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She is too Busy to Spend Time with Me


Getting busy with life happens. We all have places to be, things to do and people to see. However, when we become romantically involved with someone, we tend to make room in our busy schedules for them. So it might strike us as a little odd when the person we care so much for, stops making that special time for in their day for us. This can lead us to believe we are unimportant. That we are no longer worth their time. But sometimes we might not fully understand what’s really going on. Just because they can’t make all the time for us that we want, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to. You might not have been entirely forgotten. They could truly just be busy! But what are some other reason it might seem like she seems too busy to spend time with you? Let us fill you in below!

she is too busy for a relationship

The Reasons

She’s In School

my girlfriend is always busy with school

Let’s face it- Who isn’t super busy when they attend university? If you find out, please let us know. College kids have it rough. Most of them are trying to find time to do everything! From school to work to sleep. And trying to schedule hangouts during finals? Forget it. It might seem like she’s too busy to spend time with you and it’s probably true! But it is not because she does not want to. Education might just be more important to her. And in our opinion, there is nothing wrong with that at all. Try to be understanding of her schedule as she builds a future for herself!

She Has A Demanding Career

my girlfriend is always busy with school

So maybe she isn’t a college attendee. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a high profile career. People really get into work when they enjoy it especially! She might have a lot of projects to do or clients to tend to. Giving her less time to spend with you. When someone gets that busy with work, it can definitely put a strain on a relationship. However, it’s nothing a good talk and schedule coordination can fix. Find times when she is not so preoccupied. Maybe you were asking to hang out at all the wrong times all along!

She Splits Her Time Between A Lot Of People

Some people have a large circle of friends and family. Yes, there are people that are simply that extroverted. They spend their time with someone new every day! She might just be one of those people. This is common with people who have large families! So it isn’t that she is aiming to let you down by not spending time you, but that She doesn’t want to let down the other people in her either. There is no way she will want to give up her social life! So you will just have to lea4n how to adapt to her situation and schedule your hang outs in advance!

She Has A Passion

And sometimes she may just be hardcore into a passion! Music, art and even fitness are some things that might take up her time! Passions cannot be defeated! When someone is into something, they are into it! Meaning they hold great importance. A good way to deal with this? Get involved with her hobbies! Ask if you can tag along to the gym or come paint with her. She is going to be excited that you are taking interest in her interests. You may even learn something new and impress her!

You Aren’t A Priority

my girlfriend is busy what should i do

How serious is your relationship? Have you been dating long or are you even dating at all? The length of your time knowing each other could be crucial to discovering why she is too busy to spend time with you. You could just be in the premature part of your relationship where you aren’t a number one priority yet. She will not make more time for you until things get a little more serious.

She’s Seeing Someone Else

Speaking of not actually dating… It you aren’t committed there is a chance that you are not the only guy she is seeing. She might be casually dating you and someone else at the same time. This is possible if you are not exclusive with each other.

You’re Asking For Too Much

Is she not making time for you or do you just feel that way? Are you at least spending some time together? If so, you may be just asking for too much of her time. It’s important not to be too demanding. She might have a lot going on, but it is a good sign if she makes some time for you!

Your Schedules Conflict

You could be just trying to schedule things at the wrong time. That does not mean she wouldn’t love to grab dinner with you. But try to aim for a day she is not so busy!


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