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120 Running Team Names


Get ready to run with these running team names. When you want to get in shape, it always helps to have a group of people to support you along the way. Even if you are exhausted in the morning, your running group will still urge you on. You know that you can’t just sleep in because other people are depending on you. Because of this, a running team helps you reach your fitness and diet goals through the right motivation. To help you get started, we have made a list of the 120 best running team names. You can use these as inspiration or as they are written for your team’s name.

good team names for running

1. Running Like Mothers: This is an adorable name for a women’s running group.

2. Easier Said Than Run: It seems like it is so much easier to say your mileage goal than to actually do it. I wish that I could just say the miles I want to accomplish and automatically have them done.

3. Run for Fun: This is for you crazy runners who have fun with your runs.

4. Rascally Ramblers: I like this cute name.

5. How the West Was Run: This is a play on the phrase, “How the West Was Won.”

6. Supersonic Thunder: This couldn’t be the name of my group because there is nothing supersonic about my running.

7. Road Warriors: I think that this is a great, motivational running team name.

8. Toe Nails Are for Sissies: If this is the name of your group, I will never run with you.

9. Undertrained and Overconfident: This aptly describes my first marathon.

10. Buns on the Run!!!: I think that this is one of the cutest running team names.

11. Achilles Heals: Everything will heal eventually.

12. Quads of Fury: This perfectly describes how my quads feel after a run filled with hills.

13. The Vortexians: This is a cute name.

14. Fast Women: At least the name isn’t Loose Women.

15. Jugs a Joggin’: This is a clever, funny name for a women’s running group.

16. Two Broads and a Bum: If you have two girls and one guy in your group, this name will work well for you.

17. Training Wheels: This is for the beginning running groups out there.

18. Natural Selection: Natural selection will help to thin the running herd.

19. Role Models: If you run every day, you are certainly my role model!

20. Rockstar Ninjas: This is how I feel after a great run.

21. It’s All About the Coffee: If you run before your morning cup of coffee, this running team name will certainly motivate you!

22. League of Extraordinary Slackers: If you are running all the time, this name won’t make sense.

23. Relay Racers: This is for the relay runners out there.

24. The Last Pacers: I like this team name.

25. Chafe Now, Brag Later: Agreed. I generally wait until after everything is healed before I start bragging too much.

fun team names for running

26. Weekend Runaways: This name works for weekend running groups.

27. Tight Butts and Sweaty Nuts: I feel like this could be the name of an all guy group or a co-ed group.

28. Barefoot Maniacs: If you like to run barefoot, you certainly are a maniac!

29. Time Wounds All Heels: This is a play on the phrase, “Time heals all wounds.”

30. 7 Deadly Shins: This is another pun based on the phrase, “7 deadly sins.”

31. Run Like A Girl: Show that you are a road warrior and run like a girl.

32. Procrastinators: This aptly describes all of my running goals.

33. Baby Got Track: Use this name if you like to run along the track instead of the roadways.

34. The Bolts: This could never be my team name. I think my ideal team would be called the Snails.

35. We’re Kind of a Big Deal: This sounds very motivational and inspirational.

36. Dance Team Rejects: If you can’t make it on dance team, at least you can do cross country.

37. Hell on Heels: This is a play on the phrase, “Hell on Wheels.”

38. Where the Wild Things Run: I love this pun on the popular children’s book.

39. Speed Bumps: Don’t hit speed bumps! Just keep running!

40. Road Hogs: If you are one of those runners who hogs the whole road, run somewhere else.

41. Call Us a Cab!: This is another phrase that describes my feelings during a marathon.

42. Chafing the Dream: This is a play on the common phrase, “Chasing the Dream.”

43. Xtreme Physio: Again, this is probably not the name I want for my team unless you change it to “Un-Xtreme.”

44. Miles to Martinis: This is a motivational name for all of you after work runners out there.

45. Marathon Maniacs: Most of your friends and family members probably think that anyone who runs a marathon is a maniac.

46. Run. Eat. Poop. Repeat.: If you can’t think of anything else, I guess this would work.

47. Girls on the Run: This is a great name for a team of girl runners.

48. Blister Sisters: This is another good name for a group of female runners.

49. Scrambled Legs and Achin’: This is a play on the breakfast dish, “scrambled eggs and bacon.”

50. Happy Feet: I might have loved the movie, but I don’t know how happy my feet actually feel after a long run.

cool team names for running

51. Chafed and Lubed: For some reason, this just sounds dirty. You should probably use it for all adult groups, just in case.

52. It Hurts So Good: Does it really though?

53. Too Much Fiber: This explains why you are running so fast!

54. Run DMC: I love using the band name for a running team name.

55. Haul’n Arse: You certainly are!

56. Heart & Sole: It takes a lot of heart and soul to make your running goals.

57. Purple People Eaters: I feel like this team’s color should be purple.

58. Not Fast, Just Furious: This perfectly describes my running style.

59. It’s a Small World: The faster and longer you run, the smaller the world will become.

60. 2 Beauties & the Beast: This is a great name if you have two girls and one guy in your running group.

61. The Quick & the Dead: If you go out fast, “dead” is probably how you will feel.

62. Lucky Runners: I feel like this is a good name for a running team that is preparing for a St. Patrick’s Day marathon.

63. Get ‘er Run: Obviously, this is a play on the phrase, “Get her done.”

64. Chase Our Aces: Hopefully, not too much!

65. Blood, Sweat & Beers: You have to put up with the blood and sweat, but then you can get the beers!

66. Ironmen: If you are training for an Ironman, this is a great running team name to choose.

67. Shake, Rattle and Run: Skip the shake, rattle and roll by going with this name.

68. Last Minutes: The last minutes can make or break your race.

69. Move Thy Butt: This is one way to phrase it.

70. What the Hill?: Whenever I see a hill, this is certainly the biggest question on my mind.

71. Between Walk & Hard Pace: Sometimes, it feels like you are just stuck between a rock and a hard place.

72. Agony of De Feet: If you put up with the agony of de feet, you will never have to feel the agony of defeat.

73. Anything for Race Bling!: I have to be honest—when I do a running race, a part of me is only doing it for the shirt.

74. Stress Fracturers: This is probably not the most motivational name on the list.

75. Sole Train: Get on the soul train, everyone!

best team names for running

76. Dead on Arrival: While it is not the most motivational name, this certainly describes how I feel after a long marathon.

77. Girls Gone Wild: People will probably not realize that this is actually a running team name at first.

78. Whiskey Business: If you are in it for the whiskey at the end, go with this name.

79. Kardashsheruns: Get it? The Kardash-she-runs?

80. Sweaty Girls Rock: I like to say that I glow instead of sweat. The smell unfortunately remains the same.

81. South Shore 3-Some: You can obviously mix this name up by using your actual location.

82. Last Call: Last call for a major run! Any takers?

83. Nuclear Tumbleweeds: This is a cute team name.

84. Where’s the Finish?: This is another one of the running team names that perfectly describes how I feel when I run. In my first marathon, I forgot that it was 26.2 instead of 26 miles. For 0.2 miles, I thought my life was over.

85. Run TLC: This is a cute take on the band name.

86. Your Pace or Mine?: This is a variation on the phrase, “Your place or mine?”

87. The Run Arounds: This is a cute name.

88. The Trippers: Hopefully, you won’t trip too much.

89. Are We There Yet?: Another appropriate way to describe how I feel when I run.

90. Running Because We Can: This is probably the biggest reason why we run. Staying fit is great, but I run marathons to show that I can.

91. Forty ‘n Fit: This is a great team name for 40-somethings.

92. Pace Cadets: I love this team name since it is play on the name, “Space Cadets.”

93. Running Arizona: Obviously, you might have to change the state name to match your actual area.

94. Goodlife Angels: This is an okay name, but not the greatest.

95. Sisters With Blisters: I’d rather not.

96. Blaising Glory: This is a cute name.

97. Perfect Strangers: If you are just meeting people through meet-up or another site to run, this is probably a good name for your running team.

98. Pimp My Stride: This is one of the cleverest running team names on this list.

99. 2 Fast, 1 Furious: This is another name that works great for a group of three runners.

100. Scrambled Leggs: This is a cute variation on the dish, “scrambled eggs,” and it also describes how my legs feel after a long run.

run team names

101. Glow Girls: The old saying says women only glow, but men perspire. I guess I just glow a lot.

102. Plodders: This is for the runners who like to stick to a comfortable pace and just keep trucking.

103. I Thought This Was a 5k: This would be such an awful realization to have.

104. The Breakfast Club: This is for all of the before-breakfast runners out there.

105. Run Like the Winded: I love this team name.

106. Despicable Us: This is another cute running team name.

107. Running Rebels: If you feel like a rebel, go with this name.

108. Keep Calm & Cramp On: You can run through a cramp, although it is always better to not have running cramps in the first place.

109. Pavement: You could also change this into names like Feet on the Pavement.

110. Girls Just Wanna Have Run: I bet your group is the life of the party. 😉

111. Run…Runner…Runnest: This isn’t the best running team name on the list, but it works.

112. Stunner Runners: If you keep up with the running, you will look like a stunner before long!

113. Scrambled Legs: This is technically the proper spelling of the “Scrambled Leggs” option we included earlier.

114. O Van, Where Art Thou?: After a long run, this is exactly how I feel. Better yet, “Wheelchair, where art thou?”

115. S.W.A.T.T. – Sprinters, Walkers and Trash Talkers: I think that I am a little of all three.

116. I-b-pro-fun: You can be pro-fun, but you also might need ibuprofen after a decent run.

117. Team Spanks: If you got to have those spanks, go with this team name.

118. Beer Runners: This is another one of the running team names that motivates you with the idea of alcohol at the end of the run.

119. Run But You Can’t Hide: True enough.

120. Worst Pace Scenario: This is one of the running team names that probably sums up my running style.


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