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She Never Opens UP


Meeting someone and establishing a connection with them is a beautiful thing. It makes us feel special and gives us hope that there is some good in this world. You may be absolutely head over heels for someone, such as a pretty girl you met, and want to keep taking things to the next level with her. But there might be some things that pop up blocking the path to that destination. What kind of roadblocks do we mean? Well, it could be that she never seems to want to open up to you. She isn’t like other girls that you have dated. She doesn’t seem interested in talking about her feelings or discussing her past. She has no time for silly stuff like that. And when you mention it… Well, she goes dead silent.

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Why? What would make her act this way? If she doesn’t open up, does it mean that she doesn’t truly like you? We can see why you might be worried. But that is exactly why we are here to help! We have compiled a list of some reasons behind why she might never open up to you. And no, none of them are that she doesn’t truly like you. So don’t fret too much, pal. Just keep reading and you’ll see!

Reasons She Might Not Open Up

She’s Emotionally Unavailable

Being emotionally unavailable is a trait that a lot of people carry with them. She might just not have it in her to spill her guts out to someone. This is just the way that some people are. It’s not exactly fun or easy to deal with, but it’s not impossible. And maybe one day she will warm up to you, but until then you will have to be patient.

She Has Trauma

Trauma is a common cause for people not wanting to open up.Whether from our childhood or even adulthood,  it can prevent us from wanting to express our feelings towards people. And even if we want to, we might have a hard time figuring out how to do so.

The Relationship Is Too Fresh

How long have the two of you been seeing each other? If you just started dating, it might take her a little bit of time to start opening up to you. That type of thing generally comes later in a relationship. When she feels more comfortable with you and has more trust in you.

You Haven’t Opened Up Enough

Or maybe you haven’t opened up to her. You can’t expect her to let you know how she feels if you never let her know how you feel. She might feel like it’s not okay to be open, because you never are. Start opening up to her and see if that helps the situation or not.

You Aren’t Asking The Right Questions

Maybe you haven’t asked her the right questions to get her to start talking. Maybe the questions you are asking are ones she has no response to. Not everyone feels deeply about every situation. So even if you feel like she should be opening up about a certain topic, it doesn’t mean that she feels the same way!

She Has Nothing To Say

Maybe she doesn’t have anything to get off her chest. Some people really don’t have much to complain about or dish out personally. That’s okay! This just means she isn’t as dysfunctional as the rest of us are.

She’s Waiting For The Right Moment

She might just be waiting for the right moment to tell you certain things. These things might just be a little too heavy to drop on someone at just anytime. Give her time and see if you can coax it out of her slowly. If not, then maybe she doesn’t have anything to open up about.

She’s Been Burned Before

Sometimes we stop opening up to people, because people wanted us to stop doing so. She may have been in a previous relationship where her old boyfriend was not so kind to her when she had something to talk about.

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What Can You Do?

Ask Her About It

The best thing to do in this situation? Ask her why she doesn’t ever open up to you. You will really never know what’s going on unless you ask! There’s no reason for her to get upset about it. She should be more than understanding of your curiosity.

Let Her Know You’re There For Her

It could be that she just needs a little bit of convincing to open up. Like we mentioned before, she might have had a previous relationship where it wasn’t okay to do so. So you need to let her know that you are there for her and that she can talk to you about anything she needs to.


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