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25 Romantic Gestures You Can do Every Day


If there’s one thing that will kill a relationship quickly, it’s not being romantic with your partner. The truth is, romance is something that’ll keep a relationship loving, happy, and healthy. Without it, people lose appreciation for their significant other and this can ultimately ruin a perfectly good relationship that still has a lot of love.

Some people are just more romantic than others. This is a widely known fact and it can make being romantic a little more difficult for those of you who lack this in your life. There are ways to GET romantic, though. You don’t have to just use not being romantic as an excuse not to do romantic things.

If you want to know how to add a little more romance in your relationship, these are the best ways to do it. Sure, you can do big romantic things sometimes, but it’s even more important to do little things every single day to be romantic. Here are the best romantic gestures for everyday life.

  1. Kiss on the Cheek in the Morning

There’s something really special about waking up and getting a kiss on the cheek or forehead from your significant other. It’s a really intimate gesture that says that they appreciate you and are happy you’re there in the morning. Leaning in and giving them a little kiss on the cheek and saying good morning is really all it takes every day to keep the romance alive. And it’s super simple for you to do.


  1. Holding Hands While Walking Down the Street

Now, this is something many couples do regularly but they don’t realize just how powerful it is in keeping their relationship alive and romantic. It’s sort of a way of saying, “you’re mine,” in a sweet way that shows the world you’re with someone important to you. It’s really easy to do and will make your partner smile.


  1. Love Post-it Notes

Love letters are REALLY romantic, but those are things to write out every once in a while, not every single day. However, you can leave small little post-it notes for your lover to find during the day that’ll make them smile. Slip one into their lunch or put one on the mirror that says, “You’re beautiful,” or something similar. It’s enough to make their heart melt.


  1. Sweet Morning Texts

There’s not much better than waking up with a, “good morning baby,” text waiting for you. It’s really romantic because it shows your partner that you’re thinking about them right away in the morning. Not much is better than knowing that single thing. It’s super simple to do and you can do it every single day in order to make your lover smile and feel important.


  1. Bringing Home a Small Treat

How many of you make pit stops on your way home at the end of the day? I’m thinking most of you do for one reason or another. While you’re out, it’s really easy to pick up a small candy bar or a little back of snacks that you know your significant other likes. It may not be much, but they’ll know you thought of them and it’ll make them happy.


  1. Sitting on His Lap

There’s something really cute and comforting about your girl walking over and sitting on your lap. It shows that she wants to be close to her man and wants to give him affection. If you want to show your man some romance, just sit on his lap for a little while and he’ll feel loved.

  1. Pulling Her Into an Embrace

When they’re doing the dishes or cooking or even if they’re just reading a book and relaxing, if you walk over to them and pull them into a tight hug and hold it for a few seconds, it’s enough to make them happy. It’s really romantic to give them such unexpected and random affection in this way. And it’s something you can do daily.


  1. Unexpected Compliments

There’s really not much better than hearing a compliment by surprise. Your lover could just be telling you about their day or issues at work and you could randomly tell them that you admire their hardworking nature and they’ll be flabbergasted and ecstatic. Little compliments during unexpected times is such a romantic gesture that’s simple to do every day.


  1. Helping with House Chores

House chores are demanding and exhausting. If you really want to do something romantic for your partner, offer to do them or help with them. When they see you’re putting forth effort to make something easier for them, they’ll feel really loved and cared for.


  1. Drawing a Bath

After a really long, hard day, coming home to a bath fully drawn and ready for me would be the BEST thing my partner could do for me. It’s a really thoughtful gesture that shows your partner that you care about them being relaxed after such a stressful day. You’ll get bonus points if there’s a bunch of bubbles and essential oils in it, too.


  1. Join in on Their Hobby

So your significant other isn’t involved in all the hobbies you are. It’s natural to have differing hobbies and interests but if you make an effort to learn about their hobbies and get involved, it’ll make them really happy and realize that even if it’s not what you do, it’s still important to you. It’s a romantic thing that they’ll appreciate greatly.


  1. Pick Up Their Favorite Movie

On your way home from work, grab their favorite movie from the local video store so you can have a nice movie night. Everybody loves watching their favorite movie and it has the power to make their whole day better. If you do this every once in a while, they’ll see how much you care about them – especially if that movie isn’t your favorite, too. Romance isn’t always complicated and it can be as simple as this.


  1. Ask How They Slept

I know this doesn’t necessarily seem like a romantic gesture, but trust me when I say it is. The way someone sleeps has the power to influence their whole day. So when you talk to them in the morning, just ask them how they slept last night. If it’s good, they’re in for a better day. If they slept bad, make sure to do an extra nice thing for them that day and it’ll be more meaningful.

  1. Call and Leave a Sweet Voicemail

When you know your partner is away from their phone for a length of time at work or whatnot, call their phone and leave a really cute and sweet voicemail. There’s something extra romantic about hearing your real voice saying something so nice to them while they’re away from you. Make sure to do this at least once a week and it’ll keep the romance alive.


  1. Bring Them Lunch to Work

If you’re able to bring your partner a hot, fresh meal to their work for lunch, DO IT! This may seem really insignificant and not important, but there’s something really meaningful about you caring what they eat for lunch and that’s it a good, hot meal instead of a cold lunch. Bonus points if you can stay and enjoy the meal with them.


  1. Foot Massage Before Bed

I don’t think anyone would refuse a nice foot massage before turning in for the night. If your significant other works on their feet all day – or even if they don’t – just grab their foot and start massaging without even prompting it. The surprise will be really cute and they’ll appreciate you working so hard to make them feel good and comfortable.


  1. Flowers

Never underestimate the power of flowers as a romantic gesture. I know it’s pretty cliché and some would even go as far as to call it corny or cheesy, but it’s perfectly romantic. People love flowers and the gesture alone holds a lot of meaning and appreciation. You don’t have to do this every day, but it should be done at least once a month or on special occasions for sure in order to show your partner how much you appreciate them.


  1. Initiate Cuddle Time

This is especially romantic if you’re the guy and you just want to pull your girl in close and cuddle with her. Many times, girls are the ones who want to be close and comfy together so if you’re the one to initiate the cuddling time, they’ll be really surprised and they’ll appreciate it a whole lot. So grab a blanket, put on a great movie, and cuddle for a long time. The close contact will be sure to make your significant other happy.


  1. Brush Her Hair

I really can’t explain just how amazing it is when a guy brushes my hair or even just plays with my hair or massages my scalp. Truth be told, girls scalps hold a lot of tension because of the weight of their hair. If you brush it for her and give her a small scalp massage, you’ll be releasing a lot of that tension and you’ll make her feel really good. It’s also very sweet and caring to pay attention to those little things.

  1. Shave His Face

Guys have to shave a LOT, especially if they work in a proper environment. Sometimes it can get really tiring or they could get really lazy and mess up with it. If you take the time to go into the bathroom and assist him with this, he’ll appreciate it greatly. Not only that, but there’s something really sweet and romantic about being that close in contact with your man.


  1. Backrubs

Has anyone every turned down a nice back rub? Our backs hold the MOST tension and it feels so calm and relaxing when someone is just rubbing away all of the pain from the day. So offer to rub your partner’s back and make them feel good. You don’t know just how romantic and sweet of a gesture it really is and how meaningful it will be. This can be a daily thing before bed or even in the morning.


  1. Burn a CD

This may seem old school, but it’s a really great way to show your lover just how much they mean to you and is a classically romantic gesture. Obviously, this isn’t something you have to do every day, but allowing them to listen to it every day is enough. I suggest filling up a CD with all the songs that remind you of them and even making ones for different occasions or moods.


  1. Breakfast in Bed

Do I really need to explain why this is a romantic gesture? When you significant other is exhausted but really hungry, bringing them breakfast in bed is always a really sweet way of showing your appreciation for them. Bonus points if it’s their favorite breakfast meal!

  1. Romantic Strip Tease

You may not think strip teases can be romantic, but you’re wrong. The best part about this is that it’s a goofy and fun way of being romantic. Turn on some classic romance music and slowly take your clothes off while dancing around them sexily. It’ll make them laugh and love you even more. It’s especially useful if you can include them into the dance by undressing them, too.


  1. Make the Day All About Them

This is a really great gesture if your significant other has had a rough week or is feeling really down about something. To do this, pick a weekend day so you can dedicate the whole day to doing things for them. Clean the whole place, go to their favorite restaurant, see the movie they want to, and just make it all about them and their happiness. This is romantic, sweet, and shows just how much you love them.

Romance is a huge part of making a relationship last. If you’re looking for small ways to make your significant other smile every day, these are the best ways to do just that.


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