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She Never Initiates Hanging Out


Hanging out with the person we like is awesome! We would normally choose doing that over almost anything else, right? So why would someone who you believe likes you not want to hang out? Or, if they do, why do they never actually initiate these hang out sessions? Is there something preventing them from doing so? What does this all mean!? These are great questions to have. We know it can be confusing when you are involved with someone, but something just isn’t adding up right. Like when you are seeing a girl, but she never asks you to hang out with her. You never can seem to get an invite out of her. Instead, it is you who is making all the plans and asking her to hang out with you. It makes you feel as if you might not be as important to her as she is to you. However, this might not be the case. There are a few different things that might be preventing her from initiating contact. And we know what they are! Take a peek below and let us help you figure it out, too! She Never Initiates Hanging Out

She Is Old Fashioned

Yeah, even in this modern era we are flying through, there are still women out there that are a little bit old fashioned. What do we mean by that? Old fashioned, in this sense, means that she believes that the male should ask the female out to do things. She might like it when her man takes charge! She could also be one of those people who needs you to hold the door open for her or help her order off of the menu. Who knows?! If this is the case, she is going to want you to be the one to initiate your hanging out. Probably for the entire duration of whatever relationship that you have with each other. This can be frustrating, because, like we wrote previously, it can lead you to feel like you are not that special to her.

She don't know what to do

She’s Shy

She might just be delicate when it comes to these types of things. She could really want to ask you to hang out with her, but she could also have anxiety that is preventing her from doing so. This is what usually happens when you have a reserved personality. Her timid approach to things could make it hard for her to do other stuff like hang out with friends, go to parties or plan things with people. This is because she has issues with speaking up. She just simply gets too shy when it comes down to it.

She Isn’t Interested

Or, all your worst fears could come true and, she could really just not have any interest in you. She does not see a point in trying to pursue you. Therefore she never is the one who asks you to hang out. Does she often say no to you when you do ask her to do things with you? This could be because she just doesn’t want to. You should weigh this as an option even if she does say yes to hanging out once in awhile. She could just be doing that when she is bored. You should keep an eye out for other signs of disinterest. You don’t want to continue to chase after her if she is feeling this way. Inevitably you will be let down and maybe even hurt.

She Is Seeing Other People

You might not be the only suitor that she is entertaining at this time. She might have offers all across the board. This would be a reason behind why she never initiates hanging out. But don’t feel so bad, because she probably never does with anyone else that she is seeing either. She will most likely wait to see who wants to hang out with her each day and go from there. So when you are not asking her, someone else probably is. Hence why she never asks you.

She’s Nervous

It could also be that she is afraid of rejection. This is another anxiety driven reason. She doesn’t want to ask you to hang out, because she doesn’t want you to say no. She would rather just wait for you to make plans with her. This way she knows that you 100% want to spend time with her. This is definitely something that a lot of people battle with. As time goes on, and you two get closer with each other, this problem will start to fade away. She just needs to gain a little bit of confidence first.

She never says no to hanging out but never initiates

She Isn’t Sure What To Do

And lastly, she might never initiate hanging out with you because she doesn’t want to sound lame. By that we mean that she doesn’t want to plan a date and have it suck! She prefers that you pick what to do and set the date in stone. This leaves no room for error on her end.


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