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How to Respond to an Interview Request


How to start

Communication is a tool humans have to exercise the influence in one to another. It is a way to bring out chances towards you and to other’s attitude. Although knowing that the only attitude an individual can control is his/her own, to give information to another being contributes in their decision making and ultimately they could rely on you for some specific events.

The creation of relationships is a major part of our daily life; it is what we call a social activity.

Perhaps you have started looking for a job, and now you have received invitations to interviews for jobs via e-mail, and you wondering what to do. Well, the first thing you have to do is to respond professionally and promptly. Better to be on the same day or the next business day the invitation was sent.

Acknowledge that the interview has already started as the potential employer is already considering your response when hiring. Make sure to follow all the instructions given in the invitation you receive.

Basic tips

As you write your response keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do please think carefully about what you want to say before replying. Remember this is the only chance you will get to make a first impression.
  • Proofread your entire response before sending it.
  • Use business and formal language.
  • Avoid text abbreviations and emojis, especially when using your cellphone.

Schedule Response

It is best to answer to an E-mail invitation to an interview via E-mail unless, of course, otherwise requested in the invitation you received. Reply using the same E-mail conversation from the invitation you received, this way the recruiter will already have a reference from your message.

Logical Response

You have to present well structure information to disclose to the individual for the ultimate purpose. Here are some elements you can use in your response.

  • Salutation: Remember the information above and don’t just replay nor start typing like if the individual does not deserve respects. Make sure to start writing with a formal greeting using the courtesy titles such as Mr., Ms., Dr., etc., that the person who sent you the message used followed by his/her last name. You have to be aware of their position.
  • Reasons of your answer: Do not make the reader of your response to lose time. Be sure to hit the point straight your response. It is imperative that you thank the person you are replaying to. Remember that it is an invitation towards your interview so be sure to immediately make clear that you are accepting the request.
  • Details of Schedule: If it’s appropriate, make sure to include schedule details based on the wording in the invitation you received.
  • Ask gently for a response: It is imperative to have a confirmation of details; it is a common event in professionalism. Therefore you would want to ask the recipient to reply confirming the time and location so you both can be sure and agree on where and when the interview will be.
  • Appropriate ending: Every aspect of the letter structure is important, so make sure to close the message using appropriate closing words or phrase such as: Regards, sincerely, and so on followed by your full name. Also include your phone number below your name in case the interviewer needs to call you about anything.

I will show you some examples you can use to formulate your ultimate letter.

Sample Responses

You may follow the upcoming example if the invitation you received included schedules for interviews to choose by.



[Ms. Interviewer’s Last name]

Thank you for inviting me to an interview for a position as a [position] with [company name]. I am very excited to be considered for this position and I look forward to having a chance to meet you. Within your schedule options suggested in your email, I would like to schedule an interview with you on [Specific day name], [specific month name], [Specific date number] at [Specific hour] CST (Central Standard Time). I understand that the interview will take place at your company office which is located at [Your knowledge in specific]. Please confirm if this time is convenient for you, and that I possess the correct location.

Looking forward to meeting you in person and share information on how I can be an asset to [company name].


[Your full name]

[Phone number]



Remember to customize your letter according and based on the company and position in accordance to your goal. Be specific as you feel free to add of your imagination and words that will lead you towards the achievement you want to meet.

Here below is an example of a response letter you can use if the invitation describes that the schedule of the interviews will be up to you.



[Ms. Interviewer’s Last name]

I am following up on the invitation you held to me for interview of [position] with [name of the company]. I really appreciate your kind response to my resume and would definitely like to come in for an interview. I can meet with you any time that is convenient for you on [specific day name], [Month] [Specific date number] or [optional specific day name], [month] [specific date number]. Please let me know what time is of your convenient for your schedule and I will be there. Please reply with the address of the location where the interview will be held. [If, ask for parking instructions].

I am looking forward to interviewing with you and to learn more about employment opportunities with [company name].

Sincerely yours,

[Your full name]

[Your phone number]


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