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9 Second Date Tips To Make The Great Romance


You might be here because you are wondering how to make your second date as special as you possibly can. Well you’ve come to the right place. A second date doesn’t have to be difficult by any means. It can be what creates a great romance between you and your new boo. All you have to do is follow the simple tips that we have laid out for you below and you’ll be rocking that second date like no other!

Pick Your Date Up

Sure, you can always opt to meet your date at the second date destination, but the more romantic thing to do is go with them together. Ride together. Pick your date up or have them pick you up. You could even hail a cab together. Then when the two of you are done with your date, ride home. This gives many more opportunities for some handholding, snuggles or even a kiss if you should be so lucky. It’s much better than just meeting there. That almost makes it feel as if it a set up blind date of some kind.

Riding together also leaves less room for being late.

Go Somewhere You Haven’t Before

And by that, we mean go somewhere that neither of you have gone to before. This makes the atmosphere feel so much more exciting. Also it means that the two of you can bond over making new memories with each other. Then you two can chat about what you thought of this new place and if you would ever go back there again or not.

This also makes the second date all that more exciting. Experiencing something new together is going to feel much more special than if the two of you were hitting up the same old spot.

There’s also a chance that if you go somewhere familiar, you are going somewhere one of you had brought previous dates. Which can kind of taint the whole thing.

Going somewhere new definitely guarantees a fresher perspective and makes it all the more romantic.

Bring A Surprise

Back in the day, it was customary to bring a gift to the person that you were courting. Of course times have definitely changed since then. It was long ago, but that doesn’t mean that some things aren’t still nice to keep in practice. Bringing a small surprise for your date is going to feel extremely romantic to them and to you. You will also give the date a positive beginning. Bonus points if you bring something that they had mentioned on date number one! That means that you were truly listening to them. They will certainly take note of that. It may even be the reason that you get that third date! Who knows?!

Flatter Them Endlessly

Nothing makes for a more memorable time than by making your date feel good throughout the night. This means constant compliments and flattering them to no end! However, you might want to do it at a steady pace. You don’t want to come on too strong and seem creepy. Keep the compliments PG rated. So avoid discussing anything sexual. You don’t want to seem like a pervert. It’s only the second date for crying out loud! So keep it smooth and simple. Talk about non-physical attributes. You can mention their work and ask to see samples, then proceed to talk about how great it looks. You could discuss their mannerisms and how they are appealing. Just avoid saying anything too grotesque and they will surely be in for a night to remember!

Find An Excuse To Snuggle

This is another reason that you and your date should go to the date together. It means you will also have to leave together. This gives you an opening to find time to cuddle up with your date. Of course since it’s only the second date, cuddling is probably about as far as it goes. You might also want to plan your date so that you two are sitting close to one another. This way you can initiate some physical contact. You might try scheduling a date to the movies or something similar so the two of you can get cozy.

Get A Little Fancy

Just because you go somewhere casual doesn’t mean you can’t make it have a little pizazz. How do you do that? Easy. All you have to do is dress your best and act like a gentleman/lady and all shall prevail. Even if you are just going to the movies, open up the door for your date or be considerate of what they want. This will definitely guarantee a third date in the near future. Why? Because your date is going to appreciate and remember how special you tried to make their second date with you. Meaning they are probably going to wonder how the third date is going to go, if this one was so great!

Play 20 Questions

Ask all the questions that you possibly can on the second date. Of course that is what first dates are for, but continuing this on the second date will show your date that you are truly interested in getting to know them on a deeper level. It may be too soon to ask the super personal questions, so keep it as light as you can. But go ahead and ask about their childhood or their favorite subject in school. It also opens up a doorway for them to ask about you in return. By the third date you two will know enough about each other to hopefully start creating some physical intimacy. Your date will definitely appreciate your efforts and that is what will make the great romance.

Plan The Next Date

If you like your date and want to go for the third one, you might want to get them on board with planning the next one while you are still on the second one. This makes your date feel like you are really into them and you can’t wait to see them again. That’s very romantic to most people. Don’t put too much pressure on them, however, because that might come off as a little bit desperate. Make sure that they are on board with the date before you just go ahead and start planning it.

End It With A Kiss

And of course, at the very end of your second date, the most romantic thing that you can do is give your date a simple kiss. You will want to ensure that it is something they want, too, but usually the second date is exactly where the first kiss should be played out. No more than a kiss is recommended, though. Usually the third date is when you can try to get further with them if they are digging it. However, the second date is usually the most romantic because it is the one where you are actually getting to know one another. There’s usually some hand holding or cuddling, too. So now at the end, to make it the most romantic you can, plant a kiss on their lips. Hopefully it leaves them wanting more and gets them back to you for a third date.


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