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30 Subtle (And Not So Subtle) Hints a Girl Likes You


The game of love is one of the toughest games of life. There are so many unspoken rules and taboos that it can sometimes feel like a labyrinth. But there’s only one simple question we always want to ask at the start: Does she like me or not?

Most women are aware of the subtleties of men’s gestures, and they often have a team of girlfriends who can confirm whether or not a guy is into them or not.

But with guys, it can be pretty hard. Women are masters of subtlety, and if you don’t have a good eye for hints, you might completely miss out on the fact that there’s a woman who is into you.

So we’ve made a simple list of the many hints that women drop to show you that they like you. Keep in mind that you need to be aware of the context of these hints. Just because she smiles at you or gives you a gift, doesn’t automatically mean she likes you. There has to be a certain sense of specialness to the act to show that her gestures are more than just friendly.

So without further ado, we give you 30 subtle (and not so subtle) hints that a girl is into you.

1. She likes to sit next to you.

When a girl sits next to you, it means she likes your company. Sitting next to you allows her to have lots of opportunities to talk to you. Also, if you notice, in a group of people there’s often an unspoken rule about who gets to sit next to who. Usually, people who are already close to each other would sit next to each other or across each other. However, when she really ensures that the seat beside her is reserved only for you, that could be her way of saying that she wants you all to herself.

hints that a girl likes you

2. She leans in whenever she talks to you.

Most people do this to show that they are giving someone their undivided attention. In a professional or casual setting, facing your direction or having their feet point towards you would be enough. However, if she inches closer to drive a point home or just keeps her body as close as she can to yours without actually touching, this could mean she’s hinting that she likes you.

how do u know if a girl likes u

3. She smiles at you a lot.

This might not be something she can control. After all, don’t we all suddenly feel the need to smile when something makes has happy? In her case, it could be someone making her happy, and that someone could be you!

4. There’s a glimmer in her eye whenever you talk to each other.

When you pay close attention to her facial expressions, a smile might not be enough to convey that she’s into you. Lots of people smile around people they don’t have a crush on. However, a really telling sign that she likes you is when her eyes are always on you. You can see it in her face that she’s interested in what you have to say, and that (combined with some other hints below) could be enough to prove to you that she really likes you.

5. She gets a little touchy-feely.

When a girl touches you, it means she’s more than just okay with having some physical contact with you. She might nudge your arm or touch your knee or playfully and gently slaps your arm. However, don’t take this as an invitation that it’s okay to be touchy-feely with her either! It’s best to start off slow by nudging her arm and checking if she’s okay with it. If she is, then she may be okay with slightly more playful gestures.

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6. She links arms with you.

A girl may sometimes be walking alongside you and then she suddenly links arms with you. It may be when you’re crossing the street or a hint that she wants you to slow down your pace.

7. Her fingers brush against yours.

This is something you might often see in romantic dramas. Imagine you’re sitting next to her at a table and you have your hands on the table. She might place her hands next to yours as she takes a utensil or brushes a piece of fluff aside. Trust us when we say that it’s easy to tell whether this is accidental or not.

8. She brushes fluff off your clothes.

If you have a furry pet, you might see little bits of their fur on your clothes. If a girl likes you, she might playfully brush off some of this fluff as an excuse to touch you. Psychologically speaking, grooming someone is a way of showing affection. So when she shows you affection by brushing fluff off your clothes or even just straightening your tie, it’s her way of showing that she cares a lot about you.

9. She runs her hands through your hair.

Whether you’ve just had a haircut or your hair just looks particularly soft, you might find that your hair is getting some of her attention. If she’s not into you, she might just give you a quick compliment and leave it at that. However, if she’s into you, it’s very likely that she’ll want to run her hands through your hair. It’s an even more telling sign if she lets her hand linger on your scalp for a bit.

10. She shares her food with you.

When a girl is eating her favorite meal, it’s quite unlikely that she’s willing to share. But if she’s into you, she’ll offer you some of whatever she’s eating even though you’ve got your own meal already. This is her way of saying that she wants to share a part of herself with you, even if it’s just as simple as some food she likes.

how do u know if a girl likes you

11. She feeds you.

We’re not talking about her buying you lunch when you’re broke. We’re talking about her actually getting some food and trying to put it in your mouth. It’s a very “couple” thing to do, and she wouldn’t be doing that if she weren’t crushing on you hard.

12. She gives you little presents.

Like with sharing food, she wants to share a bit of herself with you when she goes out of her way to get you something. Take no notice of it if she gives you a gift that she gives out to other people. But if it seems like she really thought of a nice present to give to you, perhaps something small and simple that you need or want, then it could be a pretty big hint that she likes you.

13. She always has an excuse to hang out with you.

Heading to the store? Oh look, she’s just on her way there. Hanging out at a coffee shop? She’s just a block away. Running some errands at the mall? She’s at the exact same mall! When she asks you where you are and she conveniently has to be in the same area just to see you, you know she’s got a crush on you!

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14. She adds you on social media.

When a girl is into a guy, she’ll do what she can to find out more about him. This is just their way of trying to see if she’d still be into him if she knew more about him. If she adds you on Facebook or follows you on Instagram, then you know that she’s curious about what you’ve got on your profile! This also opens up lots of ways for you to communicate with each other.

15. She responds to your posts.

Okay, so you’re on her friends list. But if she’s not into you, she’d just be another face on your list. However, if you realize that she reacts whenever you post something, then it could be a sign that she’s paying you quite a bit of attention. A few likes here and there might not mean much, but leaving a comment or even posting on your wall might be a less-than-subtle sign that she’s into you.

16. She messages you first.

Women have always been told by the media that being the first one to message or call can make them appear desperate. But in the 21st century, that’s no longer the case. Women are now more confident about messaging guys they like! So if she sends you a simple “hi!” online or through text, then it means she has mustered up the courage to contact you first. However, skip this hint if she only messages you when she needs something.

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17. Conversations go on and on.

This is common among both men and women. When someone is into you, they’ll make sure the conversation goes on for as long as possible. This is a way of both keeping in touch and learning more about you. Look out for open-ended questions, quick anecdotes, and inquisitive questions about the things you’re into. These are the questions that someone who likes you would ask.

how can you tell if a girl likes you

18. She tags you in stuff.

A like and a comment may sometimes be seen as a passive way of keeping in touch. But when she tags you in something that she knows you’ll like, that’s a sign that she knows enough about to you figure out what you’d find interesting. And since a comment tag is something that other people will see, this means she’s okay with letting everyone on her list of friends know that she’s got a new friend she’d like to share online posts with.

19. She shares music and movies with you.

Music and movies are two topics that most couples love to talk about. There’s never a shortage of good media to consume, so it’s a topic that keeps on giving. Whenever she recommends a new movie or a new band to check out, it’s her way of showing you that she knows you to know what you’d be into. Not only that, but it’s also her way of saying, “Hey look! We’ve got something in common that we can bond over.”

20. She’s not afraid to call you.

Skip this one if she only calls you when she needs something from you like following up on something at work. If she calls you about something that seems important enough but the conversation veers off into asking what you’re up to, it’s a hint that she just wants to talk to you. And isn’t it sweet to know that a girl goes out of her way to call you just to hear your voice, even for a short while?

21. She introduces you to her friends.

Women often have a close-knit group of friends that know each other’s secrets. When you get the privilege of meeting any of her super close friends, it’s a hint that she’s into you. This does two things: it shows you who her friends are (which can help you get to know her even more), and it also gives her friends a chance to weigh in on whether they think you’re cool enough to date their gal.

22. She invites you out.

We’re not talking about a date, because that’s no longer a subtle hint! She might be out and about with some friends, checking out this new hole in the wall where her favorite band is playing. And all of a sudden, you get a text from her asking you to tag along. This would be awesome if you already met some of her friends before because it means she wants you to be a part of the group and she just wants to hang out.

23. She likes to be around you.

If there’s one obvious hint that a girl is into you, it’s when she often wants to be near you. Whether this is in the office, at school, while having lunch, or just tagging along whenever you’re out and about, she’d do what she can to make sure you get to spend some time together.

24. You have inside jokes.

When you have an inside joke with someone, it means you’re more than just acquaintances. It means that you’ve shared enough experiences together and your sense of humor just jives. If she can joke around with you knowing that only the two of you will understand what that means, that’s a pretty sure sign you’ve got some good chemistry going on!

how to know if she likes you

25. She talks to you about her bad days.

You know that feeling when you’re down and you just want to talk to someone who can cheer you up? If she sees you as someone who can cheer her up even if you just listen for a bit, it means she’s comfortable with you.

how to tell a girl likes you

26. She talks to you when she’s happy.

As with her bad days, she also wants to share her good days with you. It’s not about her gloating about how good she has it. Rather, it’s about her wanting to share a bit of her happiness with a guy who makes her happy.

27. She tries to look pretty for you.

Keep in mind that women don’t try to look good for men; they often want to look good for themselves. However, you might notice that there are times when she’d try to pretty herself up because she’d like you to see her as more than just another girl you know. That’s when you know she might like you.

 28. She asks for and takes fashion advice from you.

Are you suddenly being asked what you think would look nice on her? She’s not suddenly seeing you as a fashion guru; instead, she’s wants to know what to wear to make you see her as more attractive. If she follows you advice and you see her wearing more of the things you mentioned, then it’s a bit of a hint that she wants to look nice for you.

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29. She gives you tons of compliments.

Women know that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but one way to get close enough to be able to feed you is through your ego. Men don’t get nearly as much compliments as women do. However, if she gives you a compliment on even the simplest things, this means she wants to make you feel good.

30. There’s genuine joy in her voice when she says your name.

When we have a crush on someone, the mere sound of their name on our lips feels like bliss. So when you notice that she’s often happy and sometimes even a little giddy when she says your name, that’s when you know that she’s attracted to you.

She doesn’t have to do all these things to prove that she likes you. In fact, even if she’s already practically screaming about her affection, she might not even do half of these things! So when you’re taking note of whether or not she does the things mentioned above, keep in mind that only a handful of these hints can be enough to confirm that she likes you.

But you know what the best strategy is for finding out the truth behind her hint? Simply asking!


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