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Reasons Girl Blocks you on Facebook or Whatsapp


Maybe you met her last weekend at a house party or she’s your off-and-on now ex-girlfriend, you’ve been talking but you noticed she’s been quiet on Whatsapp. When you go to send her a message, you see that they’re not being sent through and her login time isn’t being updated. Well, sue, maybe her phone fell into the toilet but let’s be honest, most likely she blocked you from Whatsapp. You’re probably confused now, wondering why she would do that to you, you didn’t even have a fight, but there are many reasons why she did that.

when a girl blocks you on whatsapp

She’s not into you

She gave you her number at the club or house party but she had no intention of going out with you. Of course, I completely agree, she could have told you that she wasn’t interested instead of leading you on like this, but this is what we’re dealing with right now so let’s not dwell in the past. She’s not into you. She took your number to be polite, wrote you a couple times and decided to stop wasting her and your time, so she blocked you.

You made her uncomfortable

If you sent her a dick pic or asked her for nudes within the first couple texts, you shouldn’t really be wondering why she blocked you. You creeped her out, and blocking you is much easier for her than to explain to you what you did wrong and allow you to fix the situation. If you made her uncomfortable, many women won’t waste any time with you and they’ll just block you. The odds of you seeing her again are low, so she has nothing to lose. If you made her feel uncomfortable, scroll through your messages with her and see what you said, maybe you can learn from this.

She’s over you

You may be her on and off ex but she’s finally tired of having this baggage on her. Maybe she’s trying to get over you but finds herself drink texting you or sending you cute memes and photos that bring back memories. However, she knows it’s not helping the situation, so in order for her to move on and stop writing you, she blocked you instead. Seeing your photo and having you message her and vice versa was doing more harm to her than good.

She’s someone

Now, if she’s seeing someone but she’s not 100% into him, she’ll probably keep you in her contacts. She doesn’t want to throw herself into a relationship which she’s not sure about. But if she found someone she really likes, maybe she wants to start fresh and get rid of her past. She doesn’t want to see your name pop up on her notifications, she doesn’t want to think about the past. So, she blocked you. That way, she can focus on her future instead of the past.

she blocked me on facebook for no reason

You’re texting her too much 

This is often a common issue and reason to why girls block guys from Whatsapp. The conversation may have been flowing, but if she doesn’t reply right away, the guy will send couple messages every couple hours to get her attention. Now, all this does is send a huge red flag to her, telling her to stay away from you. You look clingy and desperate – two things women aren’t looking for in a partner. Instead of playing it cool, you went into panic mode and spammed her with messages to get her attention. And now, she blocked you.

You only want to text

Maybe you two met online and started messaging on Whatsapp. But after a while, she wants to send voice messages or talk on the phone. Now, I don’t know you, so I don’t know the reason why. Maybe you think you have a weird voice or you’re not who you say you are. But she’s catching on and she’s not having any of it. I don’t blame her, she doesn’t want to be catfished and waste her time, so she blocks you instead. Don’t be afraid to move from texting to talking on the phone.

You were too pushy

Women don’t like being forced to do things. We don’t want a guy to push us into doing things we don’t want to do, I’m not speaking about sexual things right now, but they can be included as well. If you’re asking her out right after you got her number and you’re constantly asking her what day she can meet, telling her what time you’ll pick her up – you’re coming on too strong. Instead of stampeding through and trying to get her in an aggressive way, back off and play it cool. If she blocked you, you may have come on way too strong for her and her guard went right up. If she feels threatened, she’s not going to keep you around.


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