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She Never Compliments Me


Getting compliments make us feel really good about ourselves. And when we start dating someone, or seeing them even casually, one of the things that draws us to the person is the way they make us feel about ourselves. Which should be generally good, right? Come on, who wants to date someone who makes us feel crappy or subpar about who we are? No one, if you ask us. However, sometimes you might find yourself intertwined with someone that just does not have a flattering bone in their body. They simply do not dish out compliments, even though they are more than willing to receive them. This can be difficult for the person that they are dating. When the girl you are dating never compliments you, what are you to do? Is this normal? And if it isn’t, how do we fix this problem? These are all great questions that we are sure you have. And thankfully we have the answers you may have been searching for! Want to know what they are? Just keep scrolling my friend and soon you will know exactly why she never compliments you!

my spouse never compliments me

The Reasons

Building your partner up by inducing strong self esteem is extremely vital to maintaining any healthy relationship. And just like it is important for you to build them up, it’s just as crucial for them to build you up. Relationships start to fail when you don’t feel like your partner believes in you or thinks highly of you. But why wouldn’t they? Why would they never compliment you? Well, we have a few different reasons that might be happening…

she never says anything nice

She Doesn’t Even Realize:

There is a strong chance that she does not even realize that she is not giving you compliments. This happens a lot with people who don’t dwell on things and have short attention spans. It isn’t that she doesn’t believe you’re great at this or that or that you aren’t special. It’s just she doesn’t remain on any subject long enough to comment on it. This is not her fault. It could be a characteristic she obtained when she was growing up. This would be more of an environmental factor if this was the reasoning behind why she never compliments you. She could think highly of you and think you are the best at whatever, but she just doesn’t think to say these types of things out loud. If you think this is the reason, the best course of action would be to just to talk to her about it! Don’t be afraid to let her know how you feel. If she truly cares for you, she won’t mind. You can mention that it is affecting your self confidence levels in a negative way.

You’re A Little Arrogant:

We don’t tend to like to think about ourselves in such a negative manner as to where we call ourselves arrogant. Many people with this trait do not even realize that they have it… That is all a part of being full of yourself. No one really likes to admit it, but if you are having issues with getting compliments out of her, you might want to consider that this could be the reason. Why would you being this way prevent her from complimenting you? Well, she probably thinks your confidence is sky high as it is. She doesn’t want the things that she says to go straight to your head. And therefore, you become ever more arrogant, because now you think you are even better. We know this isn’t something you want to hear, but if you are a strong personality who truly believes highly of themselves, please give this reason a thought. How to fix this? Don’t let things boost you up too much. Especially when you are in front of her. Try out being humble. And see if that helps get those compliments a’rolling.

my girlfriend never compliments me

She Only Gives What She Gets:

Now, if neither or those were the reasons, you can next try thinking of how often you compliment her. Why? Because if you are not consistently raising her self-esteem, she might not think that it is necessary to do the same for you. Although they say an eye for eye makes the world blind, it does not mean that she takes that phrase to heart. She might think that unless you are complimenting her often, she does not need to do the same with you. This one is a simple fix. Give complimenting her more frequently a try. See if that prompts her to participate in the same behavior. This is a partnership, so both partners should be participating!

She’s Self-Centered:

Or you might just have to consider that you are involved with someone who is so self-centered that they never compliment anyone. Does she ever praise anybody? If not, you might want to take this in as an option as to why she never gives you any compliments.


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