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Send A Romantic Text Message To My Love To Let Her Heart Beat Faster


Texting can get boring after a certain amount of time, but the last thing in the entire world that you want is to become dull in conversation with your partner! That doesn’t lead anywhere good. There are so many different ways to tell someone you love them. But what is the perfect way for you to tell your partner so? Well, it depends on the stage of your relationship, the sincerity and the amount of time you’ve been seeing one another. Good thing we have messages that you can use in literally any situation for ANY relationship! Use any of these following 50 romantic text messages for your love to keep the fire going in your relationship through the digital world!

Do you ever lay in bed at night and just think of the way it feels when we kiss? Do you think of all the amazing things we’ve done together? Or how perfect we are for each other? I do. Every single night. I love you.

This is perfect for any relationship, no matter the amount of time you’ve been together! It will surely make your partner feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You are my everything. I want to care for you, watch over you, be your support and make you happy. I want to always and forever be there for you. I want to be yours and I want you to be mine.

Let your lover know how serious you are about them with this adorably romantic text message!

You don’t know how happy you make me. You don’t know the light you bring into my life. You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

If they truly make you happy, don’t be afraid to let them know with texts like this one! It’s truly romantic.

Before you came along I was terrified of commitment. But being with you changed my perspective on everything. I could never imagine a day without you from this point forward!

Maybe you weren’t able to commit to anyone before, if so then this is the best paragraph for you! It’s important to let your partner know how dedicated you are to them.

My world really has no meaning without you. I am lucky to have you by my side. I love you!

What a perfect text to send if you are short on time, but really want to get a cute message across!

I want to keep making you smile, until your cheeks can’t take it any longer!

There’s no doubt that this text will have your beloved grinning from ear to ear until it hurts. Mission accomplished.

Next time we hug, be sure to listen to my heart. When you hear it you will know that it only beats for you.

Awh, we can almost hear their heart beating faster as they read this one!

I love that you can make me laugh even on the worst of days! I love that when I’m with you I feel safe! I just absolutely, 100% love you entirely.

Does your partner do a great job at cheering you up, under any circumstances? Good, then that means they’re doing their job! Don’t let them feel unappreciated, instead send them cute texts like this to keep the romance alive.

I promise to never break your heart. I promise we’ll never be apart. I promise to be yours and only yours. I promise we will accomplish everything our hearts desire! I love you so much babe!

Promises are everything in a relationship! They’ll love hearing this one from you.

Sometimes we fight, but I can assure you that the best thing that’s ever happened to me is you. I love you and if we weren’t together I’d be nothing short of miserable.

It’s normal for couples to bicker once and awhile. You can fix any fight with a romantic text like this, we guarantee it!

There are around 7 billion people in this world and I just want you to know that not a single one of them is lucky enough to have such a beautiful, amazing soul such as yours except me! I feel truly blessed.

Make your lover swoon with these kind words anytime of the day. Let them know that no matter how many people there are out there, they are the only one on your mind!

When we are apart it feels as if a piece of my heart is missing!

This is perfect to send if you spend a lot of time apart. Distance can create problems in a relationship, so it’s good to constantly remind each other that you are missing one another.

You are in my mind almost every second of every day, but I would much rather you be in my house. Right now. Come over, babe, I miss you so much.

Looking for a romantic way to invite your partner over? Here’s your perfect opportunity. Just use this text!

The way you make me feel is almost indescribable. It is the most amazing feeling there will ever be to feel! That I can tell you.

Can’t find the right words to tell them how much you care for them? That’s okay, this romantic text pretty much sums it up.

You are my sunshine. You are my light through the dark. You are my warmth in the cold. You are everything I could have ever asked for.

How cute is this one??!? So cute.

Loving you is the second best thing I ever did. Finding you was the first.

Wow, this will definitely take your love’s breath away.

You know you are truly in love with someone when you refuse to sleep because real life is much more appealing than your dreams for once.

You really can’t get any more romance from a text than this. If they’re the person of your dreams it’s important to frequently let them know to keep the spark alive between the two of you.

I catch myself wondering if I’m living a dream, because you are too good to be true.

A little cliche can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to be corny with the person you love!

My life is absolutely perfect, but only because it has you in it.

Are they the puzzle piece that draws everything in your life together? Let them know with this adorable message.

Life is filled with many beautiful things, but it would be worthless if it weren’t for you.

Sometimes things are dark and gray before your lover comes along. They deserve to know the important impact they made on your life, right? So share this with them to let them know.

You always know just the right things to say. What would I do without you in my life? I just wanted to text you and tell you that I’m head over heels in love with you.

A great text to send randomly in the middle of the day to let them know that you are thinking of them.

Even when I find myself frowning you always have a way to turn it upside down. Thank you for being amazing.

People don’t always know if they are doing a great job at cheering you up when you’re down. Texts like these will raise their confidence and show them how grateful you are for their efforts.

My darling, nothing is better than gazing into your eyes and staring at your beautiful soul. You have made me the happiest person in the universe.

Deep and romantic. What more could you ask for when your darling texts you?

Just wanted to text you to let you know that someone special is thinking of you- ME!

A cute yet simple text to send. Perfect for the morning!

My love for you grows stronger by the minute. I love you dearly, babe.

Running short on time, but need a great message to send? Here you go. This one is for you.

When you tell me that you love me it makes my heart grow warm. So I just wanted to let you know that I love you, too!

The key to a healthy relationship is constant reminds to your lover on how amazing they are.

Hurry home into my arms, they feel cold and empty without you here. I look forward to the moment I get to hold you in my arms every single day. Please hurry to me.

Waiting for you babe to get home? Impatient? Shoot them this romantic text message to speed things up!

Why are you so perfect?

A sure way to get their jaw to drop in a second.

When I close my eyes I can only picture you. When I fall asleep I can only dream of you. When I speak I can only talk of you.

When they are the only thing on your mind, don’t you think that they deserve to hear it? Sending them this message is a perfect way to get them to know it.

I want you every single day. Even if you are mad at me. Even when I am mad at you. I don’t want you when you are just happy. I want every part of you and every emotion, too. I love you.

Our hearts melted when we read this one! Your partner’s will too!

Your voice is the most beautiful thing that I have ever heard in my life. Please call soon, I’m having withdrawals from you and your perfect voice.

Who doesn’t love to hear that their voice is musical to someone else?

A thought without you in it, is a thought not worth thinking. I love you!

Everyone needs reassurance that they are making a difference in your life. It’s important to send messages like this one to keep your partner’s confidence high always.

Today I realized that I cannot live without you. I just wanted to let you know that.

Come to the realization you can’t live with them in your life? Perfect, this message is all yours to use!

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you are the only fish for me.

Another cute cliche that holds a lot of meaning behind it.

No amount of words could ever describe how intensely I feel about you. No words could sum up all the feelings I have for you. There are no words that will let you know how deeply in love with you I am. So for now, I’ll just say I love you.

You’ll sound like a true romantic if you send them this one.

I seriously can’t get you off of my mind. The moment you leave my heart starts to hurt. I love you.

There’s nothing better than hearing your loved one can’t stand being apart from you. This is a wonderful message to use if you spend a lot of time away from each other. It will remind them that you are always and forever missing them. Even if they aren’t gone for a long time.

Each time I see you I fall deeper in love with you than the time before. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you more each and every day.

Keep the romance well and alive by sending deep, beautiful messages like this one. It will let your partner know that your bond is only getting stronger.

My world is a happy place, only because you inhabit it.

To be someone’s reason to live is a reason to live in it’s own!

I will call you a thief, only because you seem to have stolen my heart!

A punny way to say I love you!

Hello, dear. I hope this message has the power to make you smile. Even though things in the world are always changing, my love for you will stay the same! Love you.

The goal is to make your love smile everyday, do it with messages such as these.

My love for you is unconditional. It grows from the deepest, darkest depths of my once cold heart. Now I am warm and happy. But without your love my heart will grow cold once more.

Were you dark and depressing before you met the love of your life? It’s always a smart idea to make them aware of it!

I feel like I should thank for the world, for it has given you to me.

Awh, how adorable can you get??? This is the cutest!

Your face is engraved forever behind my eyelids. Your love has dented my heart. Your touch still stays on my skin. I love you forever and always.

A poetic way to confess your undying love for your partner.

Nothing makes me happier than getting to wake up next to you every day! The way you look when you first rise, sleepy and adorable, gives me strength to get through the day.

Do you live together? Let them know you can’t picture waking up any other way than with them by your side!

Before you came along, I didn’t even know what love was. Thank you for showing me.

It’s vital in any relationship to make the other aware of your love for them. Otherwise the light in the relationship might fade away. This message will keep the flame burning bright.

There is only one phrase in the world that makes my heart skip a beat- Your name with the word forever attached to it.

This one is one of our favorites to tell our partners! It’s so sappy, but so worth sending to them.

Your touch warms me more than the sun ever could. I love you!

Simply elegant and romantic all at once.

Each time I dream, I dream of you. I can’t escape you, because I’m in love with you.

Let them know that they are quite literally the person of your dreams. How romantic is that?

I would choose a moment here with you on Earth over an eternity in paradise without you by my side. That’s how deeply I am in love with you.

If nothing else makes them melt, this one sure will. Otherwise they might actually be heartless.

You are my first, last and only love. I will it to stay that way forever.

Ready to make a huge commitment to your love? This message is the perfect way of doing that, even if it’s just a text!


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