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100 Pug Names


Pugs are so adorable. They are charming and full of gumption. While they may be small, they have big personalities. Once you get an adorable puppy, the next step is finding the perfect pug names. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of 100 different options.  pedigree pug names

50 Pug Names for Males

1. Sir Pugs-a-Lot: This is such an adorable choice for a pug.

2. Brutus: While this was the name of the man who killed Julius Caesar, this would still make a great pug name.

3. Pompey: This is the name of the pug who was said to have saved the life of the Prince of Orange back in the 1500s.

4. Carbon: This name makes sense since pugs tend to be black in color.

5. Charlie: This is a cute option.

6. Peter Pug: This is the pug from the movie, Wee Peter Pug.

7. Rocky: A name like this will make your puppy feel like he can do anything.

8. Slim: Pugs are rarely that slim, so this is an ironic option to choose.

9. Pugzilla: He might be small, but names like this will give your pug a good ego.

10. Gizmo: Gizmo is always a good name for a small dog.

11. Otis: This was the name of the adorable pug in the Adventures of Milo and Otis.

12. Mr. Bigs: This is an ironic choice unless your dog has a big personality.

13. Gus: This just sounds cute.

14. Elvis Pugsley: If you love pugs and Elvis Presley, then go with a clever name like this one.

15. Oscar: Fancy-sounding names likes one are excellent for a little pug.

nerdy pug names

16. Yoda: This name is awesome for Star Wars fans and if you happen to think he looks a bit like Yoda because of his wrinkles.

17. Percy: If you remember, this was the name of the dog in Pocahontas.

18. Hamlet: This name from Shakespeare is perfect if your pug is a little ham for the camera.

19. Pugsley: This is an adorable option for a pug.

20. Junior: This is always a popular choice for a dog name.

21. Harry: You could make his full name into Harry Pugster if you happen to be a fan of the Harry Potter series.

22. Basco: Basco was said to be the favorite pug of Queen Victoria.

23. Miles: This is an elegant name for a pug.

24. Coal: This is one of the coolest pug names. It makes sense because of his coloring.

25. Pugster: This is always a cute option for your little pug.

26. Louie: Elegant, fancy names like this are a bit ironic for a little pug.

27. Mr. Biggles: He might be fairly small, but he definitely has a big personality and a huge heart.

28. Frank: This was the name of the pug in Men in Black.

29. Wrinkles: This name makes sense because your puppy is covered in wrinkles.

30. Graham: This name makes sense because his skin is the color of graham crackers.

pedigree pug names

31. Dexter: This is a cute choice.

32. Dusty: This makes sense if his fur looks dusty.

33. Stumpy: He might look like he runs around on stumps, but that is why he is so cute.

34. Pugsworth: This is always a fun option for a cute, little pug.

35. Cashew: This is the perfect name if he has cashew-covered fur.

36. Crinkles: This is the perfect way to describe his wrinkly skin.

37. Quincy: This name will make your pug sound extremely elegant.

38. Sesame: This is because his fur is the color of toasted sesame seeds.

39. Shorty: This is a name that makes fun of his small stature.

40. Pepe Le Pug: This is a fun option.

41. Bean: Use this if your pug is the size of a Jelly Bean.

42. Almond: This name is perfect for his almond-colored skin.

43. Homer: Homer was the name of the Greek poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey.

44. Snuggles: If you have two dogs, you could call the other one Cuddles.

45. Taffy: This is a cute name that reflects the dog’s fur color.

46. Kirby: This is an adorable name choice.

47. Ash: This name represents the blackness in his fur.

48. Teddy: If your pug looks like a little teddy bear, then a name like this is the perfect choice.

49. Tawny: This adorable name reflects his fur color.

50. Gordie: This is an elegant name for your dog.

Pug Names

50 Pug Names for Females

1. Baby: This is always a popular name for a dog.

2. Tinkerbell: Adorable!

3. Honey: This is for a sweet dog who is the color of honey.

4. Mugsy Pugsy: This is a cute name for your little pug.

5. Petunia: Use this name if your pug is as sweet as a flower.

6. Munchkin: This is a popular name choice for tiny dogs.

7. Caramel: This adorable name reflects her fur color.

8. Bambi: This is perfect for pugs with eyes that are as big as Bambi’s.

9. Mops: This was said to be the name of Marie Antoinette’s dog.

10. Goldie: This is a great name for gold-colored dogs.

11. Mabel: This is an old-fashioned option.

12. Peanut: Use this name for your little button.

13. Buttercup: This is always a lovely name for a dog with golden fur.

14. Pumpkin: Sweet!

15. Spark Pug: This is a play on the words, “spark plug.” It could also refer to your dog’s energetic personality.

names for a pug pup

16. Sandy: This is a sweet name for a sand-colored dog.

17. Duchess: This is a regal-sounding name.

18. Button: This is perfect for a dog that is as cute as a button.

19. Chai: This is a hip-sounding name that is perfect for chai-colored dogs.

20. Sanders: This is a very formal name.

21. Love Pug: Use this if your little puppy is your favorite love bug.

22. Flora: This comes from a root word that means flower in Latin.

23. Hazel: This is always a sweet option.

24. Tiny: Adorable!

25. Sweet Pea: A perfect name for your sweet pea.

26. Cinder: This name represents your pug’s black fur.

27. Chestnut: If her fur is the color of chestnuts, then give her this name.

28. Snickers: Use this if she has a lot of black fur.

29. Lola: Cute!

30. Hershey: Perfect for brown or black pugs.

names for a pug pup

31. Amber: This reflects the color of her fur.

32. Shadow: An adorable option.

33. Lucy: Because everyone loves Lucy!

34. Tugs: This sounds like the name of a small dog who is always tugging at your sleeve to do something fun and have some play time.

35. Ember: This represents her fur coloring.

36. Pixie: This is a sweet option for a little dog.

37. Fern: This is so sweet.

38. Mocha: Perfect for a dark-colored pug.

39. Mini: This is cute.

40. Muffy: What an adorable name!

41. Shortcake: This name makes fun of her small size.

42. Pug-o-saurus: She might be small, but she has the heart of the biggest dinosaur!

43. Espresso: This is a great option for a dog who has a lot of black fur like an espresso.

44. Penny: This is such a cute option to choose for your list of pug names!

45. Pug-a-million: This is like a feminine, pug-specific version of the name, Maximilian.

45. Pepper: This is great for a puppy with black fur. If you have a lighter colored
pug, you could always name her Salt. Then, you could have Salt and Pepper.

46. Mrs. Biggles: She may be small, but she has a big personality.

47. Sweetie: This is one of the more obvious pug names that is perfect for her sweet personality.

48.Muffin: This is a sweet name for a dog.

49. Huggles: Hug rhymes with pugs, so this seems like a fairly good name choice.

50. Teenie: This is an obvious reference to her size.


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