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Sagittarius Woman in Love


Represented by the Archer, Sagittarius is ruled by the House of Philosophy. The Sagittarius woman is naturally curious about the world around her and is intensely inquisitive. She wants to explore every aspect of a problem, a person or anything else she encounters. Because of this, she loves talking and listening to people. If you have some new knowledge to impart, she will patiently listen to every aspect of the topic. Her interests range from sexual preferences to philosophy to religion. Nothing is too boring or unusual for her to learn about. This is the type of woman who wants to find answers and learn more about the world.

how to understand a Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman in love is known for being exceptionally charming. She wants to enjoy every experience that comes her way and go on adventures. She is quite independent and is more than happy to do things alone if she cannot get someone else to join her. Because of her desire for the truth, she is extremely candid. She is quite open-minded to new ideas as long as those ideas are based on facts and the truth. She likes to be intellectually stimulated and will not hang around for a partner who has no interest in learning.

She does not like schedules or routine things in any way. The Sagittarius woman likes her flexibility and independence. If you tell her what to do and when, she will naturally want to rebel. This is a lady who likes to see where each day leads her. She hopes that each day will bring new adventures and unusual knowledge. She is confident and optimistic, so she does not need a relationship to feel completed.

The Sagittarius Woman in Love

The Sagittarius woman is always seeking out answers to the mysteries of the world. Since love is one of the greatest mysteries, she actively pursues it and looks for the hidden treasure in every relationship. When she decides to settle down, she is looking for a partner who is her physical and mental equal. If you can explain the mysteries of love and life, you will be especially enticing to her. At the same time, the Sagittarius woman also has a fear of intimacy, so it can take her time to commit. Because of this, many of her relationships start out as just friendship.

Once she is in a relationship, she will always play by the rules. She wants to keep her independence because she needs her freedom to be happy. One she does fall in love, she is wildly passionate. Communication and deep conversations can pique her interest when she starts to fall for you. She wants human contact and someone who can impart interesting information or new wisdom. Ultimately, the Sagittarius woman is searching for the perfect mate who will give meaning and purpose to her life. Because of this, she cannot be happy dating just anyone.

The Sagittarius Woman in Relationships

While she is independent, the Sagittarius woman also craves companionship. She wants more than just a lover; she also wants a best friend who will share her thirst for adventure and knowledge. When she is in a relationship, she is quite spirited and adventurous. Don’t be surprised if she brings you along for an amazing journey or adventure. She wants to learn about new things and tends to be quite well-read. Because of this, you will definitely have some work ahead of you in reading up on all the information and philosophies that she cares so much about. Once she is in a relationship, the Sagittarius woman is a very devoted and loyal partner.

Ultimately, relationships are extremely important to the Sagittarius woman. She is rather naive in her belief that all people are good. Even if she has been shown otherwise, she will keep working until everyone around her is happy. This can make her seem pushy or too idealistic at times, which can be a problem. You really have to explain to her why a problem happened before she can understand what was going on.

If your goal was to get your Sagittarius woman to change, you might as well give up. She will continue to naively believe in people forever. It takes many, many disappointments before she learns to judge people better and become less naive. Unfortunately, this will not make her any happier. Learning that some people are truly bad will only depress her and ruin her optimistic outlook on life. Her goal is to find the best in everyone, including you.

If you want to keep your Sagittarius woman happy, make sure to take her on plenty of adventures. She will not like to be stuck doing the same thing every single day. If there is no excitement in her life, she will quickly become bored. Even if she starts a family and settles down, she still needs to have some adventures and will remain active. Her goal is to make everyone happy, so she will readily pitch in around the house or serve as an impromptu diplomat. While she might be a little pushy with her opinions at times, she is charmingly otpimistic. She has an immense capability for making the world a better place, but you have to give her the freedom to do so. Don’t crush her idealism because it will only make her hurt and less trusting in you.

The Sagittarius Woman in the Bedroom

Get ready for a fiery hot night in the bedroom! This fire sign approaches sex from a purely physical point of view. It is not an emotional game or a practical matter. This confident woman is sensual and has a wild sign when she is in the bedroom. She is willing to try a number of things, so she works best wit ha partner who is creative, artistic and open to new ideas. If you are intelligent, bold and open-minded, you can expect an enjoyable night together.

While she might be sensual and confident, this is not a woman who can striptease without tripping. She might not be graceful, but this does not stop her from being immensely attractive. Her little missteps and clumsy actions are incredibly endearing and only increase her attractiveness. She is generally not self-conscious about any of these things and is more than happy to laugh them off with you.

As for partners, don’t bother with a Sagittarius woman if you are insecure. She does not understand why someone would not be confident. If you think she is too naive or immature, move on. She needs someone who accepts her as she is and is willing to enjoy a fun, exciting time in the bedroom without trying to judge her.

Can You Trust a Sagittarius Woman in Love?

A Sagittarius woman falls in love easily, so it is fairly common to see a Sagittarius lady who loves more than one person at once. At the same time, she is not deceptive in the slightest. She is a terrible liar, and she will readily tell you if she is dating someone else when you first meet. Once she does decide to become exclusive with you, you can generally trust her to be a loyal, committed partner. If she does cheat or commit some infidelity, you just have to ask her about it. Even if she tries to lie, you can easily read the deception on her face.


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