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12 Signs A Guy Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It


Men. Lots of people like to say they’re simple creatures, but it never feels that way when you’ve got a crush. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when a boy has the hots for you but other times you can feel like a detective working a case as you try and tease out whether a guy likes you or not.

It doesn’t help that guys will often try and hide their emotions. We know the stress these situations cause, and we’ve got your back. To help you know whether the feeling is mutual, we’ve prepared a list of ways you can cut through a guy’s defenses and see if he likes you.

1. He plays down the other women in his life

If a man likes you he’ll want, you to know that he’s available. This means that if he’s talking about other women he’ll make it clear that they’re not really competition. If he’s showing pictures of himself and a photo with him and another girl pops up then pay attention to see if he quickly mentions she’s “just a friend.”

Guys who get nervous and blurt out that sort of clarification are more likely to be interested in something more with you. He might bring up dates but if he makes it clear that he’s not serious with them then he might be leaving an opening for you.

2. He notices small changes

It’s no secret; guys can be a little clueless. It’s not that they don’t notice things, it’s just that they care about very specific things. So, if you get a haircut and a guy notices then there’s a good chance that guy is thinking about you.

If you want to know whether a guy likes you try making small changes to your style and notice how he reacts. If he’s really trying to hide his affection, he might give you roundabout or back handed compliments, but if he notices you can be certain he cares. Then the question is whether he’s got the hots for you or is just really into fashion.

3. He teases you

This is the classic. We all had that one boy in elementary school who was a total pain. We thought it was because he hated us but in retrospect it’s clear he was crushing. Grown up men aren’t always so far from their boyhood counterparts, unfortunately.

The teasing is still there; it’s just more subtle. This behavior is especially pronounced if a guy is trying to hide his feelings, as he’ll use jokes as a smokescreen to obfuscate the way he really feels.

4. He’s on his best behavior around you

Notice if the guy changes his behavior when you come around. If a guy wants to impress you he’ll stand up straighter, strike a pose, try and use a deeper, voice, and change in any other number of ways.

You know how it is, you can relax and look like a fool around your friends. But when your crush comes around you change. Same goes for boys. If he doesn’t change at all, then he probably isn’t hiding anything.

And before you say anything, I know that this sounds contradictory after the teasing tip. But that’s what love is, a big old bundle of contradictions. Sometimes guys change into a bit of a jerk when there crush comes around. Boys can be crazy.

5. He remembers facts about you

If you tell the average man that your favorite color is maroon he’ll probably forget before you finish the statement. But things are different if you tell the same thing to a guy who’s crushing on you. It’s a proven fact that romantic affection increases memory powers.

Guys who are trying to hide their emotions won’t make a big deal about the things that they remember but they’ll still, come up. If a guy slips up and recalls a personal fact you mentioned off-hand months ago, then he is definitely paying attention to you.

6. He tries to look his best

No one wants to look like a slob around someone they like. Pay attention to any cleaning up a guy does, especially if they are naturally messy. If you arrange to meet up and you find that he’s freshly shaven when he shows up, then that’s a good sign.

If you come over to his place and he keeps you waiting while he does some last-minute panic-cleaning, then you can be he’s got the hots for you. On the other hand, if he lets you see his shirt with the pit stains he’s probably not that into you.

7. He changes when you talk about other men

Guys are competitive, especially when it comes to women. If you talk about another man and his ears perk up, then something might be up. A guy who is crushing will get a little nervous and competitive when you talk about other men.

You can test to see whether a guy is interested in you by pointing out guys you think are hot. If he starts downplaying their attractiveness, playing himself up, or even teasing you then he might like you. If he starts pointing out hot guys, then he’s probably not swinging your way.

8. He lets you have your way

When it comes time to choose what to have for dinner do you always win? If there are two suggestions on the table and a guy lets you have your way, then it might be a sign. Pay special attention to the way he changes.

If he says he wants something, you reply that you don’t like it, and he changes his view then he’s probably got it bad. When you like someone, you want to find as much common ground as possible.

Guys who are trying to hide their affection may act like they’re putting up a fight but in the end, they’ll let you have things your way.

9. He’s always looking your way

When a guy is around a girl he’s attracted to he’ll use any excuse he can find to look at them. They can’t help it, this behavior is driven by the basic animal magnetism that has kept the human race going for as long as it has been.

Glance at him from time to time and try and keep track of how often he’s looking at you. Of course, if you like him then you probably don’t need us telling you to do that!

10. He looks away when he catches you looking at him

A guy who likes you will look at you, but if he’s trying to hide it he’ll look away. This shows that he’s nervous and self-conscious, two emotions men don’t feel around women they’re not interested in.

Try and look him in the eye. If he breaks eye contact, then he probably likes you. If he turns things into a staring contest he might be trying to show off.

Here you’ve got to pay attention to his gaze and facial expression. If he looks bored then there are no sparks, but if you notice him change when you look at him then something’s probably going on.

11. He is there for you

When you like someone, you try and find excuses to be around them. The same goes for guys. If a guy makes it clear that he’ll be there for you, then he definitely feels something for you.

A guy doesn’t stay up late listening to your problems because he’s bored, there are too many video games and TV shows for that sort of thing. Of course, guys who are trying to hide their feelings will try and play things off.

You can test this by casually mentioning you need help in conversation. If the guy in question volunteers to help you out, then there might be love in the air.

12. He’s hot and cold


A guy who isn’t being honest about his feelings can be absolutely infuriating. One moment you’re sure he likes you and the next he acts like a jerk. These swings happen when a guy realizes he’s let his guard down and feels the need to overcompensate to fix the problem.

This behavior is enough to drive a girl crazy. Just remember that he’s not acting the way he is for no reason. Guys are people too, even if they often seem more like animals. People don’t want to be hurt, and that’s what can happen if you put yourself out there and get rejected.


If a guy is showing any of these signs, try and send them some signals back that you’re interested. If they react positively, then you can continue the crazy dance that is modern romance. If he doesn’t react at all or reacts negatively then it’s time to move on.

If things don’t work out with your current guy then don’t worry, there’s almost certainly another dude out there trying to hide his feeling for you. Doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy?


  1. Ladies or guys if this happens to you to than you’re not alone:
    He/she have known each for a while and nothing was there you probably though he was cute and that’s it or you though he was cute than later on forgot about her/him.
    He/her makes fun of you all the damn time!!!😠👊👿
    And then later on her/he acts weird around you.
    You like him/her back but he/her keeps on playing hard to get.👿👿👿👿
    And idk thats where I’m stuck😪 ,at wish me luck!!!👋❤❤( hopefully)

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Please feel free to share more of your insights and experiences in the future. Have a great day, Hager!


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