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100 Puerto Rican Baby Boy Names with Meanings


Puerto Rico is an island that is an unincorporated territory of the United States. It’s located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Puerto Rico was once under Spanish rule, which explains why their primary language is Spanish. This also explains why many Puerto Rican names are of Spanish origin. Puerto Rico is also predominantly Roman Catholic. This is why many Puerto Ricans have names taken from the bible, some of which are spelled the Spanish way.

puerto rican names and meanings

Below are some Puerto Rican boy names that you might want to bestow upon your baby boy. Like many cultures, they like to name their children after positive traits, though there are also names related to nature and the child’s birth order.

Abran means “exalted father.” It’s taken from the biblical Abraham, who is the patriarch of the three Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Adolfo means “noble wolf”

Agustin means “majestic dignity”

Alano means “handsome.” Choose this name for your son if you would like him to grow up to be handsome.

Alejándro means “defender of mankind”

Amara means “eternally beautiful”

Armando means “army man.” If your family is strongly rooted in the military, this would be a very fitting name for your son.

Badilón means “courageous”

Benigno means “kind, friendly”

Bernardo means “brave as a bear”

Bonifacio means “one who does good deeds”

Braulio means “shining”

Carlos means “manly” or “warrior.” Give your son this name if you would like him to become manly when he’s older.

Casimiro means “peaceful”

Celestino means “heavenly”

Chico means “boy, lad.” This is a common nickname among young boys in Puerto Rico.

Christian means “follower of Christ”

Cleto means “chosen to fight”

Cordero means “lamb.” The symbolism of lambs is deeply rooted in the Christian faith, so you may want to choose this name for your son if you are a Christian. It’s also gradually becoming a popular name in Puerto Rico.

Dario means “rich.” If you want your son to grow up rich and successful, give him this name.

Delmar means “of the sea.” Since Puerto Rico is an island, much of its culture is related to the vast sea. Delmar would be a great name for a son whom you would like to grow up to be a seafarer, or one whose origins are from the sea.

Desiderio means “desired”

Donatello means “gift from God.” A famous bearer of this name is the Italian Renaissance sculptor from Florence.

Emilio means “rival”

Estephan means “crowned in victory”

Eufrasio means “uses words well.” Whether your family is one of writers or orators, give your son this name to bestow upon him the same talent with words.

Eulogio means “one who speaks well”

Felix means “lucky”

Fernando means “adventurer”

Fidele means “faithful”

Florentino means “blooming.” Florentino is a beautiful name for a son who will bloom as he grows older.

Floriano means “flowering”

Frasco means “free”

Galeno means “small intelligent one”

Garcia means “brave in battle” or “mighty with a spear.” Garcia is also a common surname in the Spanish-speaking world.

Gerardo means “brave spearman”

Gonzalo means “wolf”

Gregorio means “watchful”

Gualtiero means “ruler of the army.” If you want your son to become a strong military man with a knack for leadership, this is the name for him.

Guillermo means “determined guardian”

Hector means “tenacious”

Hernan means “peace”

Hernández means “daring, adventurous”

Hilario means “happy.” All parents want their children to be happy. So to show your son that you want him to grow up with joy and laughter in his life, give him this name.

Hugo means “intelligent”

Humberto means “bright support”

Ignado means “fire”

Incencio means “white”

Isaiah means “God is my salvation.” Isaiah was a Jewish prophet for whom the Book of Isaiah in the bible is named.

Ivan means “archer”

Jadzia means “a variation of the name Jade”

Jared means “he who descended”

Javier means “bright.” A famous bearer of this name is Javier Culson, an athlete and Olympic bronze medalist who specializes in 400-meter hurdles.

Jerardo means “rules by the spear”

Kemen means “strong”

Kyle means “narrow piece of land”

Lazaro means “help of God”

Leandro means “brave as a lion”

Leonidas means “lion.” A famous bearer of this name is the Spartan warrior Leonidas I. He is a pivotal figure in the Second Persian War, where he led the allied Greek forces in the Battle of Thermopylae.

Leopoldo means “a bold man”

Lucío means “bringer of light”

Macerio means “blessed”

Marcus means “martial” or “warlike”

Mateo means “God’s gift”

Maximo means “greatest”

Montez means “of the mountains”

Nemesio means “just.” A famous bearer of this name is Nemesio Canales, an essayist, poet, playwright, and politician.

Neron means “strong”

Nolan means “famous nobleman”

Oslo means “fields of the Gods”

Osvaldo means “divine power”

Ovidio means “shepherd.” Ovidio is the Spanish version of the name Ovid, a Roman poet who lived during the time of Augustus. He is one of the three canonical poets of Latin literature.

Pablo means “little one”

Paco is a nickname for Francisco, which is Puerto Rican for Francis.

Pedro means “small rock”

Peter means “stone”

Pigmalio means “sculptor.” This is taken from the Greek legend of Pygmalion, a sculptor who fell so in love with his sculpture that the gods brought it to life.

Pitin means “fortunate, happy”

Quito means “fifth in order.” Many cultures have names that denote the birth order of a child. In this case, Quito is a fitting name for a fifth child or son.

Rafael means “God has healed.” A famous bearer of this name is Ricardo E. Alegria, a cultural anthropologist and archaeologist. He was an influential figure in the creation of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.

Ramon means “wise protector” or “wise counsel”

Renaldo means “king’s advisor”

Rio means “river.” It’s a fitting name for a son of a family whose home is close to a river.

Roberto means “shining fame”

Rolán means “famous in the land”

Salvador means “savior.” A famous bearer of this name is Salvador Brau, a historian, writer, and sociologist who was named the Official Historian for Puerto Rico from 1903 until his death in 1912. He wrote books such as “Puerto Rico and Its History” and “The Colonization of Puerto Rico”.

Samuel means “asked of God”

Santiago is Spanish for St. James.

Servando means “to serve”

Silverio means “God of trees”

Tacito means “quiet”

Tristan means “a bold knight.” Tristan or Tristram is a Cornish knight of the Round Table of Arthurian legend. He is also the hero of the tale of Tristan and Iseult.

Valien means “brave man”

Venturo means “good fortune.” If your son is a foretelling of good fortune to come, this is the name for him.

Vicente means “conqueror”

Vidan means “life”

Xalvador means “savior.” This is an alternative spelling of the name Salvador.

Ximén means “obedient”

Yago means “one who has supplanted.” This is taken from the biblical name Jacob, who is regarded as the Patriarch of the Israelites. He supplanted his brother Esau in his birthright. According to the bible, Esau returned famished from the fields and asked Jacob for some stew. Jacob offered him a dish in exchange for his birthright, and Esau agreed.

Zacarias means “remembered by God”


Which of these Puerto Rican names for baby boys do you like the most? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!


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