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She Doesn’t Answers My Calls Or Texts


What’s one of the worst feelings on the planet? Especially when it comes to the dating game? We have no doubt that the answer would be getting curved. Getting curved means that the person that you are trying to reach out to is blatantly blowing you off. This happens a lot and yes, it totally sucks. We know the feeling all too well. But why would someone be doing such a thing to you? What did you do wrong to deserve this? When she doesn’t answer your calls or texts it can be such a disappointment. Now you are just left wondering, ‘Why?

what to do if she doesn't text back

There are a few different reasons that this might be happening to you. And we know what they are. After doing some research, we have finally compiled a list of all the reasons we could find to explain why a girl isn’t answering your calls or texts. What are they? Keep reading and you will soon know!

The Reasons

She’s Just Busy

Sorry buddy, the world, especially hers, doesn’t revolve around you at this time. She might just be too caught up in life to have time to deal with someone hitting her line at the moment. People get busy. She might have a fully, action packed life to deal with. School, work, events, kids, etc. Whatever the reasoning may be she just does not have the time to fit you in right now. Sure, she might talk to you when she has the chance, but you are not her number one priority. This happens a lot with people that you have just started talking to. As in, you two have not known each other for that long at this point. She may just not think that it is super important to get back to you right now. She will at her earliest convenience. We suggest moving on if this is the case. She obviously isn’t that worried about you. So why be worried about her?

She Is Entertaining Someone Else

She might be avoiding your texts and calls at certain times of the day. If this is the case, she might be entertaining someone else’s company at these times. It might not be a boyfriend, but just someone else that she is interested in. She might be playing the field a little bit, but you are not important to get back to right now. Instead she is focusing on the other guy she is seeing. This is generally true when someone always avoids you at very specific times. You might notice a pattern forming when you try to call or text her at a certain time. Unfortunately, this is just how it can be when you are casually, not exclusively, dating someone. Until she decides who she wants to spend more time with, she is probably going to keep doing it.

She Has A Boyfriend

Or she might not just be entertaining someone, but she might actually be dating someone! Like in a more serious manner. This could definitely be a reason that a girl is always curving your texts and calls. She’s already taken! This is easily identifiable as the reason if she is showing other signs of suspicious behavior. Like only having time to talk during specific, set times. Never inviting you over to her place is another one. And always makings sure that when you two go out, you are never anywhere where anyone she knows can see you!

if she doesn't text back for days

She Simply Is Not Interested

So maybe you have been trying to get ahold of her for awhile. But every time you call her you get sent to voicemail. Or when you send a text/snap/DM she leaves you on read. These are  definite signs that she doesn’t like you at all. If you never find yourself talking to her, this is probably the reason why. If she liked you, she would at least make a little effort to talk to you. Even if it isn’t as often as you would like. However, if you find yourself always getting ignored, you should consider this reason to explain the problem. She just isn’t that into you, dude. Sorry.

She Doesn’t Like To Talk On The Phone

Are you always trying to call her? Yet she does not answer? However, she has no problem responding to a text. This could be because she just is not a fan of talking on the phone. This is common with today’s generation. Calling is a little bit outdated at this point. Or she could just really not have time to be on the phone. Whatever the reason, stick to texting her and see if it gives you a better line of communication!

She’s Mad At You

She might be blowing you off, because she is mad at you!
This happens all the time. When we are mad at someone, we tend to not want to talk with them until we are a little less mad.


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