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Scorpio Man in Love


A Scorpio man in love can be confusing at first. He has a detached, unemotional personality, so it is not always easy to tell when he is in love. In life, he has an intense desire to succeed. While he is mysterious at times, this fascinating sign is also known for being determined, loyal and eager. This is the type of guy who makes for a faithful partner if you can learn to understand him.

how to understand a Scorpio man

The Scorpio man is an extremely intense person. He has a passionate inner life, but you won’t know this by just talking to him. While he always seems to ask questions, he can seem disinterested at times. He appears to be bored, but that is only because his mind is focused on something else. In life, he has a strong need for success and involvement.

The Type of Woman a Scorpio Man in Love Needs

Good looks are great, but a Scorpio will not date someone for just their pretty face. He sees through any fake exterior and will not be swayed by make up. Instead, he wants a confident woman who is breathtakingly gorgeous. He ideally wants to find a woman who is respectable and has a stable career. She needs to have a positive attitude and feel confident when surrounded by a crowd. While he wants a stable woman, he also needs someone who is somewhat adventurous. He does have an intense, possessive nature at times, so he needs a woman who will be honest with him. If you play games or try to manipulate him, he will not respond positively to it.

A Scorpio Man in a Relationship

Some people say that the Scorpio man will just jump into bed with any attractive woman. In reality, good looks are not enough to get him to commit to you. He needs to be intrigued by you and interested in your personality. If your personality has multiple layers, all the better. He will stay interested for months or years as he investigates the depths of your personality and learns everything about you.

In addition, the Scorpio man in love also needs someone who is special and interesting. When he finds a woman who fits this description, he will stick with her forever. He will do anything for you. Anything, that is, except reveal his true emotions. He tends to act tough and rugged in front of other people. Even when he is alone with his partner, he has a hard time revealing his emotional nature. This is ironic because he has an intense emotional side to his personality. At times, he can even be controlling and possessive. He does not want to play games or manipulate you. His possessiveness just happens because he realizes how much he cares for you and will do anything to keep you.

Some men are intimidated by classy, confident women. The Scorpio man does not care. You can have a better house or make more money than him. Not only will this not bother him, it will actually make you more appealing. He wants a woman who is completely capable of taking care of herself. If you are just as happy and capable alone as in a relationship, he will find it extremely attractive. He loves to date highly successful women. If you are classy, successful and confident, then this is the guy to date. He will not be jealous of your professional or financial success.

If you can get a Scorpio to open up about his emotions, he will discuss them calmly. He is not going to be swayed by the heat of the moment if you have to talk about a problem. He can discuss real issues without getting upset or offended. To him, it is more important to calmly work through a problem together. Once he is in a relationship, he is in it for the long haul. If he has decided that you are the woman for him, he will do anything to keep you.

The Downsides of the Scorpio Man

While there are certainly some benefits to dating a Scorpio man, there can be some drawbacks as well. Like any other sign, there are some flaws associated with the Scorpio. One of the most obvious problems is his possessive nature. He can be a bit controlling when he is in a relationship. If you give him any reason to be jealous, his green-eyed monster will come out right away. He expects his partner to be completely loyal, and he will be unhappy if you do not fulfill this need. He is not trying to be controlling, but it happens. He is very passionate about you and wants all of your attentions to himself. If you can avoid doing things that cause him to be jealous, then this flaw dies down to just an intense passion.

Another flaw that people see with the Scorpio man is his moodiness. In one moment, he is alive with fiery passion. A minute later, it seems like he is bored or disinterested. This happens, in part, because he hates to be seen as weak. He does not want anyone to see his passionate, sensitive nature. At heart, he is quite romantic. If you can put up with his mood swings, you will get to see his loving, sensitive side before long.

This driven man wants to find his dream wife. When he finds you, he will do anything to keep you. This can lead to possessiveness, but it can also lead to complete loyalty and his devoted attentions. If you can figure out how to deal with his mood swings and controlling attitude, then you can enjoy being treated like a princess by a man who would move heaven and earth to make you happy.

The Scorpio Man in the Bedroom

As you may have expected, the Scorpio can be quite enjoyable in the bedroom. He has a mysterious, persuasive nature that really comes out during lovemaking. Around other people, he appears to be unemotional and calm. Once he is alone, he lets his passionate nature and neediness out. His mysteriousness can be quite seductive. Because of this, many women are quite attracted to the Scorpio and his attitude in the bedroom only increases their attraction.

If you are looking for stable, safe sex, then don’t bother sleeping with the Scorpio man. This is a sign that is known for having a fairly wild sex life. He might not want to show his emotions to other people, but he is more than happy to show off his passionate and lust for adventure. This tendency is only topped by his over-the-top sex drive. He will do anything you want in the bedroom once, and more if he actually likes it. He is not the type of man who chooses missionary position every night. Instead, he is looking to explore all aspects of sex. Because of this, the Scorpio man needs a woman who is sexually adventurous. You have to be able to keep up with all of his crazy antics. In the bedroom, he is passionate, loving and adventurous. At the same time, he wants to please you as much as he can.

All of this adds up to a great night in bed. If you are with a Scorpio, you can expect a wild, adventurous experience as long as you are willing to keep an open mind.


  1. Hello. I enjoyed reading your article. My birth sign is Cancer. I find the traits and characteristics of Scorpio attractive but I’m confused. Some of the websites I’ve visited say that the most compatible birth sign for Cancer is the Capricorn while others say it’s a Scorpio. Please clarify it for me : which birth sign is the perfect match for a Cancer?

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Signs are tricky, as there are many types of compatibility. The most important thing is to share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Respect and care for your partners. There are successful relationships between each of the signs. Have a great day, Lakeisha!


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