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Ruddy Complexion


A ruddy complexion is extremely problematic, whether it’s something you’ve inherited and been dealing with for years, or a new condition that you can’t seem to keep at bay. If you’re tired of dealing with a red, blotchy face, and want to learn tips and tricks to help heal and conceal the condition, we are here to help. We’re breaking down the must-know facts when it comes to irritated red skin, and what you can do to help fend off bigger breakouts and hide the unsightly redness with ease.

What is a ruddy complexion?

A ruddy complexion can best be described as a complexion that appears intensely irritated and red. The red spots may appear in a blotchy manner across the face, and you may even have broken capillaries that are visible to the naked eye. This extreme redness can be rather hard to conceal, making it a daily chore and embarrassment to step out of the house.

What causes ruddy complexions?

The most common cause for a ruddy complexion is simply inheritance; it is passed down from a parent to a child at birth, and is not something that will go away with treatment (although you can minimize the redness with proper skin care and the right makeup choices). However, ruddy complexions can also come about from changing environment patterns, acne flare-ups as a teenager, or even rosacea. To determine what the cause is for your ruddy complexion you will need to ask yourself the following questions before moving forward to treatment:

-Have you been struggling with this irritation, blotchiness, and redness for awhile, or is this a new condition that just popped up? (If you’ve been dealing with this nuisance for months to years, it may be a sign of inheritance).

-Are you using a new product that could be irritating your skin? (Could be makeup, cleansers, lotions, or other products used on the face).

-Are you under a lot of stress? (Stress can cause skin problems as well as other issues inside and outside of the body).

-Does your face have any areas that are extremely oily or dry?

-Are you in the sun often? (Overexposure to the sun can cause damage to the skin, including ruddy complexion).

-Have you started taking any new medications and noticed a breakout of ruddy complexion soon after? (Certain medications can trigger ruddy complexions, as well as other skin issues).

-Have you been using a high quality moisturizer and facial cleanser two times daily? (Important if you’re struggling with ruddy complexion).

-Are you wearing sunblock on your face daily? (If not, you should start immediately).

Treating Ruddy Complexion

If you have ruddy complexion, the first and foremost thing you need to do is visit your dermatologist. They will be able to determine if you truly are plagued with ruddy complexion, and they will offer specialized treatment for the condition. They may prescribe certain medications or creams specifically designed to treat ruddy complexion. After you’ve visited your dermatology you may take action at home to help fend off irritation and conceal extreme redness.

Clean Face Twice Daily

Leaving makeup on your face can clog the pores, which will in turn irritate your skin even further. It is extremely important to make sure you are cleansing your face twice daily to completely clean out your pores.

Use Fragrance-Free Cleansers

Stay away from cleansers with fragrances, as certain fragrances are known to irritate the skin. Choose a fragrance-free cleanser when washing your face twice daily, and make sure you use COLD water when cleansing.

Opt for Lotions with Cucumber or Aloe

Lotions containing cucumber or aloe will help to soothe the face of irritation and create a more smooth, soft, and less red appearance.

Buy Makeup for Sensitive Skin

As your skin is incredibly sensitive when struggling with ruddy complexion, ensure you are only applying makeup that is designed for sensitive skin- and never choose a foundation that’s too heavy, as this can clog pores quickly.

Buy Hydrating Green or Yellow Concealers

Choosing a hydrating concealer with green or yellow undertones will not only help soothe and condition the skin, but also counteract and tame redness.

Do you struggle with ruddy complexion? What do you do to help your condition?


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