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She Never Likes My Instagram Pictures


Social media has become such a huge part of most of our lives. We usually use it on a daily basis. We look forward to watching our friends post and liking their stuff. And we also look forward to posting our own stuff and having our friends like it. We might also love when someone that we like pays attention to the stuff that we put out for the world to see. Most of all when it comes to photographs. Instagram is such a popular application nowadays. When we use it we expect the people that follow us and care for us to give us support by hitting that little heart icon. But what if someone isn’t doing that? What does it mean? Her never liking your pictures on Instagram might be causing you some distress. But don’t worry! It doesn’t always mean that she hates you. There are many things that could be behind why she isn’t hitting that button or double clicking your picture.

my crush doesn't like my instagram pictures

Want to find out what they are?

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Why She’s Not Clicking Like… 

She Doesn’t Use Social Media

This may come  as a shocker, but some people are all that fond of social media. She might spend her time doing other things besides sitting on Insta all day liking people’s posts. This could be because she’s busy, but most likely it’s because she just isn’t a fan of the internet anymore.

Or She Doesn’t Have Instagram

Have you checked to see if she actually has an Instagram? You can’t just expect someone to like your content when they aren’t even on Insta in the first place. She might have a Snap or Facebook, but that does not necessarily mean that she participates in other applications.

She Doesn’t See Your Posts

We know you might think that the world revolves around your page, but it certainly doesn’t. She might follow a plethora of other people. This could mean that she doesn’t even see your pictures. Therefore she can’t like them. It doesn’t mean that they’re not on her feed. But it does mean she didn’t scroll long enough to find them.

You Don’t Like Her Photos

A like for a like is what we like to say. If you never take time out of your day to like her stuff, she probably isn’t going to like your stuff. She wants things to be equal in this situation. You can start liking more of her pictures and see if that solves the problem.

You Didn’t Follow Her Back

So she follows you, but you haven’t followed her back? Oh boy, well if so, that would definitely be the reason that she doesn’t like your posts. She is waiting for that follow back notification to pop up on her screen. What’s the point of participating in your stuff if you are not participating in hers? She might not think it’s worth her time otherwise.

She Is Simply A Spectator

Don’t feel bad, it could be that she never likes anybody’s posts. She is more of a scroll and look type of gal. This is actually more common than we like to think. There are definitely people out there that like to creep, but not partake. We don’t know exactly why, because everyone is different. So they might all have different reasons for simply being a spectator.

she stopped liking my pictures

The Pictures Are Unappealing To Her

You might be posting things that do not appeal to her. Think about the type of pictures that you are posting. Are they proper? Are they well taken? What are they? Depending on what you post, she could be turned off by it. And that would lead her to not want to hit the like button.

There’s Other Girls In Them

Of course she isn’t going to like your photos if there are other girls in them. She doesn’t find that amusing by any means. Especially if the two of you are involved romantically with one another. She might start liking your photos more if they are just of you most of the time!

why doesn't she like my pictures on instagram

She Isn’t Into You

Have you ever thought about the fact that she just might not be digging you? She is not going to like your pictures on Instagram when she doesn’t have affection towards you. She wants to save her likes people she is actually fond of.

She Thinks You’re Arrogant

What types of captions are you putting under you photos? Think carefully about what you say and how you say it! You could come off as super arrogant. This could be making her dislike you more and more.

You Made Her Angry

Can you think of anything that might have made her angry lately? Well, anything that you did that is. When someone is angry at you they tend to stop paying attention to your social media. They don’t want any part of it. Not until they get an apology anyways.


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