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She Never Kisses Me


When you first start dating someone, things can be hot and heavy. You are all over each other all of the time. It seems like there is never a moment that you are coming up for air. However, sometimes over time this type of flame can fizzle out. You might notice that your girlfriend is becoming less and less affectionate towards you. That you are the one who has to initiate the physical interaction between you. This can be a crappy feeling. There’s no doubt about that. And there’s no doubt that is exactly why you stumbled across this article today. You want to know why your girlfriend never kisses you anymore. And we don’t blame you. This can be concerning to you and make you wonder if your relationship is okay or not. Fortunately, not every reason why she never kisses you is a bad one. Unfortunately, some are. You can learn more by continue to scroll below.

why does my girlfriend not want to kiss me

The Reasons

You Upset Her

At times, you might notice that she stops giving you physical attention because she gets upset with you. This happens often with partners when they get into fights with each other. Resentment and tension could be preventing her from feeling sexy towards you. This can be easily solved by talking through the situation and coming to a resolution on both ends. However, if you don’t sit down and talk or work it out, you will never start receiving those kisses that you so desire.

She’s On Medication

It might sound strange, but some medications can actually alter body chemistry to a point where someone loses their libido. This is common on medications such as antidepressants. It’s a very unlucky situation, but it happens all of the time. She may be able to talk to her doctor about her lack of sex drive and they might be able to help her get on a different med with less negative side effects or adjust dosage.

She’s Been Through Trauma

Trauma can alter the way a person is almost immediately. Has she been through anything traumatic as of late? This could be why she is no longer giving you the affection that you want. She might not have many feelings like that for some time. Therapy is a good course of action if you discover that this is a reason. Therapy is a great suggestion for anyone who has been through something severely traumatic. It can help them get back to normal or at least help them work towards it.

She’s Lost Interest

Sadly she might not love you anymore. We know- That’s not exactly what you want to hear. But we are here to be honest and helpful. Not to fill your head with lies. This is definitely a harsh reality check, but it is also a strong possibility. This is common with long term relationships. Especially if things between you two have been rocky for awhile. Not all love is meant to last. Becoming less physically intimate is a definite red flag. It’s a flag that tells you that something is wrong with your relationship. Intimacy is important, both physically and emotionally, and if one of them is faltering it is more than okay to be a little worried that your partner is losing interest. Talk to her about this. The only way things can get fixed is if they are brought out in the open and discussed. We know you might not want to, but it’s totally necessary.

You Cheated On Her

Adultery is something that might prevent her from wanting to kiss you or have sex with you. Sometimes it is difficult for someone to get over their partner cheating on them. If you have committed infidelity, you might want to consider this as the leading reason for your problem at hand. Couples counseling might be a path that you would want to consider. Just ignoring the fact that you cheated (or even if she did) will lead to relationship failure.

my girlfriend never initiates affection

She Likes When You Initiate It

She could just like a man in charge. She might prefer it when you are the one who goes out of his way to kiss or hug her. This is not all that common, but it is something to consider. How can you tell if this is the reason that she never kisses you? Ask her. You will never fully know what the motivation behind this lack of intimacy is unless you ask. Who knows, bringing it up might inspire her to actually start kissing you more.

Your Hygiene Is Questionable

Do you take good care of your hygiene? Body and oral? If not, this might be contributing to her lack of love for you. No one really wants to kiss someone who smells bad. That’s just a fact. So try taking better care of yourself and see if that helps this situation.


  1. Working on your hygiene, never committing infidelity, doing everything to make sure she’s interested in you, should be a no-brainer. If I was in a relationship, I ABSOLUTELY affectionate from my girl, it’s the key part of a relationship. I always love it when she initiates it, because that’s how I know she loves me. Otherwise, there is nothing there, and there’s no reason to keep it up.


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