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How You Can Do Your Palm Reading Without Going to a Psychic


Life choices can be intimidating. Should you buy a new house or wait until real estate prices fall? Is that perfect date actually going to be a good partner for you? Will you ever find love?

If you are like most people, you have questions that you need answered. It is impossible to know how every choice that you make will work out. Depending on your personal beliefs, you may try prayer, palm reading or tarot cards to figure out the path that you want to take in life. Unfortunately, some of these options can cost money. Even if you have the money to spend on a palm reader or psychic, you might not have anyone nearby. Worse still, some psychics are frauds. Unless you are also a psychic, you will not know if your spiritual adviser is the real deal or a complete phony at first glance. If you are hesitant to trust your future to some unknown psychic, then you have an alternative option. With a bit of effort and time, you can figure out how to do your palm reading without having to go to a psychic.

Palm readers, psychics and tarot readers are not cheap. Even if you manage to find a legitimate palm reader, you can end up spending too much money to find out the answer to a simple question. If you want to do your own palm reading, you can start by determining which hand to read.

Professional palm readers start by picking a hand to read. Normally, they choose your dominant hand. If you write with your right hand, that is the hand that they will read. While this is the normal option, there are also some benefits to reading both hands. Some people believe that the dominant hand shows what you have done with your life’s potential, and the non-dominant hand shows the potential that you have in life.

The Four Kinds of Hands

There are four essential types of palms. These palms line up with the elements of earth, fire, air and water.

1. Water

Water hands tend to be shorter than average. Often, they will have long fingers, an oval palm and a high level of flexibility. In general, water hands will have a palm that is wider than it is long. The fingers are the same length as the height of the palm. Someone who has water hands is often sensitive and emotional. Their sensitivity and emotional turmoil can cause them to get involved in alcohol and drugs. Often, someone with water hands is artistic and idealistic. They like to think through each option before they take action and are extremely cautious.

2. Air

Air hands tend to have long fingers and rectangular or square palms. They have long fingers that are generally the same length as the length of the palm. Often, air hands have dry skin or flaky skin as well. Someone with air hands is an excellent communicator. They are often intellectual and known for being a deep thinker. While their mind is focused on new ideas, it can overheat at times. Air hands may be stressed out or worried all the time because they intellectualize their feelings and over-read into things.

3. Fire

Someone who has fire hands has shorter fingers and a square or rectangular palm. Their palm is generally longer in length than their fingers, which tend to be short. Someone who has fire hands is extremely independent and energetic. They are goal oriented and like to take charge. This person is ambitious and energetic, but they can become easily bored. If they do not have the variety they need in life, they become intolerant, bored and impatient. Often, a fire hands person is passionate in bed and an excellent leader.

4. Earth

Earth hands look wide and have a square-shaped palm. Fingers are thick and square shaped as well. Often, earth hands will have a ruddy color, thick skin and are rough to the touch. The length of the fingers is generally about the same as the length of the palm. Someone with earth hands is quite literally down to earth and practical. They like to learn through experience and make plans. Often, these level-headed individuals love outdoor activities. Walking in nature or going on a hike is one of the main ways that they recharge when they need to re-calibrate their mind and soul.

Learning About the Lines on Your Hands

Once you can know the type of hand you have, the next step is to look at the lines on your hand. You have four main lines on your hand. These are your life line, heart line, head line and fate line. The life line basically shows your destiny, which is actually different than your fate.

1. The Life Line

The life line shows your destiny. While you may have heard that the length of your life line shows when you are going to die, this is not true. It shows what potential events can occur in your life and your characteristics.

A straight line shows that you should be cautious about relationships. If it is close to your thumbs and is fairly straight, it shows that you may be slow-moving, often tired or lazy. A curved, wide life line shows that you are in good health and energetic. If your life line is long and deep, it means that you have a high vitality. A shallow, short life line means that others can easily manipulate you. If it makes a swoop like a half-circle, then you have a good capacity for leadership and a lot of enthusiasm. Breaks in the lifeline shows the number of major, life-altering changes that will happen in your life.

2. The Fate Line

The fate line is unique because some people do not have it. It is used with the life line to predict your future. A fate line on only your dominant hand means that you have had things in your life that made you take charge of your fate. A short or absent fate lines means that you are able to take a break and focus your energy on something else at any moment.

A deeper fate line shows that your destiny is strongly controlled. If your fate line and life line interest, it shows that you have a talent for business and can become a self-made entrepreneur. Free-spirited people often have a longer fate line.

A fate line that is joined to the life line shows you have natural entrepreneurship skills and the power to become a self-made, self-taught rock star. If your fate line starts toward the base of the palm, it means that you will frequently be in the public eye. A fate line that stops at the head line on your right hand shows that you are bored in any job that has a lot of responsibilities or rules. If the fate line on the right hands stops at the heart line, it shows that your relationships and feelings often determine your business choices.

3. The Heart Line

The heart line relates to love. If it begins beneath the index finger, it shows satisfying romances. If it starts below the first finger and middle finger, it means that you are idealistic and can fall in love easily. If it starts under your middle finger, it shows that you can be a selfish lover. If the heart line connects to the life line, it shows that you can easily become broken hearted. A straight heart line that runs parallel to your life line means you are practical about your heart. A curvy, long heart line shows that you express your emotions easily. A wavy heart line shows many lovers, a player attitude and few serious relationships. Meanwhile, a short heart line means a general disinterest in romance.

4. The Head Line

The head line represents your wisdom and intellectual nature. A wavy head line means you have a short attention span. A short head line means you focus on physical accomplishments instead of mental ones. A long, deep line shows that you are a clear thinker and intellectually focused. If there are multiple crosses along the line, you will make many major decisions in your life. A single cross or circle demonstrates an emotional crisis. Meanwhile, a curvy head line means a spontaneous, creative nature. If the line is straight, it shows a desire for structure and a practical nature.

Your Finger Length

Short Fingers

Short fingers mean you operate on intuition and do not need advice or information from the outside world. You like action and do not need long explanations. Your biggest issue is holding off on action so that you have enough time to study the situation.

Long Fingers

Long fingers mean that you love stories and events. You like to listen to the details so that you can better understand the world. You tend to have a nurturing nature and like to stay mentally busy. You like to think things through and learn the true nature of the world around you.

Open Fingers

If you tend to have your fingers more open, it shows that you feel secure, safe and not ruled by the demands of others. You dislike listening to the opinion of other people, but you don’t mind people living their lives according to their believes. You just want to live your life unencumbered by the opinions of other people.

Close Fingers

Closed fingers show that you are not open to new ideas and may not feel secure. If your fingers are stiff, it shows that you do not want to accept any help and do not like being forced to change by other people.


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