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12 Signs a Guy Likes You But Won’t Admit it


So, you’ve caught feelings for a guy but you’re not sure he likes you back. In you gut, you’re pretty sure he’s into you but he’s doing a really good job of hiding it. Why hide it, though? There could be a variety of reasons as to why he’s not making any moves, but the most obvious one is that he’s scared of being rejected. Maybe you two have been friends for a while and he’s scared that by admitting his feelings for you, he may lose the friendship. Admitting feelings for someone isn’t as easy as it looks, especially when there are things that could be lost. So, instead, these guys will play it cool, while dying inside. But if you know the signs that he likes you, you’ll be able to make the first move.

His free time is spent with you

People don’t have much free time nowadays. So, when they do have it, they spend it on things that they enjoy doing – watching their favorite tv series, going to CrossFit, hanging out with friends. But if they’re spending more and more of their free time with you, well, that’s a great sign that you’re a priority in their life. And why would you be a priority? Because they like you. It’s that easy. It’s not about who texts you once a month, it’s about who actually shows up to your front door.

He wants to get to know you

He actually is interested in knowing what elementary school you went to and what your favorite subject was. He wants to know everything about you, every detail of your life. You only do this if you’re interested in someone. You’re trying to see if their life and lifestyle is compatible with yours. You wouldn’t care about the childhood of some guy you find to be boring. In fact, you probably wouldn’t make it past the first sentence. But for someone you like, you can sit the entire night listening to them talk about their childhood dog.

He’ll compliment you

He’ll tell you that he likes your new haircut or that shirt looks good on you. But really, if he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t notice a thing. But remember, they’re visual, so if he’s into you, he’ll be eyeing you up and down, taking in all the details. Though if he’s just throwing out compliments at you, I would be weary, then it becomes too much.

He remembers all the details

You can tell a man something about yourself and then five minutes later, he hasn’t a clue what you said. Those guys aren’t worth your time, they just want into your pants. Now, if they remember the small things, like your favorite sushi dish or how you laugh when you’re nervous, then they’re paying attention. Men who pay attention to these things are into you. I mean, would you remember the small details about a guy you don’t like? Exactly.

When you’re feeling down, he’s there

Any guy can be into you, it’s not hard, but a guy that really likes you will be there for you when you’re feeling down. I’ve had many occasions when I was in a rut and a couple of my male friends were there beside me the entire time. Now, that’s someone who cares about you. So, if you’re not sure if he’s into you but he’s there as a shoulder to cry on, at least you know that he genuinely cares about you. And that’s very important for any relationship.

His eyes are on you

His eyes are all over you, mostly when you’re not looking at him. But you’ll be able to feel it, just trust your feelings. Or when you two talk, he’s looking at you, not at his phone. Men are visual, so if he’s always looking at you, he’s into you.

His friends tell you

Well, if his friends tell you then you know the truth. That is if his friends like you. If they don’t, you’ll never hear them admit this. But if they do, they’ll tell you that he’s into you and that you should make a move. Friends are the best way to find out if he’s into you or not. They may tease him in front of you or casually let you know what’s up while he’s in the bathroom.

He texts you

I don’t mean he just texts you “sup”. He texts you throughout the day, you two are always talking. Texting may not seem like a big deal, but he’s investing time engaging in conversation with you. Now, what’s in the texts? Is he flirting with you? Sending you memes or links of things he thinks you’ll like? His favorite songs? I know that this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is.

He brings you to events

He’s not shy to bring you to parties and other social parties. Now, if he’s not displaying any of these other signs, then this doesn’t really count. I have many male friends that invite me to parties without having feelings for me. So, this cannot be a solo factor. But if he’s showing you off to people with you by his side and showing other signs, then that’s a strong hint.

He acts like he likes you

You can see it in his eyes, he wants you. He buys you ice cream, he calls you – he’s literally doing everything a boyfriend would do. Remember, actions speak louder than words. So, if he’s taking you to the movies, spending his weekends with you, he’s into you. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be investing so much time in you.

You two spend a lot of time alone.

Maybe you watch movies at his place or go for a walk on the beach, but, the point is that you two are alone. He’s clearly comfortable around you and enjoys your company – he doesn’t need another friend there for support. If you guys are spending a lot of time alone, well, that’s a good sign that he’s into you. 

You’ve met his family

You wouldn’t have met his family if you were a nobody. Men, in general, are pretty private when it comes to letting their families into their personal lives. They don’t bring girls home who aren’t special to them. Actually, if he takes you home, he really likes you. The minute you leave, he’ll be drilled with questions about you, so, he knows what he got himself into by bringing you home.  So, if he takes you home, even just to watch a movie, that’s a huge step for him. He’s showing his family that you’re important to him.

Men aren’t that complicated but when fear takes over, that’s a whole other story. If you notice that he’s showing these signs but still hasn’t made a move, then take the next step and make the move yourself. Life is too short to miss out on something that could potentially last the rest of your life. It may be scary in the beginning, but you have to try or else you both will be asking yourselves the question, “what if?”


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