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100 Puerto Rican Baby Girl Names with Meanings


Puerto Rico is an island located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Despite it being an unincorporated territory of the United States, Puerto Rico still predominantly maintains its Hispanic culture. This includes their primary language, which is Spanish, and their naming conventions.

puerto rican baby girl names

Puerto Rican names are mostly inspired by Spanish names or the Spanish spelling of names from other countries. And because Puerto Rico is predominantly a Catholic country, you’ll also see many names inspired by the Catholic faith.

If you’re looking for the perfect Puerto Rican name to give your baby girl, here are some that you might like.

Abril means “April.” This is a popular choice for baby girls born in April.

Acindina means “safe. Acindina is a traditional Puerto Rican name.

Adelaida means “noble”

Alondra means “lark. A famous bearer of this name is the Latin Grammy nominated artist Alondra, who was a teenage idol in the 80s.”

Amanda means “worthy of love.” It’s one of the top baby names for Puerto Rican baby girls in 2009.

Annalisse means “devoted to God”

Antonella means “firstborn”

Asuncion means “ascension”

Beatriz means “brings joy. It’s a very popular Puerto Rican name for gils, and its meaning is very fitting for a daughter who brings joy to the family.”

Belarmina means “beautiful armor”

Benita means “blessed”

Bernicia means “one who brings victory”

Brandy means “burnt wine”

Buena means “good”

Cassandra means “prophetess.” Cassandra is the name of one of the Trojan princesses who was given the gift of prophecy by the god Apollo. However, because she rebuked his advances, Apollo cursed her so that no one would ever believe her prophecies.

Celestina means “heavenly”

Charo means “beautiful flower”

Clarita means “clear and bright”

Constanza means “constant.” A famous bearer of this name is Constanza Baez, an Ecuadorian economist, model, and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Ecuador in 2013, and Miss Universe 2013 second runner-up.

Dayanara means “husband slayer.” But don’t be distraught at the idea of giving your daughter such a violent-sounding name. Dayanara is taken from the Greek character Deianira. She was the wife of Heracles, who killed him with a poison she believed would keep him from being unfaithful. A famous bearer of this name is Puerto Rican singer, actress, model, and beauty queen, Dayanara Torres.

Delfia means “dolphin”

Dukine means “sweet”

Edelira means “noble heritage”

Elisa means “consecrated to God”

Emilia means “industrious.” A famous bearer of this name is Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys in the TV show Game of Thrones.

Eva means “Eve,” as in Eve from the biblical creation story. It’s derived from the Hebrew name which means “life” or “living one.”

Evita means “life.” A famous bearer of this name is Evita Peron, the wife of Argentine President Juan Peron.

Esmeralda means “bright green gemstone”

Fausta means “lucky”

Felisa means “happy.” Felisa is the feminine version of the name Felix. A famous bearer of this name is Felisa Rincon de Gautier, who was the first woman in history to be elected mayor of a capital city in all the Americas.

Georgia means “farmer”

Graciela means “graceful”

Hermosa means “beautiful.” Every parent would want their daughter to grow up beautiful, so why not bestow this name upon your daughter?

Hortencia means “garden”

Ignacia means “fire”

Isabel means “consecrated to God”

Jacinta means “hyacinth”

Jakinda means “beautiful, attractive”

Jesusa means “named for Jesus”

Julia means “youthful.” A famous bearer of this name is Julia de Burgos, a teacher, journalist, and poet who was one of Puerto Rico’s leading 20th century poets.

Kalid means “warm, pure”

Karmen means “garden, orchard.” A famous bearer of this name is Carmen from Bizet’s opera, which was first performed in 1875. Carmen is the flirtatious gypsy factory-girl who lures away the errant Don Jose.

Kemena means “strong”

Kesari means “youthful”

Laura means “crowned with laurels”

Leah means “weary”

Leala means “loyal”

Lluvia means “rain.” Lluvia is a beautiful name for a baby girl who is born during the rainy season.

Luisa means “fame.” A famous bearer of this name is Luisa Capetillo, a labor organizer in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. She was known as a free thinker, a feminist, and a workers’ and women’s rights activist.

Luz means “light”

Manda means “battle maid”

Maria means “sea of sorrow.” Because Puerto Rico is a predominantly Catholic country, Maria is one of the most common names for baby girls. It’s often used as a first name.

Mariposa means “butterfly”

Marisol means “Mary of Solitude.” It’s also a Spanish play on words as “mar y sol” means sea and sun, two central figures in Puerto Rican culture.

Marissa means “sea”

Maritza means “star of the sea.” Maritza is a very popular name for girls in Spanish-speaking countries.

Melosa means “sweet”

Narcisa means “daffodil.” It’s derived from the Greek word for daffodil. In Greek mythology, there’s a character named Narcissus who falls so in love with his reflection in the river that he falls in. Taking pity, the gods turn him into the narcissus flower.

Natalie means “born on Christmas day.” Without a doubt, there are many Puerto Rican ladies who have this name because they were born on Christmas day.

Neva means “snowy”

Novia means “sweetheart”

Olinda means “protector”

Olivia means “olive”

Osana means “health.” Wish your daughter good health by giving her this name.

Osita means “divinely strong”

Paloma means “dove.” The dove is a symbol of peace and The Holy Spirit, which is why Paloma is a popular name among Spanish-speaking Catholic countries.

Paulita means “little”

Pepita means “God shall add”

Prudenciana means “cautious”

Quesare means “long-haired”

Quinta means “born-fifth.” As with most culture, Puerto Ricans also give their children names according to their birth order. In this case, Quinta is an appropriate name for the fifth child of a family.

Raina means “queen.” The perfect name for the queen of your home.

Ramona means “wise defender”

Risa means “laughter.” This would make for a wonderful name for a baby girl who loves to laugh.

Roldana means “famous”

Rosalinda means “fair rose”

Roslyn means “beautiful, pretty rose”

Samantha means “listener”

Simona means “God is heard”

Sofia means “wise.” This is becoming quite a popular and trendy name not only in Puerto Rico but all over the globe.

Suelita means “little lily”

Theodora means “God given.” If you have prayed to have a child and this wish has finally been granted, Theodora is a fitting name to give that gift!

Tina means “majestic”

Valentina means “brave”

Valeria means “strong.” It’s taken from the old Roman name Valerius, which was used by the early Christian saints.

Vanessa means “butterfly”

Vinita means “beloved”

Vittoria means “victor.” This is another version of the name Victoria.

Xalvadora means “savior”

Xantina means “little saint”

Xaviera means “bright, splendid”

Xiomara means “famous warrior”

Yara means “water lady.” It’s one of the modern names that many Puerto Rican families give to their daughters.

Ynes means “pure.” A famous bearer of this name is Ynes Mexia, a Mexian-American botanist known for her extensive collection of plant specimens from all over Mexico and South America.

Yoana means “God’s gift”

Yuliana means “youthful”

Zantina means “little saint”

Zita means “little girl.” This pretty nickname is often given to little girls.

Zoe means “life”

Zurina means “white”


Give your baby girl one of these beautiful Puerto Rican names!


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