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150 Rottweiler Names


Once you get the perfect rottweiler, the next step is to find the perfect rottweiler names. This pet is known for being extremely smart and powerful. Over the years, it has been used as a therapy dog, policy dog and herder. We have compiled a list of 75 male and 75 female rottweiler names that you can use.

75 Rottweiler Names for Males

1. Diesel: This is one of the toughest dog names to choose.

2. Adler: This German name means eagle.

3. Butch: This is another tough option for your puppy.

4. Siegfried: This is a German name that is said to mean victorious peace.

5. Rottweil: Long ago, the Roman army crossed the Alps into southern Germany. The native dog in the town of Rottweil is where the rottweiler actually got its name.

6. Kaiser: This German name means emperor.

7. Blitz: This German-inspired name is great for a German dog.

8. Bruno: This cute name means brown.

9. Vinnie: This is an adorable rottweiler name.

10. Albern: In German, this name is said to mean white.

11. Hawkeye: This was one of my favorite characters in the hit television show, MASH.

12. Alvin: This German name is said to mean either friend of the elves or noble friend.

13. Bruiser: If you are looking for a tough guy name, this is a good option to go with.

14. Schwartz: This German name means someone with a dark complexion or black hair.

15. Axel: This is another fun, strong name for a rottweiler.

16. Dieter: This strong, German name is said to mean ruler of the people.

17. Trapper: This is an adorable option for a rottweiler.

18. Heinz: This is a German name that means home of the king.

19. Chief: If you want your dog to sound strong and brave, give it a name like this one.

20. Walter: This is a German name for an army ruler.

21. Bear: This is a great name if your rottweiler happens to look like a bear.

22. Maverick: This is always a fun name for a dog.

23. Aldo: This adorable name means old and wise in German.

24. Avalanche: When he runs across a snowy field, it feels like an avalanche is coming your way.

25. Tito: This sounds like the name of a tiny dog, which makes it ironic for a rottweiler.

26. Roland: This German name is said to mean famous throughout the land.

27. Buck: This is one of the most popular tough guy names for a dog.

28. Moose: If your dog seems unbelievably gigantic, then name him after one of the world’s biggest land animals.

29. Adolph: While this name was made famous because of Adolph Hitler, it actually originally meant noble wolf in German.

30. Brutus: Long ago, Brutus was the man responsible for killing Julius Caesar.

31. Captain: This is a fun name for a dog. Many military-inspired names like this one work great for a strong, tough dog.

32. Franz: This German name means free man.

33. Admiral: This is another great, military-inspired name for a rottweiler.

34. Maximus: This sounds like a strong name for a dog.

35. Baldwin: This German name means a brave friend.

36. Caesar: Long ago, this was the title used by Roman emperors.

37. Trooper: If you are looking for a tough-sounding name for your rottweiler, this is a good option to go with.

38. Emmet: This is a German name that means truth or universal.

39. Bullet: This is such a cute name for a rottweiler.

40. Goliath: In one Christian story, Goliath was the legendary warrior who was challenged and defeated by the tiny David.

41. Wolfgang: This is a German name that means traveling wolf. It was famously the
name of Wolfgang Mozart.

42. Bane: This sounds like a cool name for a dog.

43. Fang: In the Harry Potter series, Fang was the name of Hagrid’s dog.

44. Albrecht: This fancy-sounding name means bright or noble in German.

45. Blaze: This is a fun name for a rottweiler puppy.

46. Hunter: If you plan on making your dog into a hunting partner, this is an obvious option to go with.

47. Raymond: This German name means wise protector.

48. Boss: This is the perfect name for an alpha dog.

49. August: This lovely German name means magnificent or great.

50. Ranger: Known for being the army’s fiercest fighters, this name is great for a fierce, tough dog.

51. Felix: This German name means fortunate or happy.

52. Crash: Hopefully, this name does not become a self-fulfilling prophesy or your dog could end up getting in a lot of trouble.

53. Arlo: This is just an adorable German name.

54. Mack: This is a fun option for a puppy.

55. Dirk: This name is said to mean the people’s ruler in German.

56. Hercules: If your dog is extremely strong, name him after this Greek hero who was known for his strength.

57. Sarge: This is another military-inspired name for a rottweiler.

58. Albert: This German name means noble or bright.

59. Rex: If you want to make this name even more awesome, you can call him T-Rex.

60. Duke: This is a common name for a dog.

61. Gunther: This awesome German name means bold warrior.

62. T-Bone: This name would be even more adorable if your dog also happens to love T-bones.

63. Hulk: Basically any super hero name would be excellent for a dog.

64. Bernard: This is a popular rottweiler name. In German, it means brave as a bear or strong.

65. Thor: This is another excellent name from comic books and mythology.

66. Justice: This sounds like the perfect name for a strong, tough rottweiler.

67. Ernie: This German name means resolute or serious.

68. Tank: If your puppy is built like a tank, this would be a fun option to go with.

69. Remington: You can basically name your dog after any gun, ammunition or gun manufacturer and have an awesome name.

70. Bach: This is a German name that is said to mean dweller near the brook.

71. Bolt: This sounds strong, but it would also be a good name for a very fast dog.

72. Rocky: Naming your dog after Rocky Balboa is always a good idea.

73. Spike: This is a fun, strong option.

74. Rambo: This one sounds tough, but it is also just a genuinely awesome name for a dog.

75. Gunner: Any military-inspired name is always great for a dog.

75 Rottweiler Names for Females

1. Claudia: This German name means enclosure.

2. Joan of Arc: Naming your dog after a warrior woman and a saint would be an awesome choice.

3. Britta: This is a beautiful German name that means exalted one or strength.

4. Andromeda: This awesome name would be a unique rottweiler name.

5. Anka: This German name means purse.

6. Cleopatra: This sounds like the name you would use for an especially pretty puppy dog.

7. Greta: This lovely name comes from Germany and means pearl.

8. Mystique: Use this if your dog seems mystical!

9. Ella: This is another German name that means fairy maiden or all.

10. Katniss: If you loved the Hunger Games, then you will love names like this one.

11. Addie: This German name means nobility or noble.

12. Harley: This is another adorable rottweiler name.

13. Beatrix: This beautiful name means she who brings happiness.

14. Liberty: This sounds like a very patriotic name for a dog.

15. Trudy: This is a German name that means spear of strength.

16. Xena: Naming your dog after this warrior princess is always fun.

17. Bernadette: Once the name of a famous French saint, this name actually means brave as a bear in German.

18. Elektra: This would be one of the coolest rottweiler names.

19. Annette: This is a pretty German name that means the Lord has favored me.

20. Raven: If your rottweiler is black in color, then this would be an adorable name
for him.

21. Heidi: This German name means of noble birth.

22. Joplin: This is a fun option.

23. Fritzi: This German name means peaceful ruler.

24. Blizzard: If your rottweiler tends to leave a blizzard or hurricane behind her, then this is a great name to choose.

25. Ursula: This is a German name that means little, female bear. The only problem is that it was also the name of the evil sea witch in the Little Mermaid. If you want people to be afraid of your ferocious pup, then this is the name to choose.

26. Vixen: This is such a sweet option for a rottweiler.

27. Lola: This adorable name is said to mean lady of sorrows in German.

28. Indiana: This just sounds sweet.

29. Hilda: This German name means battle woman.

30. Olga: This is a simple, old-fashioned name for a German rottweiler.

31. Frederika: This German name is said to mean peaceful ruler.

32. Alaska: There are a number of different state names that would make excellent rottweiler names as well.

33. Ada: This German name means nobility or noble.

34. Huntress: This is perfect if you plan on hunting with your rottweiler.

35. Elsa: This is German name that means pledged to God.

36. Diva: If your puppy is a bit of a diva, go with a name like this one.

37. Brunhilde: This old-fashioned German name means armed for battle.

38. Shadow: This is a sweet, simple name for your rottweiler.

39. Leona: This German name means lioness.

40. Mercy: Use this for a very sweet-tempered dog.

41. Caroline: Ironically, this German name means free man.

42. Artemis: This was the name of a huntress in mythology.

43. Millie: This is an absolutely adorable rottweiler name. In German, it means gentle strength.

44. Nyx: This is an adorable option for your rottweiler.

45. Amelia: This German name actually means work.

46. Echo: Echo was actually a character in Greek mythology.

47. Frieda: This is a German name that means peaceful ruler.

48. Olympia: This is another name from Greek mythology. If you happen to live in Washington state, it is also the name of the capital city.

49. Wanda: In German, this name means wanderer or shepherdess.

50. Sheba: This is technically the name of a tiger species, but it sounds like it would be the name of a strong, ferocious rottweiler.

51. Marta: This German name means lady, which is the perfect name for your little lady.

52. Leia: If you happen to be a Star Wars fan, then this name would be a brilliant option for your puppy.

53. Ava: This simple, pretty name means life in German.

54. Brooklyn: you could basically name your dog after any of the New York City boroughs.

55. Ida: This German name means industrious one.

56. Rogue: If you want to have a dog who has a reputation for going off on her own, then a name like this works.

57. Sofie: This is an adorable German name that means wisdom.

58. Jinx: If your dog seems like she just brings bad luck, then give her a rottweiler name like this one to tease her.

59. Gretchen: This German name means pearl.

60. Rebel: Use this cute name for your little rebel.

61. Ulf: This German name means wolf. It is technically for a boy dog, but it sounds cute for a girl dog as well.

62. Pax: This pretty name actually means peace in Latin. The Pax Romana was a time of 200 years of Roman peace.

63. Zelda: This is a German name for a fighting maid.

64. Queen: If your dog is the queen of the house, this name makes sense.

65. Liesel: This German name means pledged to God.

66. Starbuck: If you love coffee, this name makes sense. Also, it is a great name for
any Battlestar Galactica fans out there.

67. Emma: This German name means universal.

68. Sable: This name sounds pretty awesome.

69. Alger: This was originally a boy’s name, but it would also be fairly cute for a girl. It means clever warrior in German.

70. Hera: Long ago, Hera was the queen of the Greek gods.

71. Claus: This German name means victory of the people.

72. Bonita: This name means pretty in Spanish.

73. Mischa: This unique German name means one who is like God.

74. Medusa: This was the name of a monster in Greek mythology.

75. Bella: This name means beautiful in Italian.


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