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She Never Expresses Her Feelings


We live in a time where everything we do, say think or feel is completely out in the open. This is partly due to boundaries being broken down over the generations, but also due in part to our use of social media. Social media gives us the outlet to let anyone and everyone know how we are feeling at all times. So when someone has a hard time opening up to us, especially someone we are romantically involved with, it can be cause for distress. You might be struggling to figure out just why your girlfriend or wife is having a hard time expressing her feelings to you. There is not too much need to worry about if this is something you are dealing with. There are a lot of people in the world who have a difficult time opening themselves up to others around them. Even if you feel they should because you are in a partnership with them. But why? Why are they struggling to be outright about how they feel it what is on their mind? What would bring them to close themselves off in this way?

Keep reading and you will soon find out!

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The Reasons

She Is Emotionally Unavailable

Most commonly when someone has a hard time expressing the way they feel, it’s because they are considered an emotionally unavailable person. This could be caused by many things. They may have been raised around people who were also closed off with their emotions and they have learned to be that way from their environment. They could have been raised by a parent who did not allow for such behavior. It could also be that she is suffering from trauma that has yet to be resolved. This trauma could have stemmed from previous relationships, painful experiences or childhood. So how do you get someone like this to open up to you? If they never do, you might never feel as if you can connect with them on a deeper level. The best course of action would be to try and figure out what the trauma was. Getting her counseling or help to deal with these issues is the only way that she is ever going to be on a path towards opening up.

She Doesn’t Trust You Yet

There are some types of people out there that do not express their feelings to someone until they can absolutely, 100% trust them. If the two of you have just started dating or seeing each other, this might be the reason behind why she never expresses how she feels towards you. It may take quite a bit of time before she feels comfortable enough to level with you on this subject. Giving it time is important. The last thing you want to do is push her to open up if she is adamant on not doing so. Pushing her may make her nervous and even encourage her to close herself off even more. Letting her know you can be patient is definitely the way to go. Give her time, at her own pace, to open up to you. As they say, good things come to those who wait for them. So patience is key here.

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She Just Isn’t That Emotional

You should weigh this as an option, because contrary to popular belief women are not always super obvious about how they feel. There are many women out there who are shy about displaying their true emotions show. She may just have tougher skin than you realize. And that’s okay! If she does not want to talk about her emotions, she should not have to. If this is the reasoning, there will most certainly be a time where she will open up. She just has not found any reason to say anything so far. This is fine!

She Needs Prompting

Some people have a hard time discussing how they feel without a prompt to do so. Some people literally need you to fish the emotions out of them. She may have been in a relationship where her expressive moments were unwanted. She could be conditioned to remain quiet. Or she might be the type of person who doesn’t believe in throwing up her words without reason. You may have to give her a reason and inquire about how she is feelings.

She’s Nervous

She may think that opening up will scare you away. This is a sign she really cares about what you think and it makes her want to be careful. She could be scared that by telling you how she feels, you will reject it and push her away. Making it clear to her that she can be honest and open with you will solved this problem. Opening that line of communication is a quick fix it this is the reason why she never expresses how she feels.


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