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They are essential to the majority of students who wants to graduate with a college degree, and it is important that you acknowledge that scholarships are vital to your post collage goals. They become instruments of encouragements towards education and research for the candidates interested on technical expertise. With scholarships, students will encourage to think on future studies, allowing them to always maintain their minds updated.

If you aim for a higher education, a scholarship will help you to enter without dependency of student loan. They are also a way to attract students from other countries.

Now you are planning to apply for such thing, then you will need to submit an essay along with the resume and all of the requirements that follows. Research is good; it is a way to improve your ideas and will ultimately let you meet the achievements you are looking for. As you continue reading you will find some ideas that can be of a help towards your ultimate essay.


There are many options out there of scholarships programs, each with their own specifications. The most common are academic scholarships and professional association ones.

Read the following example to perform a academic scholarship essay on your own.

Need-Based Scholarship

Many colleges and different organizations would often award scholarships to students who performed an outstanding academic achievement and in the other hand; the same students will maintain a financial need. Therefore, the letters written for this purpose, should emphasize outstanding academic accomplishments (terms of grade), followed by the financial need, as well as some extracurricular activities and community enrollment.

Here is the example. Make sure to customize the following example in accordance of the achievements you want to meet.



[ ] Insert

[Full name]


City, State, Zip



Scholarship Committee:

[Logical structure on why you wish to apply] Since a very young age, I have understood the great value education represents for me, and to society itself. My beloved parents had no opportunity to even visit college, and faced many struggles in their personal and professional lives because of this. My parents made a commitment, before I was borne, to do everything within their power to encourage me the love of learning and to acknowledge hard work and dedication.

Their love and sacrifices over the years had made me able to devote my time and energy to academic accomplishments, on which I hold most dear, even though money is not always present. I possess a 3.9 grade value average in my senior year at [High School], and been named Salutatorian of my graduating class. I have work as a science tutor along my high school years as a way to contribute with my family’s budget and to successfully focus on my own studies.

 [Your extracurricular activities] I have also been active for my school and community outside of the classroom, serving on the [activity] as a [Position] for [years of attendance], and volunteering at a local [organization].

The many sacrifices my parents made have allowed me to focus on education throughout primary and secondary school. I now possess a chance to become the first member of my family to attend college, though I am in need of financial support to realize what has been a long-term achievement to meet.

If selected for [scholarship program] I will continue to apply the same effort to my collegiate studies as I have to this point, in addition of maintaining education and service to others my top priority. It is of my dearest wish to represent your organization at my finest during my years in collage and forward.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


[Name and position]



Remember to add your own ideas and customize the letter in accordance of the glory you want to obtain.

When Writing an Essay

It is imperative to admit and remember the following: Do not plagiarize sample essays when reading through an example, take them as guidance towards your ultimate letter only. It does not matter if a friend gave it to you, but you do not copy any essays to use them as your own. You have to add the specific details within your letter not to imitate other’s styles.

As you write your letter you must display your personality, the letter has to reflect that the strength of your scholarship application is the certainty that it comes from you. What if they need you? And instead you are copying someone else’s? Dishonesty will only bring despair. But if you hope, answers will come.

Do not worry, your personality and individuality will help you to get the letter you need.

Feel free to use any available sample essays as you brainstorm to make the letter sound professional for your own goal. Try to compile a list of words that refers towards the educational environment concepts. Instead of connections, try to use persuasive writing to generate the ideas that follows your life.

Professional Approach

Professional associations frequently help with scholarship funds to provide educational expenses in support to people preparing for their careers in the field they represent. If you are trying to make a perfect letter, you might want to think on that for this type of programs, a letter should manifest a commitment to success in the profession with some examples to demonstrate, as well as information on how the funds will benefit the applicant, the case might be, you.

Here is a sample letter you can use to achieve the goal you want. Remember to formulate the letter with your personality and your own ideas to adequate the letter towards the achievements you want to meet.

Remember that you represent someone who is engaged in a specific activity and that you are paid mainly for that occupation, letting people to know that it is not a matter of a pastime.



[ ] Insert

[Applicant name]


City, State, Zip



Scholarship Committee:

As a college student at [University name], I am blessed to have the opportunity to apply for the magnificent program of [program name]. It is of my commitment and I also hold most dear to pursue a career as a professional [Profession you seek] and, as you are able to see from my transcript, am moving further towards earning a degree in this field with a stunning grade point average.

I am involved in a number of campus and community activities such as the [extracurricular activities] and [other extracurricular activities] In addition to focusing on my studies full-time, and also have volunteered within [Organization, activity] during school breaks. I currently hold a part-time job as a [position, place], Infrastructure that grants me with the opportunity to adopt valuable skills that will help me in my [career] as I earn money to support my education.

I am aware and conscious that a college education is quiet expensive, but it is an investment that is certainly worthy. I receive a partial scholarship from [university] as an incoming freshman, but the rest of the educational expenses are pay with the student loans and the money that I earn from my job. I admit that receiving this scholarship will assure me the progress towards my degree in preparation for a career as [the career you seek for].

I am deeply grateful and truly appreciate your consideration. Please know that the [program] will perform a significant positive impact on my ability to assist in school and will be embraced bravely. I look forward to become an active member of the [organization] once culminating my collage studies and ultimately work in the field. I can assure you to hold my dedication and professionalism to be proud and countable within your ranks.


[Your name and position]



The above documentation is there to serve as an example that may be appropriate for some programs. Remember to focus on the achievement you want to meet and ad your own scriptures and events to ultimately present your own being within letters.


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