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She Always Talks About Her Boyfriend


Let’s face it- People like to talk. They like to talk about their interests, their lives, themselves and ultimately the people they love. And normally that is all fine and dandy… Except when someone does not know when to shut up. Like when a girl you know never seems to stop talking about her boyfriend. She goes on and on. You swear she could yap about him until the end of time. That can be extremely frustrating. And every time that you hear her open her mouth to jabber on about him again you find yourself wondering, ‘Why? Why is she always talking about her boyfriend?

she keeps talking about her husband

You get it, she likes him or loves him or whatever it may be. But does she really need to talk about him that much?! The answer? Probably not. However, that is not going to stop her at this point!

We don’t know how to get her to quit doing it, but we sure do know some reasons as to why she might be letting the floodgates loose while talking about him.

Want to know what they are? Just keep scrolling down to find out!

The Reasons:

She Loves Him, DUH!

Well, you had to know this one, but we had to throw it on this list anyways in case you didn’t! Sometimes we like to talk about the people that are dear to our hearts… A lot. Sometimes too much. This could be the case if she is finding herself deeply in love or even infatuated with him. Generally this happens when two people first start seeing each other. Since it is so fresh, she’s feeling the excitement and the butterflies! It’s what we in the love business like to call “The Honeymoon Stage” and yes, it does wear off at some point. For most people, that is. Not for all. There is an unfortunate chance that she will always gab about him like this! But we can’t tell you for certain. She could be on her way to slowing down about it, but only time will tell.

He’s Extra Special To Her

She could be on the up and up about him at this moment because he has been making her feel super special. Does he buy her fancy things? Take her cool places? Tell her the stuff that she loves to hear? If so, why wouldn’t she want to talk about him all of the time? We sure would if our boyfriends were that cool to us. She could just be buzzing about something spectacular that he has recently done for her! Will it ever stop? We really can’t know for sure. When we are happy in our relationships we tend to think of our partners often. Therefore we tend to talk about them often, as well. This could be what is happening in her case and that is why she always talks about her boyfriend.

She Wants To Make You Jealous

This reason is a little more rare, but still a reason to consider. Do the two of you have a special connection? Are you or were you ever intimate with each other in a romantic fashion? Has she hinted that she has feelings for you at all? She could be always talking about her boyfriend to you, because she knows that it makes you jealous. And what makes it worse is if you let her see that it makes you jealous! This means that her tactic is working and she isn’t going to stop using it any time soon. If you two had previously dated, she could be talking about him simply to get a rise out of you. What should you do? Feign disinterest. Once she realizes that you are not bothered by it, she might stop doing it!

she keeps bringing up her boyfriend

She Wants You To Leave Her Alone

We might bring up our lovers to people that we don’t like. Why? Because we want them to stop chasing after us. So if she has caught wind of the fact that you have a crush on her, if you do anyways, she might want to mention her boyfriend to get you off of her case. This tends to be something that works most of the time in getting people to realize that we are not interested in them romantically. She will continue to spill her guts about him until she knows that you are no longer interested in her. We call this “Repelling” and it usually works. And if it doesn’t, we keep doing it until it does.

The Relationship Is Brand New

She could be all heart eyes for him at the moment because they just started seeing each other. She will eventually stop gushing about him when the relationship gains some age. But until it does, be prepared for lots of talking about this new interest in her life!


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