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Sample of Scholarship Recommendation Letter



Recommendation Letter

Employers will often be asked, by a former employee, to compose a letter of reference. If your answer is positive towards the request of a recommendation letter and agreed, you may want to make sure it is personalized for the candidate.

Perhaps an individual is just trying to strength his or her education. However, some of the most competitive schools require more than resumes, grades or test scores. Schools also want to acknowledge how well specific people discourse about the applicant’s ethic, intelligence, experience and personality.

It can be difficult to start a recommendation letter just by thinking on the individual who asked for it, and if you are new at this, it will be the first thing we do when it comes to write the letter down. As you gain experience on practicing the performance of such task, you will learn that letters of recommendation are very persuasive to the graduate admissions committee when they review the application of, let’s say, your employee. The letters will give the committee an outside perspective on the applicant’s abilities, strengths and most important: Accomplishments that are not easily noticed.  Here below you will find samples for recommendation letters you can write for a co-worker, employee, or even personal contact.

Be sure to formulate the letter with short, specific and explicit paragraphs.


Recommendation Letter for a Co-worker or Employee

At the moment you receive an e-mail from one of your former employees and when you check the subject line with the legend: Recommendation. Yes, direct hit and combo of course. You instantly know that the person is asking for a recommendation letter, then you smile because she or he has entrusted you with such task. But then you think on your schedule and it becomes one more recipient in your to-do list.

What if you hate writing? It becomes annoying as you acknowledge the challenges that bring to you. But, if you immerse in the task, you will encounter you are equipped with justice, personal statements and you also will manage to craft some epic lines. Feel free to use the following example and remain positive:



[ ] Insert.


Company Logo Here


Name and Position

Company Name

Street Address

City, State zip


[Greetings] or Dear [Mr./Ms./Miss/Mrs. Dr., or else] [Last Name]:

I am writing this letter to express my support [applicant’s name] in (his, her) application towards [name of scholarship program] opportunity that your [name of school or scholarship program] is presenting on behalf of society. I have worked with [applicant’s name] at [company name] for the last [number of months or years].

It is an honor to be working with [applicant’s name] and I am happy to be able to bring forth this recommendation. I possess great respect towards (him, her) as an individual and as a professional and am truly confident that (he, she) is worthy of this award. [Add descriptive sentence with positive statements about the person’s performance at work as appropriate and relevant towards the scholarship application with specific examples].

In addition of containing firsthand knowledge of [applicant’s name]’s work ethic, skills and abilities, I am also familiar with (his, her) education and career goals, and know just how much receiving this scholarship means to (him, her). Obtaining this scholarship will provide with such important financial support allowing (him, her) to obtain the additional knowledge and education necessaries to earn (his, her) college degree.

I am confident that you will be just as impressed with [applicant’s name] as I am, and I urge you to consider (him, her) for this award. I encourage you to contact me if I can provide with any additional information. You may reach me at [phone number] or [E-mail address].


Yours Respectfully,

[Your full name].



It is good to think on the job description; due to it is one of the important things in this case. But also remember that the letter has to express valuable information mixed and related to the participant’s capacities and necessities. It is imperative to be polite and explicit, to avoid delays for both the reader and the requester. Be sure to collect information such as, to which it may the letter concern, from the employee or co-worker to fulfill the document.


Scholarships Recommendation Example for Current and/or Former Student

Top graduate programs will commonly ask candidates to show up with at least 3 letters of recommendations with the entire odyssey from their application. Graduate programs would like to hear the beautiful echo of the participant’s credentials and abilities. A sound given by how well the professors, past and present employers, and other academic faculty speaks about them.

The person who asked the letter must really trust in your capabilities. You could be his/her professor, employer or any other individual who has the faculty and authority to talk and discuss about the requester’s main phase. This means he or she possess professional admiration for you.

If you are the one looking for a recommendation letter, do not ask any entity with whom you did not develop a serious relationship. Make sure to entrust this task to someone known for at least 6 months and forward.

Keep in mind that when creating such letter your credentials will show up as you represent, in an indirect way, the participant from whom the letter is about. It is a path of the hostile world of the professional environment companies have created. To initialize composing such letter, you would want to know what the requester’s educational intentions are, the program he or she is applying for and any other resourceful information. Remember that is imperative to share knowledge and to let it spread around the world as it is. The youth is the future of society itself, the future is for them.

Feel free to use the example bellow to manifest how awesome that person will become as you request for his future:



[ ] Insert

School logo


Name and position

Company Name

Street Address

City, State Zip


[Greetings] or Dear [Mr./Ms./Miss/Mrs. Dr., or else] [Last Name]:

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend [applicant’s name] for the [scholarship program name] Scholarship with your [name of school or scholarship program]. I was (her, his) [class name or proximity] teacher and I admit I have known (her, him) for [number of months or years].

As a student, [applicant’s name] demonstrated passion for learning and a level of outstanding commitment to succeed in college and beyond. As an instructor, I am honored to be able to provide this recommendation for such deserving apprentice. I hold great respect for (her, him) and strongly believe that (she, he) is a deserving candidate that you will be proud to acquire within your [school or entity].

[Describe a few positive, descriptive sentences about the applicant’s performance in school, personality, character, extracurricular activities with specific examples according the main purpose]. As (her, his) mentor I know his academic commitment, I am also familiar with (her, his) educational achievements, as well as the challenges (she, he) will encounter as funding college tuition. I cannot think of anyone more deserving and I hold most dear in supporting (her, his) application.

I am positive that you will be just as astonished with [applicant’s name] as I am. As an instructor committed to helping deserving students raise, I bravely encourage you to consider (her, him) for this scholarship. Please do contact me if you need any information. You may reach me at [phone number] or [E-mail address],


Sincerely Yours



It might be a simple example, but once you fill the adequate information you will see the finest structure. A letter that would make your apprentice loved and immediately accepted. Remember that this is just an example and it is object to make some personal arrangement according to the knowledge and ideas you would want to add to improve such task. I encourage you to make it better and add some creativity to it but, please do remember to maintain always polite and professional as possible.

If your recommendation is looking negative as you realize how the individual has presented towards you, it is better to let them know that you have some incognita that could lead you to fail the task (the recommendation letter creation), therefore it will save time for both to communicate if you do not consider the idea to perform the ultimate goal.

A template like the one above should definitely get you on the right path, be honest and complimentary, and remember that the usage of righteousness is always welcoming. Personalize every word to ensure your apprentice future!


Personal Contact Scholarship Recommendation Letter

For this instance you have agreed to write a letter recommending an individual for a scholarship. Acknowledge that you just have agreed to a great responsibility and I am proud for this. To help others is a great challenge, it is difficult and most of the times, it is impossible. The task of writing a letter can be overwhelming, and it seems difficult to even get started.

Probably a friend asked you to make this letter, or someone who is personally related to you. The best thing is to write the right letters for them, describing the nature and length of the relationship you hold with the applicant and also make sure to provide great information from his or her character according to the scholarship. Any information not related to the scholarship, will be a loss of time.

You are not writing a biography, you are quest to create a letter with specific and explicit information that will ultimately grant the applicant with the acceptance of the specific entity. What you want is for your loved one to be accepted; therefore you will want maintain this frame. The content of this letter can be written without technical words, but has to remain polite.



Your name

Your address

City, State, Zip



Your name and hierarchy position

Company name

Street Address

City, State Zip


[Greetings] or Dear [Mr./Ms./Miss/Mrs. Dr., or else] [Last Name]:

Please recognize this letter as a formal letter or recommendation in support of [applicant’s name]’s application for the [scholarship name] program offered by your [school’s name or entity]. I have known (him, her) for the last [number of months and years] and strongly state that (he, she) is a deserving candidate that will make you proud to possess as an example of your ideal scholarship winner.

[Insert a brief and explicit statement of how you know the applicant as you describe your relationship in a positive and professional manner] During the time I have known [applicant’s name], it has become apparent to me that (he, she) is a great example of a good citizen who is committed to academics, as well as to rising in (his, her) professional life, while also helping others.

I wisely respect (him, her) and am proud to be providing this letter of recommendation for the scholarship program you represent. Please do let me know if you have any question or if you wish to speak with me in a more detail about why [applicant’s name] deserves consideration for this award. Feel free to call me at [phone number] or contact me via E-mail at [E-mail address].


Yours Truly,


[Your full name]



You have to take advantage of the letters due to it is a direct contact with someone who offers great opportunities. In this case, if you are someone that has receive the incredible task of performing a recommendation letter to a friend or any other individual, you should feel proud of that person who entrust you with such task.

It is imperative to tell the truth, and to make a compilation of information before you even start writing. Like this, your words will be identifying as the applicant develops in the interview. This letters are such of great help, and feel free to use any of the examples above to perform the task.

Remember that it will depend on the relationship you hold with the individual. Be polite, respectful and use justice and creativity as you adorn any of the letters with your own personal thoughts.


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