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80 Redneck Baby Names


Even today, rednecks still play a huge role in American culture. You can find them glorified in country songs and as characters in video games. There are reality shows like Duck Dynasty, Hillbilly Handfishin’ and Bayou Billionaires. Unsurprising, many parents are also looking for redneck baby names. To get you started on your search, we have a list of 80 different names.

40 Redneck Baby Names for Boys

1. Beau

Beau is a typical redneck baby name, but it has a charming appeal to it. In French, it means handsome. It was also the name of a character in the novel, Gone With the Wind.

2. Clyde

This name originally came from Scotland where it referred to the River Clyde in Glasgow. It was also the name of the 1930s-era outlaw, Clyde Marrow.

3. James

This is a poplar name among southerners.

4. Merle

We love this adorable name that means black bird. Often, Merle is given to the youngest twin and Berle is the name of the older twin.

5. Roscoe

This name comes from Sheriff Coltrane in the Dukes of Hazzard.

6. Wade

Wade is one of the top 1,000 names for baby boys and means one who crosses the river.

7. Quaid

This name was popularized by the actor and redneck, Dennis Quaid.

8. Luke

This strong sounding name actually means man from Lucania.

9. Ike

Ike is short for Isaac or Isaiah and is a popular redneck name. In Hebrew, the name means laughter.

10. Grady

Grady was originally an Irish name that meant illustrious or noble. It became popular because of the American country star, Grady Martin.

11. Buck

Buck is a word for a male deer, which may be why this 18th century name is popular among rednecks.

12. Ace

Ace is the best card in poker, but it is also the name of a type of cider consumed in the south.

13. Hayden

Hayden is an English name that means fire.

14. Macon

This name appeared in works by Toni Morrison and Anne Tyler. It is also famous as the town of Southern Macon in Georgia.

15. Virgil

Virgil was originally a Roman poet, and he was also a character in the Italian tale, Dante’s Inferno. The name means staff bearer or rod.

16. Rodney

Rodney is an Old English name that means island from the clearing. This rough redneck name has been used by a number of celebrities such as Rodney Atkins.

17. Jed

This macho redneck name was once short for Jedidiah. More recently, people will probably recognize it as the name of a character on the popular television show, the West Wing.

18. Harlan

Harlan is a name that comes to us from Germany. In German, this name means rocky land. If you have twins, you could name one Garland and one Harlan.

19. Finch

Finch was a name that became famous because of the great American novel written in the south, To Kill a Mockingbird. In addition to being a kind of bird, Finch also means to swindle.

20. Billy

Billy is a nickname for William, but many people use this as just a given name. The name is said to mean resolute protector.

21. Montana

We love this place name as a first name, and it could be used for a girl or boy. This name actually means mountainous.

22. Hardison

This was originally a surname that became well known because of the actor, Kadeem Hardison. We think it would be a great first name as well.

23. Chester

This is a Latin name that means camp.

24. Jeb

Jeb is a name that originally came from the Old Testament. This name is popular among rednecks and mean beloved friend.

25. Rufus

This name came from the New Testament and means red head.

26. Quinton

Quinton was actually originally a location in English. Now, this place name is also a first name that means queen’s manor.

27. Jackson

Jackson is a city in Mississippi that was once sung about by Johnny Cash.

28. Brody

We love the name Brody because of its charm and rugged appeal. It actually means ditch, but it sounds too cute to pass up.

29. Bailey

Bailey is a name that means bailiff, and it was the term of law officers during the Middle Ages.

30. Floyd

Floyd may make you think of Pink Floyd, but the name actually means gray haired.

31. Luther

Luther was popularized among Protestants because of the famous Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. This popular southern name came from Germany and means army people.

32. Sam

Sam may be a nickname for Samuel, but you could also use it as a first name as well.

33. Monroe

Monroe is now a popular redneck boys name that means mouth of the Roe river.

34. Harley

Harley is such an adorable name. It comes from England and surprisingly means hare cleaning.

35. Chevy

Chevy is known as a nickname for the Chevrolet brand of vehicles. In French, it is a diminutive form of the name Chevalier. Chevalier means knight.

36. Bob

This redneck boys name was quite popular among the 1960s, although it has declined a bit in popularity since then.

37. Austin

Austin is a solid southern city in Texas and was once just an Anglo-Saxon surname. It actually means venerable.

38. Cephus

Cephus is an unusual name that is actually short for Bocephus. This was the nickname of the famed singer, Hank Williams Jr. If you have twins, you could name one Bo and one Cephus. The name Bocephus means stone.

39. Gator

This certainly makes sense as a southern name. It is a reference to alligators, which makes it perfect if you live near the everglades or the bayou. Since there was a movie by this name recently, it is starting to rise in popularity recently.

40. Lamar

Lamar is still not heard quite as much as other names on this list, but it would be a great southern name. This name actually means famous throughout the land.


40 Redneck Baby Names for Girls

1. Blanche

This name means white and was once a nickname for pale-skinned girls.

2. Edna

In Hebrew, this name means delight.

3. Isolde

This was once the name of an Irish princess in myth, and this would be a great name for a little baby girl.

4. Linda

Linda is a name that appears in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. It means pretty.

5. Minnie

This name can be a nickname for names like Mary, Minerva and Margaret.

6. Zinnia

Zinnia is a type of floral that grows well in the south. It is said to represent remembrance.

7. Savannah

Savannah is a city in Georgia, but it would be an adorable baby girl name as well.

8. Jewel

This name is a popular redneck name for a little girl.

9. Garland

Garland was a name popularized by a star in the Wizard of Oz.

10. Daisy

Daisy started as a nickname for Margaret, but it is also a cute flower (or weed, depending on your viewpoint).

11. Becky

Becky is a nickname for Rebecca and means servant of God.

12. Amanda

Amanda means much loved and is popular among rednecks.

13. Bambi

Bambi means baby girl in Italian, and it is more common among the south.

14. Georgia

Georgia might be a place name, but it would also be an excellent girls name.

15. Tamsin

Tamsin is a modified form of Thomasina. You would most likely hear this in areas like Alabama, but it is rare to hear outside of the Deep South.

16. Maizie

Maizie is a variation on Maisie, which means pearl. It is often an nickname for names like Margaret or Marjorie.

17. Jancie

Jancie is a female version of Johnny and means God has been gracious.

18. Elodie

Elodie is a name that means foreign riches.

19. Crystal

Crystal means clear and is a popular southern name.

20. Avielle

This name originally came from Hebrew and meant God is my father. You can also use nicknames like Avie with it.

21. Liberty

Liberty is a popular name because it represents freedom and the American Revolutionary War.

22. Francine

In French, this name means free.

23. Caroline

Caroline is a sweet southern name. It means strong and calls to mind southern states like South Carolina and North Carolina.

24. Scarlett

This name means ruby red. It became popular in the South because of the great American novel, Gone With the Wind.

25. Earline

Earline is a female version of Earl and is said to mean noble woman.

26. Betty

Betty is such a cute, old-fashioned name. It was originally a nickname for Elizabeth, which meant God is my oath. It was quite popular around World War II, although it is less common to hear today.

27. Gretchen

We love the name Gretchen. It is a German version of Margaret, so it means pearl. It was also the name of the American country star, Gretchen Wilson.

28. Tamu

Tamu is a name that is a reference to the college, Texas A&M University.

29. Paisley

Paisley is an adorable southern name that was popularized as the surname of the country performer, Brad Paisley.

30. Mae

Mae used to be quite popular, and it is now starting to grow popular again after a four-decade decline. .

31. Jody

Jody was a popular redneck name during the 1960s and 1970s. It is a female variation on Joseph, and would be a cute name for a bouncing baby girl.

32. Iris

Iris is a beautiful flower, and the iris flower is actually the state flower of Tennessee. According to Greek mythology, Iris was once the goddess of the rainbow.

33. Freebird

We love this redneck name. It became popular during the 1970s following the popular Lynyrd Skynyrd song that had the same name.

34. Darlene

Darlene is an adorable name that means little darling. We think that this name meaning is extremely appropriate for a baby girl.

35. Bernice

Bernice is a name that originally came from the Bible. In the Bible, she was the sister of King Agrippa. In Greek, this name meant carrier of victory.

36. Ashley

This popular redneck name originally meant a dweller near the ash tree meadow.

37. Clystine

This is a less common name to hear, but rednecks tend to like combo names that blend two different first names. This one blends the names Christine and Clyde.

38. Fern

Fern is a pretty flower, a popular southern name and a character in the children’s book, Charlotte’s Web.

39. Jessie

Jessie is a name that means wealthy. It can also be a nickname for names like Jessica. You could also make a combo name by mixing it with other names like Lynn to make longer names like Jessilyn.

40. Sadie

This is a shortened form of Sarah, and it is an adorable baby name. Right now, it is in the top 100 names in the country for baby girls.


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