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She Never Says My Name


Our names are the one things we never lose. They declare who we are and give us an identity. We expect that everyone we come to meet will learn to use our names when we are around. To give us that sense of identity. However, this is not always the case. There are times when someone might avoid using your name. But, why? Why would someone go out of their way to stop, or never even start, saying your name to you? What could possibly bring them to make that decision? It’s a tricky situation, because there is more than one thing could be pushing them to do so. We found quite a few reasons that might explain this situation. If you keep reading, you’ll soon find out what those reasons are! You’ll know exactly why she never says your name and what it means! So, go on now, keep reading.

The Reasons Why She Never Says Your Name

She Doesn’t Like Your Name

Sure, you might like your name, but that does not mean that everyone else is going to. Which is awful, but it might be why she is so hesitant to say it. Maybe she just doesn’t like the way that it rolls off the tip of her tongue. She would rather just avoid saying it altogether. Have you ever heard her mention that she isn’t too fond of the name you presented her? If so, then you may have found your reason!

She Doesn’t Remember Your Name

Ouch, we know, but this could be why she isn’t saying your name. She simply might not remember what it was. This happens commonly when two people aren’t very familiar with one another. She might have only met you once or twice. She might have met you while intoxicated. This could lead her memory to be a little foggy. It happens to all of us at some point! We meet someone quickly, but forget what they told us their names were by the end of the night. So it leads to a very awkward hello the next time that you meet. Because no one really wants to ask someone their name a second time. That just seems rude. So try telling her what your name is again, casually of course, and see if she starts using it after that.

She Doesn’t Like You

We all know that the most hated character in Harry Potter never has his name said. So it could be that she just does not like you. She doesn’t even like you enough to say your name. Have you done or said something that might have offended her? Do the two of you have some sort of beef with each other? Did you hurt her feelings? Think hard. Because if you had done something to cause friction between you, it might be why she refuses to say your name.

She Prefers Terms Of Endearment

Or, you know, it could be the total opposite of the previous reason. She could like you too much and it could be what makes her call you every but your name. Does she call you things like ‘baby’, ‘darling’, ‘honey’, etc? This could be because she prefers using terms of endearment over using your real name. This is an affectionate reason, but if it bothers you, don’t be afraid to confront her about it. This generally happens when two people are more comfortable with each or even on the road to being a couple.

She Prefers A Nickname

So maybe you aren’t on a lover’s route, but she still might prefer to use a nickname over using your actual name with you. Do you have a nickname that you gave her when the two of you first met? If so, that name could have stuck with her and now that is how she identifies you now. She could have also heard of a nickname from someone else and started using it now. She might find it more comforting or easier to say.

She Is Trying To Get A Rise Out Of You

Obviously if you are looking this subject up, it probably bothers you a little bit that she never says your name. Maybe she knows that and that is exactly why she’s doing it. She knows it upsets you. She might be trying to get a rise out of you, because she wants revenge or simply finds it humorous.

She Can’t Pronounce Your Name

Do you have a difficult name to say? With lots of letters and a strange pronunciation? This could be the reason why she hasn’t been able to say your name. She just doesn’t know how to properly! And instead of continuously embarrassing herself, she would rather not say your name at all! This would be a good time to develop a nickname specifically for her to use.


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