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35 Royal Baby Girl Names


With a beautiful baby girl about to arrive, it is time to start thinking of a baby name. If you want to find the perfect name, check out these 35 royal baby girl names. Culled from royal families past and present, many of these names come from foreign countries where royal families can still be found.

35 Royal Baby Girl Names

1. Fiona

Fiona is a lovely baby name that comes from Ireland and Scotland. This royal name also happens to be the name of a princess in the Shrek movies.

2. Zara

This lovely name is said to mean beautiful. In the English royal family, Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne as well as the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth.

3. Sibyll

Princess Sibyll of Albany gave birth to the current King of Sweden, Carl XVI. She was a member of the House of Gotha and the House of Saxe-Coburg. She became a Swedish princess when she married Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Vasterbotten. Unfortunately, Prince Gustaf Adolf never lived long enough to ascend to the throne.

4. Marie

Marie is a name that is often connected to the Virgin Marie, but it has a different royal connection in the last few hundred years. It is unfortunately connected to Marie Antoinette. She was the Queen of France during the French Revolution, so she ultimately faced the guillotine and had her head chopped off. She was the queen who, according to myth, said that they should, “Let them eat cake” when she was told that the commoners had run out of bread.

5. Alexandra

Alexandra was the name of Alexandra of Denmark. She was the great-grandmother of the current Queen of the United Kingdom. In addition, the male form, Alexander, was the name of the great king and conqueror, Alexander the Great.

6. Zetian

Zetian is a name that comes from China. In 624, Zetian was a female emperor of the country. This name is also said to mean day.

7. Henrietta

Henrietta is a lovely name that is popular among the royal family. It first started in the 16th century as a variation on the male name, Henry or Henri. It was the name of the daughter of King Henry VI, who was known as Princess Henriette Marie of France.

8. Anne

Anne was the name of a number of royal princesses and queens. It was famously the name of two of King Henry VIII’s wives. It was also the name of four other queens of England.

9. Mathilde

This name is famously the name of Princess Caroline Mathilde of Albany. It is a fairly old-fashioned sounding name, but we think it would be a unique, pretty option for a baby girls.

10. Eleanor

Eleanor was the name of a ruler during the Middle Ages and is said to mean bright.

11. Jane

Jane was the name of Jane Seymore. She was the third wife of King Henry VIII. While Jane Seymore was the third wife, the second wife was also named Jane. Lady Jane Grey only reigned for nine days before King Henry tired of her. the third wife of Henry VIII and the second one was Lady Jane Grey, who reigned only for nine days.

12. Theodora

This is the female form of Theodore. Long ago, it was the name of multiple empresses in the Byzantine Empire.

13. Isabella

Isabella is a Spanish variation on the name Elizabeth. It has been the name of 20 different queens and royal family members around the world. Famously, Queen Isabella was the one who supported Christopher Columbus going to the New World.

14. Cosima

Cosima is such a chic, trendy name, but is a royal baby girl name as well. This was the name of Lady Cosima Rose Alexandra Windsor. Her parents were the Countess and Earl of Ulster.

15. Charlotte

Charlotte is a female version of the male name, Charles. It is the name of Princess Charlotte, who is the daughter of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton.

16. Xenia

This is the name of the Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia.

17. Patricia

Patricia of Connaught was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. When she married the commoner Alexander Ramsay, the lovely Patricia gave up her title to be with him.

18. Matilda

Matilda is a Latin variation on the name Maud. She was known as the first female ruler of England following King Stephen.

19. Helena

There was a Roman Empress known as St. Helena, and this was also the name of Queen Victoria’s third daughter.

20. Victoria

Victoria is often chosen to honor the popular English queen, Queen Victoria.

21. Margaret

Margaret comes to us from a wife of Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou. It was also the name of Queen Margaret of Scotland. It is said to mean pearl.

22. Maud

This is the name of Princess Maud of Wales and Queen of Norway.

23. Anastasia

Anastasia was the name of a princess and the daughter of the last czar of Russia.

24. Frances

Frances may not be a royal name, but it is a name that frequently occurs in Kate Middleton’s family.

25. Grace

Grace Kelly was a popular Hollywood starlet who stopped performing in movies to marry the Prince of Monaco, Rainier III.

26. Beatrice

Beatrice, is a name that means bringer of joy. It is the name of a cousin of Princess William, Princess Beatrice.

27. Elizabeth

Elizabeth was first used as a royal name in 1306 when Elizabeth de Burgh married King Robert I.

28. Catherine

There have been six royal Catherines. These include the present Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Catherine of Aragon. Catherine of Aragon’s wedding to King Henry VIII was what started the Protestant Reformation.

29. Eugenie

Princess Eugenie of York was born in 1990 and is the youngest daughter of Sarah, Duchess of York and Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Currently, she is the eighth in line to succeed her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. She currently works as an associate director in a London art gallery.

30. Mary

Queen Mary I was the older sister and predecessor to Queen Elizabeth I. There was also a Mary, Queen of Scots.

31. Quinn

This is one of the latest additions to the royal girls names, and we think it is one of the trendiest.

32. Diana

Diana was once the Roman goddess of childbirth, women and hunting. It has been used as a royal name for years, and it was particularly popularized by the famous Princess Diana.

33. Albertine

Albertine is a female version of Albert. It was the name of Albertine Agnes of Nassau, who was the daughter of the Dutch ruler, Frederick Henry.

34. Alice

Alice was the name of Queen Victoria’s great-granddaughter who became the Princess of Hesse.

35. Thyra

There have been two Danish princesses called Thyra, which means Thor’s struggle.


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