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She Never Responded to My Text. Why and What to Do?


So, you mustered up the courage to text her. You sat in your bed, trying to think of the perfect thing to say to her and you finally found the line that you used to hook her in. But she never replied to your text. Now, naturally, you’re feeling your ego a little bruised and wondering why she didn’t text you back. Now, everyone has their own reasons for not replying, but there are a couple main reasons why they don’t reply to texts. We’re going to answer your question why and also tell you what you need to do if this happens again.

if she doesn't text back for days

Why she didn’t reply to your text

There are a couple reasons why she didn’t reply to your text. Now, there could be another reason but like I said, these are the main reasons why.

1. She wasn’t interested: She just isn’t into you. Now, don’t take this personally, there were probably girls that liked you and you weren’t into them. This is just how everything works. Now, don’t assume that this is the answer when a girl doesn’t respond back as the other reasons are just as valid. But sometimes it’s really just this simple.

2. It was a stale ending: maybe you went on a date with her and everything went well, but then, towards the end it faded out. The end is the last thing someone is going to remember, so, even if you had a strong opening, what you really want to focus on is a strong ending. If the end was flat, then she’s probably not overly interested in seeing you again.

3. Her emotions shifted: she may have been full of positive energy when she met you and floating on cloud nine but now, her energy is lowered and maybe she’s just not feeling like talking to you. It’s not necessarily anything to do with you, but you don’t know what’s happening in her life. Maybe she’s having a bad day at work or something happened at home. You just happened to text her at the wrong time.

4. She’s nervous: Listen, if we really like a guy, sometimes we become so nervous or anxious that we don’t know how to respond. Sometimes, we place a lot of pressure on ourselves, so we’ll end up texting our girlfriends, asking them for help and of course, this delays the response time to your text. In other words, she just froze.

if she doesn't text back is she not interested

What to do when she doesn’t text you back

1. Relax: If she doesn’t reply to you, don’t freak out. Of course, you want her to reply to you, I completely understand. But, if you’re freaking out with anxiety and thinking she’s not into you, it won’t help you. Instead, you need to relax and play it cool. If you’re persistent in a way that over-texts, it’s not going to work in your favor. Instead, just be laid-back and persistent in a way which isn’t breathing down her neck.

2. Send her text the next day: If she didn’t reply to your first text, don’t sweat. Wait a day or two and then write her a text again. If you text her too much, you look desperate.

3. Don’t get mad or accusatory: Why would you be mad? Because she didn’t write you? She doesn’t owe you anything, so calm down and relax. Just play it cool, remember?

4. Don’t mention your last text: She didn’t reply to your first text but that doesn’t mean she won’t reply to your next text. Just don’t start the conversation with, “hey, you didn’t reply to my last text.” It sounds very desperate and needy. Instead, send a text which has nothing to do with your first time. Mention something that you two were talking about when you first met her or something random.

5. Don’t ask her out: Now, if she replies to your text, don’t ask her out right away. You’ll look too needy and desperate. Instead, just aim to get a reply. Once you do that, then you can start talking.

6. Focus on getting a conversation flowing: Your job now is to make the conversation positive and flowing. If it’s not flowing, you won’t be able to ask her out and get a yes. So, focus on getting a conversation moving along and then, ask her out.

7. If she doesn’t reply, move on: You may have felt that you had a connection or that she was into you but if she’s not replying to you after two or three days, then I think it’s a good time to throw in the towel. Don’t take it personally, just move on. There are plenty of other women out there that you can talk to. And plus, maybe you’ll bump into her at a bar or on the street, so you can try talking to her again in person. But in the meantime, move on to meeting other people.



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