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20 Reasons to Not Give Up on Love


After a break up, it is normal to feel like love will never happen again. You were betrayed by someone you love, and it seems like no one will ever really be there for you. In some cases, you feel like love is not possible because you keep trying to find love, but it never seems to work out. Your crush just turned you down, and there is no one else that you are interested in.

It is true that love can really suck at times. All of the Hollywood romances and fairy tales show a guy coming in to sweep the princess off her feet. They live happily ever after and never have to worry about money or arguments again. Real life isn’t the same way. Even if you find the perfect person, a real relationship does have ups and downs. Arguments are bound to happen since you are two different people. Even when it seems like love is impossible, do not give up on love. At some point, you will find the right person and everything will click into place.

Reasons Not to Give Up on Love

If you have been hurt before, it makes sense that you would want to give up on love. It seems like too much work with too little reward. You spend days dating around to find the right person, and all of that time seems wasted. You supported a partner through difficult times only to have them leave you when you needed the same help.

Love means that you have someone to share your life and secrets with. It means having someone to support you in every type of situation. Everyone deserves to have a person like that in their life, so don’t give up on love just yet. You will find love when the time is right.

Giving up on love is not the solution to your problems. You don’t need love. You are strong enough to manage on your own. Still, it makes life easier if you have someone who can support you through the thick and thin. Sometimes, you just have to be patient and wait for the right person to come along.

1. You Might Just Be Too Young

Do you remember in middle school? Some guys were still making armpit noises, while other guys were starting to flirt with girls. Every person matures at a different rate, so don’t give up hope yet. Your perfect guy or gal might just be maturing right now into the type of person that you would like to be with. The human mind only really finishes maturing by the age of 25 (or about 23 for girls), so your perfect person may just need more time. While some people marry the person they dated in elementary school, others have to wait until they are closer to their 30s to find someone who is right for them.

2. You Are Not Along

There are millions of people who deal with break ups and relationship arguments every day. If you are downing ice cream while listening to love songs on repeat, you are not alone. Just about everyone is looking for the perfect person, but most people experience heartache along the way. You are not the only person to wonder if love will ever happen for you.

3. Love Is Amazing

If you give up on love, then you will lose out on one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Nothing is better than coming home from a stressful day at work or school to find your partner there to listen. While you may be having a hard time now, you shouldn’t give up on your chance of finding love because of your current setbacks.

4. You Might Be Trying Too Hard

Some people try to organize their love life. They create a list of the qualities they require in a mate and give up if the first date doesn’t have all 100 of those qualities. If you are tired of working hard to finding love and failing, you may just be trying to hard. Relax, stop looking and let love come to you.

5. You Could Be Picky

Having high standards can be a good thing, but you may need to tone things down a bit. It is unfair and a bit unrealistic to expect a partner to have better qualities than you do. If you are convinced that you need to date someone who meets a checklist of 100 qualities, then you may never find love. Real people aren’t perfect, and having too high of standards can harm your chances of finding love.

6. It’s a Learning Experience

The last date spilled a milkshake on your outfit after telling you that you reminded him of his mother. That stung for now, but it will be a funny story to tell your children or friends some day. While you weed through the dates who are just completely wrong for you, you will get amusing stories that you can tell your children someday when they are also discouraged about finding love. Plus, the extra experiences will teach you what to look for in future dates.

7. You Will Regret It

Before long, people will be getting married and having children. The average age for marriage is in the late 20s, so if you put off finding love until your late 30s, many of the available options will be divorced partners with children. This is perfectly fine, but it may mean that your Mr. (or Mrs.) Right is going to be off the dating market for years until they are actually available again. You could end up regretting the years you wasted by avoiding love, so start dating and live without regrets.

8. You Are Dating the Wrong People

You think that you like bad boys who drive motorcycles, but you might be wrong about that. If all of your relationships fail, then it is possible that you are dating the wrong type of people. Look at your friends and see the qualities that work well with your personality. Reconsider your past relationships and see if there were any qualities that drove you nuts that you can avoid in the future.

9. Your Prince Charming Misses You

If you give up on love, then you are not just hurting yourself. Someone out there was supposed to be your partner in life. When you give up on love, they can’t find you and have to settle for second best.

10. Love Isn’t Easy

Some people give up on love because it seems to difficult. If you give up after the first argument or break up, you may never find love. Even perfect couples have to work at their relationship, so don’t be afraid to keep working.

11. Unhappiness Happens

There will always be times when you are sad or upset by love. The best relationships still have arguments, so you will sometimes be sad. If you give up on love, you will miss out on the affection and happiness that comes with it.

12. You Will Be Lonely

If you give up on love, you are going to miss out. Human beings are social creatures who need to connect. Without love, you will be lonely for the rest of your life. Are you willing to make that deal just to avoid a little heartache along the way?

13. Being Single Is Fine

While you should not give up on love, remember that there is nothing wrong with being single. It is better to be single and wait for the right person than to jump at the first date option that comes your way. While you are single, figure out what you want out of life, who you are and what personalities work best with you. Then, you will be ready for love when it finally happens.

14. Love Lets You Learn About Yourself

Love lets you learn about your partner, but it allows you to learn about yourself. Over time, your partner may notice things or mention things about you that you never realized. This is a learning experience that can help you become a better person.

15. You Could Miss Out on Someone Great

If you give up now, you could miss out on amazing people. Don’t dismiss someone just because you are afraid of falling in love again.

16. Physical Closeness

If you give up on love, you are losing out on free back massages and all of the other intimate moments that come with love. You also lose out on having someone make you soup when you are sick or buying you flowers after a difficult day.

17. You Can Be Loved

While it may seem like no one falls for you, this is just a problem for the moment. You can be loved and are a lovable creature. You just have to find the right person.

18. Other People Find Love

If your annoying frenemy can find love, you can too. The tabloids constantly show celebrities finding love after a break up, and everyone around you does as well. If they can do it, so can you!

19. Love Takes Time

In the movies, people fall in love immediately. In real life, it could take weeks or months before you feel like you love someone. Give it time, or you may realize too late that you were actually in love with your ex.

20. Take Time to Think

Love can add so much to your life, so the only reason to avoid it is if you are not thinking clearly. A heartbreak can cloud your judgment, so give it time and think it through. Don’t make a rash decision to quit relationships immediately after a break up.


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