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She Never Asks Me About Myself


So you have finally started talking to a cutie, huh? Someone you really feel like you can vibe with. You text her often and the conversation is going seemingly well. You keep asking her about herself, because you really want to get to know her better. Who knows, maybe this could be something more serious?! She makes you feel that way anyways! But there’s one tiny problem with this whole situation- She never seems to ask you about yourself.

she never asks about my day

This can make you, undoubtedly, feel uneasy about the situation. You have no problem asking her personal questions. This is, after all, how you get to know one another, right? And, let’s face it, you want to get to know her better. That’s your whole goal. However, she hasn’t taken in any interest in reciprocating this. Why? Why does she not want to get to know you on the same level? What’s the deal here? We totally get why you would be confused. And we absolutely understand that you are searching for answers. And who has those answers? We do! So keep reading to find out why a girl never asks you about yourself. For peace of mind, if anything.

The Reasons

She Doesn’t Care

Unfortunately, a lot of the time when you are talking with someone that you like and they do not ask you about yourself at all, it means that they don’t really care to know. This is sad, heartbreaking even, but it happens all the time. She might not have it in her to care about someone else at this time. Whether she is just busy for work or maybe she has a boyfriend that you don’t know about. She does not feel it is necessary to go out of her way to get to know you anymore than she already does. Sorry friend, but sometimes it’s just the way it is. Try prompting her with questions that will bait her into asking about you. Peak her curiosity. If that doesn’t help, then she probably really does not give a darn and it might be time to move on.

She’s Just Bored

Sometimes people will spend time talking and flirting with you just because they can. This usually means that they are using you to fill time where they are bored. This is very common when you are dealing with someone who doesn’t have any interest in commitment anytime soon. A.K.A players of the game! They are most likely talking to several guys, not just you, and they are probably the same with all of them. She just wants someone to talk to because she is not content at the moment or she is craving attention. She just needs someone to keep her mind busy. She may even fish for compliments from you.So, if you notice that she is doing that often then you might want to consider this as the reason. This is a sucky reason, but it’s one of the main ones that a girl would never ask you about yourself.

she rarely asks me questions

She Doesn’t Realize She’s Doing It

Or, there is a chance, that she might not even be aware that she isn’t asking you about yourself. Yes, we know, this is totally lame. But some people are just that oblivious. It could just be a character flaw of hers. She might think that she has been doing enough on her end, but she doesn’t realize that you don’t think so. Sometimes all a person needs is a little push in the right direction. You can always try to tell her information about yourself. Instead of waiting for her to ask! Telling her might give her the shove she needs to start asking you about yourself. If she doesn’t start to ask, even after you have given her something to bite on, then this probably isn’t the reason and you might want to consider another one.

She’s Self-Centered

Yes, sadly some people are just too caught up in themselves to ask others person information. She might only care about you asking her about herself. She likes the attention and could talk about herself all day long. She would rather discuss her life than yours. That is why she is talking to you in the first place. She likes that you have taken such a deep interest in her. That’s what keeps her talking to you. However, it is likely that she does not care about you nor does she want to get to know you any better. She has no intentions of letting things get too serious between the two of you.

She Only Cares About A Physical Relationship

Lastly, she may just not want to know you on a deeper level because she only has interest in a physical relationship with you. This happens a lot when a girl never asks you about yourself. She will go out of her way to actually avoid getting too close with each other. She is strictly on a booty call type of deal.


  1. Another reason: As a man, you present to her as high value. She feels a need to qualify herself to you, so she can seem worthy of your attention, time, and commitment. I’ve been with women that didn’t start asking about me until after sex and we’ve begun a relationship. In the beginning, it was all about her, qualifying herself to me, so I would accept her.

    • Your reason definitely makes sense. Someone may want to make the case about why you’d want to be with them or date them, which I’m sure is especially common if she is insecure about how good she is in comparison to who she is dating. Thanks for commenting!


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