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She Never Mentions Her Boyfriend To Me


So you met a girl, right? She seems great. She’s beautiful, perfect, funny and even intelligent! Her catch? She has a boyfriend. But she never seems to talk about him. You  haven’t heard her mention him. Not even once this entire time! So what does that mean? Does it mean that she is lying about having a boyfriend? Could it mean she is simply ashamed of him? Or… What is going on her? We understand why this would bring you some confusion. She has a boyfriend, but she never mentions him to you. What is up with that?

she rarely mentions her boyfriend

All good questions to ask, friend. And we are here to help you answer them! There might be a profusion of reasons behind why she is neglecting to mention this so called lover boy of hers. And we have them typed out for you just below. All you have to do is keep reading and soon you will know everything there is to know about this subject.

The Reasons:

She’s Embarrassed

Sadly, it is safe to say that sometimes we aren’t exactly proud of the people we take on as partners. This rings true for those who are in relationships that they don’t really want to be a part of. She might often complain about her boyfriend to her friends. She might not have the best opinion of him. And while that sucks for him, it might be lucky for you. She might be a tad bit too embarrassed to talk about her boyfriend around you. Have you noticed that her boyfriend… Well, isn’t exactly the prime example of perfect? That might be why she has failed to bring him up when you are around. She is scared of what you will think. She would much rather avoid being judged by you and keep her mouth shut about him!

she never mentions boyfriend

She Likes You

Alright, so we can’t for sure vouch for this, but we do know that every now and again a girl might avoid discussing her boyfriend because she has a crush on someone else. She does not want to turn you off too much by talking about him! She might think that by talking about him, she will drive you further away from her. The real question here is: How can you tell if this is the reason? Be on the lookout for other subtle things that might give away her crush on you! How is her body language? Does she prefer to spend a lot of time with you over him? What is the relationship that you two share? Do you ever get a little too close physically? These are all things to think about when figuring out how she feels about you; Whether or not she likes you as more than a friend.

She Is Lying About Him

Or… It could be that she, in fact, does not have a boyfriend at all! She might have just said so to get you, or others, off of her case. She might not have someone waiting for her at home. This could be why she never brings him up to you. Sometimes women lie about having partner’s because they do not want to seem available to other people pursuing them. This is the old “I have a boyfriend, leave me alone” trick. And most of the time it works. However, if she doesn’t actually have a boyfriend there will be no way for her to have anything to say about him.

She Doesn’t Want To Offend You

Do you dislike her boyfriend? You might not be his biggest fan and that could be what is encouraging her not to mention him to you. She knows how you feel about him. Meaning she does not want to bring him up and upset so. This is more true for people who are very close friends. Are you and her extremely close with one another? If so, this would be a good answer to your question.

She Hasn’t Had A Reason To

Why would she need to mention him around you? There might not be a reason for her to at this point. She doesn’t deem it necessary. The last thing that she wants to do is ramble away about him when she knows you wouldn’t care. You can see if this is the reason as to why she never mentions her boyfriend to you by asking her about him. Bring up a subject to her that you know would include him and see what she says. If she starts chattering away about him, you know that this is the reason she hasn’t brought it up before.

She’s Thinking Of Dumping Him

Lastly, she may be withholding information about him because she knows that fairly soon they will no longer be an item. No reason to bring him up if he isn’t going to be in the picture much longer.


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