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Rehearsal Dinner Speech Examples


Before the wedding ceremony actually happens, most couples host a rehearsal dinner. This normally involves practicing for the ceremony so that all participants know what to expect. It is a chance to spend time with family, rehearse for the wedding and eat delicious food. During the rehearsal dinner, there is often a chance to give a speech. rehearsal dinner speech groomsmen

While your major speech will most likely be after the wedding at the reception, there are also some speeches that happen at the rehearsal dinner as well. These speeches are normally just a chance for the parents of the bride and groom to thank everyone who arrived. You can thank everyone for traveling to the wedding, taking time off of work and for taking part in the wedding. You can also talk about how excited you are for the wedding and all the hard work that went into making the wedding a reality. If you have personal thank yous or other information to include, you can incorporate them into your speech.

If you are not a chatty person, speaking in front of a crowd can be terrifying. Rehearsal dinner speech examples can help you plan out what you will say. You can write out your speech on a note card so that you do not get tongue-tied once you are in front of a crowd. If you are really nervous, try practicing the speech in front of a mirror a few times before you have to actually give it. If you are uncertain what to say, we have some examples of rehearsal dinner speeches that you can use.

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Rehearsal Dinner Speech Examples

1. As most of you already know, it is never easy to plan a wedding. There are so many small details to plan out that it takes months to figure everything out. You have to determine the venue, the guests, the DJ, the wedding date, the florist, the church, the dress, the tuxedo and the pastor. Every little detail takes time to get right. The bride and groom want a perfect wedding to share with the people they love, so they meticulously plan out every little detail.

Now, the day is almost here when the bride and groom can share their love with all of their family and friends. They have worked so hard to make this an amazing day. I cannot wait for the wedding, and I wanted to thank everyone who has worked so hard to make this day possible.

2. Tonight, I wanted to thank everyone here for making it to the wedding rehearsal. The rehearsal is so important for making sure that tomorrow will go perfectly smoothly. I know that many of you had other options tonight, but I appreciate that you gave up having fun elsewhere to help us prepare here. Thank you so much for coming, and we are so thankful for everyone who arrived to help out.

3. Hello, everyone! If I could have everyone’s attention for just a moment. I wanted to thank the bride and groom for putting their entire souls into making this wedding. We have all been anticipating this special day for a long time. I wanted to thank both of you for including all of us on your special day. Today’s rehearsal dinner is just a tiny taste of the amazing day that is to come tomorrow. If everyone will raise their glasses with me, I would like to toast the beautiful couple and the wedding tomorrow.

4. Hello, everyone! I am a friend of the bride. Since I have known her forever, I also got to know (groom) as well. Watching their love bloom and grow has been magical to see. I am so happy that my dear friend has been able to find the perfect match in (groom). Thank you everyone for taking part in this special day.

5. If everyone could listen up for a moment, I just wanted to thank all of you. Thank you so much for coming to the rehearsal dinner. It really means the world to us that you have come here today to help (bride) and (groom) prepare for the wedding. Now, I just want to say: eat, drink and be merry. Don’t be too merry though—we’ll all need a good’s night sleep for tomorrow’s celebration!

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6. Blood, sweat and tears went into planning this wedding and turning it into a reality. Tomorrow is the big day that we have all waited so long for. Thank all of you for coming to the rehearsal dinner to support the lovely couple. I cannot wait for all of us to celebrate this wedding together.

7. As I look at your faces, I am happy to see that (bride) and (groom) have such a wonderful community to support them. That kind of support is really invaluable during major celebrations like these. This wedding would not be the same without you. Thank you, everyone, for all that you do.

8. As I look around the room, I am gladdened to see all of the loved ones present here. All of you have worked so hard to support (bride) and (groom). If you have ever been to a wedding before, you know how much planning it takes. It is truly a group effort. This rehearsal is just the last thing to check off before the big celebration. We are so grateful that you have all been here to prepare, eat and celebrate with us.

9. The big day is finally here! Like most of you, I am just a bundle of nerves—I can only imagine how the lovely couple feels. This is a happy day full of love, so I cannot wait to see what tomorrow’s celebration brings.

10. I wanted to thank (groom’s) family for hosting this wonderful rehearsal dinner. Thank you for treating us like your family and hosting such a lovely event. I wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of the wedding planning and the rehearsal dinner. The wedding would not be the same without you. We are unbelievably grateful for your help. Now, let’s eat!


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