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45 Questions To Ask Your Crush


Flirting is an art that some people have, while others don’t. If you want to know how to flirt with someone and not make it obvious, it is a fine line to walk, especially if it doesn’t come naturally. The best way to flirt with someone and leave them guessing if you are just being nice or are into them, so they get to think they are pursuing you, is by asking them questions.

Questions are things that engage people and make them investing in getting to know you. Like sharing a little part of yourself, if you can get them to open up, then you are more apt to get a first date.


These are 45 questions to ask someone you like without outwardly telling them so.

Since most people’s favorite subject is them, showing interest in what they think, bringing in a little humor, while at the same time building rapport, will help anyone who might be fumbling through the whole “flirting” process. Here are the questions to ask and your quick witted reply to them.

#1 You obviously workout, what do you do? – “It’s working”

#2 If you could be anyone who would it be? – “I’d be the person who is dating you”

#3 How on earth are you still single? – “I would like to end that”

#4 What is your favorite thing to do on your first date? – “Mine would you be you”

#5 What is a deal breaker to dating someone? – “I will quit whatever it takes”

#6 What do you think is the most irresistible part of a person’s body? – “All of you is irresistible”

#7 What is most important, attraction or humor? – “Cause you’ve got it all”

#8 Do you know how hot/pretty you are? – “You should look in the mirror more often”

#9 What is your five-year plan? – “I would like it to include me”

#10 Kid or no kid person? – “You could turn me into a kid person”

#11 Do you like pets, or have any? – “Either way I’d like to be your new best friend”

#12 Are you an urban dweller or a country lover? – “I’d live anywhere with you”

#13 What type of music makes your happy? – “Listening to any music with you would make me happy”

#14 Do you sing in the car when you are alone? – “How about I sing in your car to you?”

#15 If you could talk to one person who isn’t here anymore who would it be? – “Can I take their place?”

#16 Who is your role model? – “You should be a model”

#17 Awesome childhood or awkward teen? – “There’s nothing awkward about you anymore!”

#18 What is more important money or love? – “I used to think it was money, but now I am looking at something more important”

#19 What is the craziest thing you have on your bucket list? – “I would like to check it off with you”

#20 What does someone you date have to have? – “I can go get it right now”

#21 One night stand or long term lover? – “We can start at one and move to the other”

#22 What is the most fun you’ve ever had? – “That’s only because you haven’t gone out with me yet”

#23 What is your idea of reckless abandonment? – “How about we try to up that?”

#24 What is your soul mate like? – “Mine is exacly like you”

#25 Have you ever been in love before? – “I think right now is my first time”

#26 Have you ever had your heart broken? – “I can’t imagine anyone would let you go”

#27 How many hearts have you broken? – “I bet the list is long”

#28 Momma’s boy/Daddy’s girl? – “They might be sad when I take your heart away”

#29 What is the last thing you think about before you close your eyes? – “Well, I hope tonight it is me!”

#30 Are you into cute or hot? -“I am into you”

#31 Prefer the boy/girl next door or the centerfold? – “You are the perfect combination of them both”

#32 What makes you really happy? – “Going out with you would make me really happy”

#33 What is your best memory? – “I’d like it to become going out with me”

#34 What is the craziest thing you have ever done and never told anyone? – “I will keep your secret forever”

#35 If you were an animal what kind of animal would you be? – “Well that would have been a waste for humanity”

#36 Who should pay for the first date or go dutch? – “I’d like it to be on me”

#37 What is your sign? – “Mine is saying ‘I like you’”

#38 How important is your family in your life? – “I’d like to be that important”

#39 Would you ever drive a minivan? – “I’d drive anything as long as you were in the passenger’s seat”

#40 Do you like giving or receiving…gifts? – “I am a giver all the way around”

#41 Are you for or against online dating? – “I am into dating you hopefully”

#42 What is more important your job or your relationship? – “My job was important ten minutes before I laid eyes on you”

#43 If you could build the perfect mate what would be their most important characteristics? – “I am pretty sure I have them”

#44 Sci-fi, drama or horror? – “How about we produce a little drama”

#45 Mountain or sea lover? – “I’d like to love you from mountain to sea and everywhere in between”

Questions are a great way to engage someone you like while at the same time flirting with them. The key is to wait for the answer and then put a spin on it. A combination of getting them invested, and then going in for the funny and sweet kill, will have them falling all over you in no time at all.


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