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She Never Dresses Up For Me


We all love it when our partners do something special for us. Like when they bring home our favorite dish from our favorite restaurant or they surprise us with something that we really needed that we had told them about earlier in the week. These kinds of things make us feel special. These are the types of things that draw us into our partner.  That makes us feel like we are truly meant to be with them. They know just what to do to cheer us up and brighten our daily lives. However, sometimes we can feel as if our partner’s love has gone awry. We might think that they stop doing the things that make us feel special on purpose or that they just gave up and they no longer feel the same way.  Like when they stop doing things that are important to us such as dressing up.  So what does it mean when a girlfriend or wife stops doing things like this for us? What does it mean when she stops dressing up for me? We understand why you might be curious to find an answer to these things. You might be thinking that it’s something that you have done or that it is something that could be fixed. But really what we want to know here is… Why? What are the reasons? And luckily for you we know the answer.

girlfriend won't dress up for me

The Reasons

She Is Too Comfortable

Well, it’s safe to say we all face a time in a relationship, especially a long-term one, where we get to a point that we are very comfortable with the person that we are seeing. Meaning we stop putting so much effort into some things that we used to put effort in it to at the beginning of a relationship. And you can’t blame us for doing so. Everyone comes to a point where they just suddenly start to relax. But that might make you nervous, because you feel as if the relationship is faltering. However, just because she stopped dressing up for you does not mean that she doesn’t love you anymore or that she loves you any less. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to impress you or please you. It just means that she is suddenly more comfortable around you and she probably thinks that you do not mind what she is wearing. She probably thinks that you enjoy her company no matter what kind of wardrobe she has on. If you cannot handle her being this comfortable around you, try talking to her and letting her know how you feel. Tell her it would make you feel nice if she would dress up for you once in awhile. See if you two can reach compromise about it.

She Doesn’t Think You Mind

Or simply could be that she doesn’t realize that she is upsetting you by not dressing up for you. She might think that you don’t care what she is wearing and therefore she has stopped putting her best effort forth. She might have never known how important this issue was to you. You should voice your concerns to her and see what she has to say about it.

She Never Dresses Up

Have you noticed that she has not dressed up much… At all? This could be an indicator that she just does not like to dress up very often. There are some people that truly like to be and dress comfortable at all times. Some women live for sweatpants. Others live for hotpants. Everyone is different. If you haven’t been dating long, you might not realize that she is this type of person yet. It might not be that she isn’t dressing up for you, but that she just is not dressing up at all, ever.

girlfriend never dresses up

She Saves It For Special Occasions

And then there are women out there who only like to indulge in wearing finer dress when they have a special occasion to do so. She might not deem it necessary to dress up constantly for you or for anyone else. However, ask her on a nice dinner date to a fancy eatery and BAM! Out come the heels and the jewelry. You might just have to wait until those special occasions arise before you can see her all dressed up for you. No point in dressing up while you are lounging around the house all the time, right?

She’s More Concerned With Outsiders

There is a possibility that she feels like you don’t care how she dresses. She does, however, find herself concerned with what other people think. So when she goes out with her friends she might put a little extra effort in to come off as more flashy. This is not because she doesn’t like you. She most likely thinks that you think she is hot or pretty in whatever she is wearing. That gives her the feeling of comfort that helps her to dress down around you.

Whatever the reason may be, all you need to do is talk to her about it. Let her know you would like to see her dress up more! Who knows, maybe she will take note!


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