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100 Meaningful Sanskrit Names for Your Baby Girl


Sanskrit is the primary language of Hinduism and the literary and common language of ancient India and Nepal. While it may no longer be the lingua franca of India and its neighboring countries, many Sanskrit names still survive today.

Many of the Hindu gods and goddesses have Sanskrit names, and this is a primary influence in names for baby girls. Most Hindu deities take on many different forms, and thus have many different names. You’ll see below how some of the names of Hindu gods and goddesses have become popular names for girls. Of course, since some of these deities have a destructive side and a more nurturing side, it’s more common for girls to be given the more positive and motherly names.

Some of the names below are also inspired by nature. You’ll see names about the moon, the sky, the sea, and a handful of names about the sun. You’ll also find names about positive attributes like friendliness, beauty, and wisdom. There is also a common trend with names that means “wish,” which may be given to a daughter parents have longed for.

Check out these beautiful Sanskrit names below and pick out one that you think is suitable for your baby girl.

Aarunya means “first rays of the sun.” This is proof of how important the sun is to Hindu culture.

Abha means “brightness”

Abhitha means “fearless” or “Goddess Pravati”

Aditi means “universal,” definitely a great name for a baby girl whom you want to become worldly wise.

Aishwarya means “rich and prosperous.” A popular bearer of this name is actress and Miss World winner, Aishwarya Rai.

Alisa means “protected by God”

Amala means “purest one.” This is a popular name in South India and Sri Lanka.

Amita means “endless.” It’s the female version of the name Amit.

Ammanya means “wishes.” This is the perfect name for a baby girl whom you have longed for so long.

Amodini means “happy girl.” It’s a great name for a child upon whom you want to bestow happiness.

Anila means “breeze.” It’s a great name for a daughter whom you want to be close to nature.

Anjali means “gift” or “offering”

Anoma means “illustrious.” A suitable name for a girl who will be pursuing an illustrious career.

Anuja means “younger sister”

Anvitha means “one who bridges the gap,” “rays of light,” or “the Goddess Durga”

Apeksha means “expectation.” If you’ve been expecting a baby girl for a while, this is the perfect name.

Asha means “desire” or “hope”

Asmi means “I am.” It’s a suitable name for a girl who can assert herself.

Athulya means “incomparable”

Bala means “little one”

Bhama means “filled with brightness and sunshine.” If your baby is your little ray of sunshine, this is the name for her.

Bhumi means “earth, soil.” A suitable name for a girl who is in touch with nature and reality.

Bodhi means “one who has attained enlightenment and supreme knowledge.” It’s a name for both boys and girls.

Bodhita means “enlightened one”

Chakrika is one of the many names of the Goddess Lakshmi. She is the goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

Chandana means “sandalwood”

Chandrabha means “light of the moon”

Charusheela means “beautiful character and personality.” This is the name for a baby girl who is beautiful inside and out.

Chetana means “full of spirit.” This is a very popular Sanskrit name for girls.

Chitrangada is the name of one of the wives of the god Arjun. A famous bearer of this name is Chitraganda Singh, an Indian film actress.

Dakini means “walk in the sky”

Darsatha means “visible”

Darshana means “to see and behold”

Deepkala means “evening time.” An appropriate name for a baby girl born in the evening.

Devanshi means “divine”

Devi is the name of the Great Goddess. She has many guises such as the mother of the universe, the destroyer of evil, and the creation of new worlds.

Dharithri means “earth”

Dhuni means “river.” This may be a good name for a baby girl born near a river or to a family whose livelihood is centered around water.

Dishitha means “focus”

Divija means “one destined to do great things”

Drisana means “daughter of the sun.” Yet another name that highlights the importance of the sun in Hinduism.

Durga means “the inaccessible” or “the invincible.” She is the most popular incarnation of the Goddess Devi and one of the main forms taken on by the Goddess Shakti.

Dyuthi means “one who is as bright as the light.” This name isn’t very common, so if you choose this name for your baby girl, she will be unique.

Ekaparnika is one of the names of the Goddess Durga. Durga is the warrior goddess who combats evil and demonic forces.

Ekathva means “oneness.” One of the most striking tenets of Hinduism is to be one with the cosmos.

Elakshi means “woman with bright eyes.” This is a great name for a baby girl with beautiful eyes.

Erisha means “speech”

Gomeda means “one who is like a gem”

Gunanidhi means “stockpile of good qualities.” Can’t agree on a name that bestows good qualities upon your baby? This is the name for you!

Gunjitha means “humming of the bees.” This a name that’s close to the Goddess Bhramari, the goddess of the bees.

Hemakshi means “golden eyes”

Hiranya means “gold”

Hritika means “truthful”

Ila means “woman from earth.” This is a good name to choose if you want your daughter to be grounded in simplicity.

Indira means “splendid” or “beautiful.” A famous bearer of this name is Indira Gandhi, who was once the prime minister of India.

Indu means “light” or “moon.” You may want to pick this name for a baby girl born in the evening or one who is the light of your lives.

Kali is a Hindu goddess known to be the destroyer of evil forces. She is also worshipped as the Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, and Adi Shakti (the cosmic energy of the universe).

Kalpana The name is dated but is still beautiful. Kalpana means ‘imagination’.

Kamini means “desirable”

Kantha means “gorgeous.” It’s for a baby girl who’s not simply pretty, but breathtaking!

Kanthi means “light” and “lovely”

Karvi means “shining”

Kashi means “radiant.” This is a great name for a baby girl who brings light into your lives.

Kimaya means “divine”

Kirtida means “giving fame.” If you want your daughter to one day be famous, this is the name for her.

Kusumina means “flowered.” Perhaps you want to pick out this name for a blooming baby girl.

Lakshmi is the name of the goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. She is the wife of Vishnu, one of the principal deities of Hinduism.

Lalita means “playful and charming”

Lavanthika is another word for the raga instrument. The raga is a central feature of classical Indian music, and this would be a great name for a daughter whom you want to become musical one day.

Lavanya means “gracefulness”

Lavi means “lion.” If you want a daughter who’s as fierce as Kali but is also a graceful leader, this is the name to pick.

Madhavi means “born in springtime”

Madhuri means “sweet.” A famous bearer of this name is the actress Madhuri Dixit.

Malini means “aromatic”

Manisha means “wise”

Manishitha means “wish.” Give this name to your daughter to let her know that you have wished for her.

Mitali means “friendly”

Mohini is the only female avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu. She is known as an enchantress who can seduce lovers to their doom. This is a great name for a femme fatale!

Mridula Mridula is a popular name. It means ‘gentle’. Let your little one be a gentle yet strong soul. The world needs a few such people!

Myra means “sweet.” This name rolls off the tongue in many Western cultures, so it can assimilate well if you don’t want a name that’s too hard for them to pronounce.

Nalika means “lotus.” It’s a prevalent symbol in Hindu culture and is seen as a representation of divine beauty and purity.

Nandini means “delightful” or “pleasing”

Nandita means “cheerful” or “happy.” It’s a very popular name in Hindu cultures.

Neela means “sapphire blue”

Nehal means “beautiful.” Names of beauty are rife in all cultures, so why not pick this one from the Sanskrit language?

Nirmuktha means “free from bondage.” This is a great name for a woman who is free to do as she pleases.

Nisha means “night.” Perhaps a daughter born in the evening would like this name.

Nitya means “perpetual”

Pakhi means “bird.” This is a great name for a daughter who is free to soar the heavens.

Priya means “beloved.” This a name that’s often given to girls born in August.

Raaina means “beautiful princess.” If you want a Sanskrit name that’s fit for royalty, Raaina is the name for you.

Raga is the name of a traditional Indian instrument that has a very distinct sound.

Rohati means “to grow”

Sachi is the name of the goddess of wrath and jealousy. She also goes by the name Indrani. She is described in Hindu epics as The Endless Beauty.

Shuchi means “pure”

Thitiksha means “tolerance”

Trisha means “wish.” It also has a Western ring to it, as it’s often a nickname for Patricia.

Utkarsha means “energetic.” It’s a very traditional name, but that just makes it all the more melodic.

Vela means “shore” or “coast.” A great name if your family is from the coast.

Venya means “wished for”


Which of these Sanskrit names do you like the most? Share your thoughts with us below!


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