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Quiz: Is It Just A Fling, Or Will Your Love Last?


Doesn’t it just frustrate you to be in the grey area of a relationship? On the one hand, you’re glad that you’re with a guy you’re really into. However, you can’t always be sure if this thing you have between you is made for the long haul or just as your flavor of the month. It’s like a constant tug of war between being friends with benefits and being in an official relationship!

is it just a hookup or something more

While there is no way to be sure what the future holds, this quick quiz might help you see if your relationship is headed where you want it to go.

Below are 9 questions that you need to answer based on your relationship with your guy. These questions have corresponding points that you need to add up at the end of the quiz. Afterwards, you’ll see the results which will let you have an idea of whether or not your relationship is just a fling or if it’s made to last.


How did he approach you? The way a guy approaches you or meets you can tell a lot about his intentions for your relationship (or lack thereof) in the future.

  • Through a dating app. (0 points)
  • At a noisy club while you’re dancing. (1 point)
  • On social media. (2 points)
  • Through friends who think you’ll make a good couple. (3 points)


When does he usually keep in touch with you? This says a lot about when you’re on his mind! When a guy messages you throughout the day, you know he’s thinking about you a lot. However, you also have to keep in mind the content of your conversations.

  • He messages you late in the evening or in the wee hours of the morning. (0 points)
  • He would invite you out for drinks or maybe dinner after his work shift. (1 point)
  • He would send one or two messages throughout the day and nothing more. (2 points)
  • He sends you messages throughout the day that keep the conversation going. (3 points)


How do your online conversations go? With many people being really busy with their work and other activities, it’s inevitable that you and your newfound potential fling won’t be meeting up a lot. That’s why your online conversations can say a lot about where your relationship is headed.

  • It’s super steamy. Tons and tons of sexy texts with the occasional exchange of sexy photos. (0 points)
  • He sends the occasional good morning text, but hardly keeps up a long conversation. (1 point)
  • He always talks about wanting to meet up. (2 points)
  • You have long conversations about your mutual interests along with plans to meet up. (3 points)

does he just want to hook up or does he like me

What is a typical date with him like? By the third date you should already see a pattern on where your relationship is going. This should clue you in on what his intentions are – a real relationship or just a passing fling.

  • It’s almost always when you’re already had a few drinks and meeting up with him is more of an afterthought. (0 points)
  • You only ever meet up to get some drinks and maybe jump into the sack afterwards. (1 point)
  • You go on the occasional dinner date, and you end up having a pretty good time. (2 points)
  • You’ve gone on a bunch of dates with him, with varying scenarios – from music dates to museum dates to even an out of town date. (3 points)


Have you spoken about the future with him? If there’s no future for the two of you, you’ll definitely know it by the way he reacts to any mention of taking your relationship further!

  • He tries to avoid the topic as much as he can. (0 points)
  • He smiles and gives vague answers while also avoiding the topic. (1 point)
  • He acknowledges a potential future with you, but his answers are pretty vague. (2 points)
  • He is interested in talking about the future to the point of maybe considering taking your relationship further. (3 points)


Is he seeing other women? This is a tricky one since your guy might not admit to seeing other girls. However, you can tell by the way he acts if he’s keeping his options open.

  • You’ve seen him swiping right on Tinder while you’re on a date or while he’s waiting for a cab with you. (0 points)
  • You’ve seen him liking pictures of girls and messaging them on social media. (1 point)
  • He might not help looking at pretty girls who pass by, but he gives you his attention when he is with you. (2 points)
  • He only has eyes for you. In fact, he doesn’t flinch when you mention the idea of being exclusive. (3 points)

does he want a relationship or a fling quiz

It’s gift-giving time! What gift is he most likely to give you for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas?

  • Revealing lingerie and the entire evening together. (0 points)
  • A birthday dinner treat and some smooching afterwards. (1 point)
  • A romantic gift such as flowers, chocolate, or even a teddy bear. (2 points)
  • A surprise birthday treat that he has planned for weeks. (3 points)


What’s your physical relationship like? The physical aspect is a huge factor in many relationships, especially if you’re still in the early stages of dating. However, the importance of getting physical in your relationship can give away whether or not it’s THE ultimate factor or just one of the many things you share with each other.

  • It’s great! Mostly because that’s all you ever do. (0 points)
  • You know he wants to do the deed when he’s suddenly romantic out of the blue. (1 point)
  • Your connection is more emotional than physical. (2 points)
  • Your physical relationship is fantastic because you have such a pure emotional and physical connection. It’s like you’re turned on by him even when you’re not about to head to the bedroom. Either that or you haven’t done it yet because you’re both waiting to be absolutely sure. (3 points)


Lastly, how have you progressed since you started seeing each other? Progress is key in this case. You can tell if your relationship has a future or not based on how well your relationship is progressing.

  • It has been hot and passionate from the start, and it still is today. Not much has changed. (0 points)
  • It was all about getting physical at first, but now we’re starting to build a more emotional connection. (1 point)
  • We’re building up our attraction to each other (both emotionally and physically) and we’re starting to be more comfortable with each other. (2 points)
  • We are becoming more and more comfortable with each other, and things are starting to get serious between us. (3 points)

does he just want to get in my pants quiz

0 – 10 Points: We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like your relationship is firmly in the fling territory. Your connection is mostly physical, and it seems like your guy wants to keep it that way. This might be a good thing if you’re just looking for a friends-with-benefits type of deal. But if you’re expecting to become exclusive any time soon, we think you’re better off with someone else.

11 – 20 Points: Your relationship may feel like the gray area between a fling and an actual relationship, and things can go either way. On the plus side, you both have a clear attraction to each other and testing things out may feel super exciting. On the minus side, that attraction might not be enough to make your love last. If you want to secure this relationship and turn it into a lasting love, then we suggest giving your guy a little push in the right direction!

21- 27 Points: Congratulations! It seems like your relationship is making a beeline into a lasting love! Things are going great between you and you have a healthy balance of physical and emotional attraction to each other. While this shouldn’t make you feel complacent about the status of your relationship, you can rest assured that your guy is very likely to be in this for the long haul.


How did your relationship with your guy fare according to our quiz? Share your results with us in the comments below!


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