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She Never Gets Jealous


Jealousy is a feeling that a majority of us are familiar with. We get envious of people all of the time! It could be due to the fact that someone we know has a better job than us or it could be as silly as someone having purchased the blouse we were eyeing up the other day. But, most of all we know that feeling of being jealous when it comes to someone that we like. Whether it is someone that we are dating or just simply someone that  we have a crush on, we all know the feeling fairly well. Jealousy is a normal part of a human’s emotional range. So it might be concerning when someone that we have feelings for does not seem to possess this emotion towards us. Especially when we seem to emit it towards them when certain situations arise. Why would they never seem to be this way when it comes to us? There might be a lot of questions running through your head. Such as, ‘Does this mean I’m not important?’ We understand why you are feeling concerned. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly the reason why she never gets jealous. However, we can give you a list of reasons why she could be and you can then apply which reason fits best to your situation. Ready? If so, just keep reading and we will soon help you figure this whole thing out!

my girlfriend doesn't get jealous anymore

The Reasons

She Doesn’t Have It In Her

Not every single person is going to have the jealousy bone in their body. Some people truly do not feel is necessary to be envious of things. They simply do not have it in them. This is no big deal! Quite honestly these people are probably happier without being that way. Jealousy can definitely be toxic to a relationship. It seems to bring out the worst in people and it tends to cause problems. Sometimes those problems can be what ultimately rips relationships apart in the end. You might want to consider yourself lucky for not having to worry about her being jealous with you. It’s probably doing your relationship more good than harm, because she isn’t acting on her insecurities. Insecurity is the main reason that someone will get jealous over things! So it’s more of a blessing than a curse if she is the type that doesn’t get this way.

She Does Not See A Reason To Be

Maybe she gets a little jealous every now and again, but most of the time she keeps it to herself. Why? She doesn’t see a reason why she should act on it. She might have an understanding that acting on those emotions can lead to much bigger problems. And she would be right. Ask yourself this? Would you be happy is she was extremely jealous when it came to you? All of the time? We would assume that you would not be content in that situation. It would cause you both a lot of stress. And sometimes this can lead to huge fights between the two of you and put tension on your relationship.

when a girl says she's not jealous

She Trusts You

Trust is very important when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship. The reason that she may never get jealous could be because she absolutely has faith in you. Meaning she has no reason to distrust you or become jealous. A lot of jealousy seems to stem from not having trust in your partner. You may think that they are constantly cheating on you or doing things that you wouldn’t like with other people. However, most of the time they are not and you only assume that because you do not have confidence in the bond that the two of you share with each. It might be a very good sign that she doesn’t get jealous, because it means she feels you are a reliable person and she shouldn’t have to.

She Doesn’t Have That Strong Of Feelings For You

Now, this one was saved for last because we didn’t want you to immediately assume this one as the reason why she might not be a jealous person. This is most likely to be applied to a situation where the two of you are not an official item. If she is a crush  you have or someone that you have been casually seeing, it could be that she just hasn’t developed a strong enough relationship with you yet to feel jealous. Even though you may get this way over her, she might not feel now is the right time to get this way with you.This might be something that will come along later if the two of you get more serious with each other!


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