decisions from there on out. This can make things tricky if your spouse has no other family to care for them in this situation. It can get especially messy if you and your spouse’s family do not see eye to eye.

  • Survivor Benefits

Another terrible thing to think about, but still is based as a pro of getting married, is the benefits you or your partner will receive if either of you end up passing away. When you are married you are entitled to your spouse’s life insurance or pension. Yes, it’s awful, but it is definitely a pro. If you are together long term and one of you passes away without being married, no benefits will be received for you or your family.


  • Weddings Are Spendy

One of the most expensive things to do in life is have a wedding. Unless you are a super D.I.Y type of person and can budget your wedding really well. Of course, it still costs you quite a bit of money. From invitations to the dress to the catering… The list could go on and on. That is one of the downfalls of marrying the person that you love. Your other option is eloping and getting married in the courthouse. But sadly even a marriage license is kind of expensive if you are living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Divorce Is Even Spendier

Not only is getting married extremely expensive, but if things do not work out between the two of you then you are risking the expense of a divorce as well. Not only that but divorces are extremely difficult to navigate. You have to hire a lawyer and split your assets. It causes a lot of stress for you financially and emotionally.

  • Divorce Is Hard On Families

Just like divorce is hard on you, it’s also hard on your children. Kids take divorces the hardest out of anyone that is involved with them. It emotionally stresses them out and it can make them feel as if they are obligated to choose between you or the other spouse. It also forces them to split holidays and houses. Divorce is not fun for anyone that has to endure it, but it is especially not fun for the kids that are involved.

  • There Are Expectations

Getting married can create a wall of expectations. We have these ideas built up in our head of what marriage should be like. We can thank television, books and movies for planting those unrealistic expectations in our heads. So when we do end up going through with it and things aren’t what we pictured, we might become unhappy. Becoming unhappy over these things can kill the romance in your marriage and cause resentment to build up.

  • There Might Be Tax Issues

And just like there are tax breaks, there can also be tax issues when you get married to someone. There is also a chance that things can get insanely messy when it comes to the financial part of your relationship. This is more so true if one of you has a terrible amount of debt or bad credit. Your partner will assume your debt and/or bad credit and vice versa. This can make it extremely hard to apply for loans or save up money.

  • You’re Making A Huge Commitment

Marriage is a huge commitment, there’s no doubt about that at all. That’s why it is very, very important to make sure that this is something you want before going through with it. Think about whether or not you are in it for the long haul, because if you are not, don’t do it!


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