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30 Subconscious Signs a Guy Likes You


When you have a crush on someone, it seems impossible that they would ever like you back. You are afraid to make a move and scare him off, but you want to know if he is interested. Otherwise, you want to move on and stop wasting your time. Luckily, there are some subconscious signs a man likes you. Most likely, he won’t even realize that he is doing these things. He might not be ready to tell you how he feels yet, but his body language, behavior and mannerisms will give him away.

Your crush does not have to do all of these signs to be interested in you. If he does several of these subconscious signs, then there is an excellent chance that he is interested. If he only does one of these signs, then it might not mean anything. Wait until he does multiple signs from this list before you determine if he likes you back or not.

1. He Smiles at You a Lot

Some people are just happy people and smile at everyone. The key for this sign is if he smiles at you more than he smiles at other people. When you like someone, you feel happy that they are around. A smile is also a subtle way someone will encourage their crush to approach. If you notice him smiling at you ore often than anyone else, then there is an excellent chance that he is interested on some level.

2. He Raises His Eyebrows

In a book by a noted FBI interviewer, he discussed how eyebrows can show that you are a friend or foe. When a friend approaches, you raise your eyebrows slightly. It sounds unnatural, but it is actually something that almost everyone does. If your crush raises his eyebrows as you approach, he could be interested. At the very least, he views you as someone he likes to be around.

3. He Faces Toward You

When someone is engaged in a conversation, they tend to face the person they are talking to. If someone turns away from you, it means that they are not engaged in the conversation or need to leave. If your crush deliberately turns his shoulders, chest and face toward you, then he is interested in having a conversation with you. Even when you are not talking, he might turn his body toward you so that he can easily check you out without being noticed. If he always faces away from you, then he is most likely not interested in you as a romantic partner or friend.

4. He Is Not Afraid to Fix His Appearance Near You

When you like someone, there are a number of subconscious signs that will happen. Without even realizing it, you will find yourself straightening your hair or self-grooming. Your crush is the same way. He won’t realize that he is doing it, but he will subconsciously start fixing his appearance whenever you are nearby.

5. He Adjusts His Posture

Adjusting his posture might be a sign that he is interested in you. When you like someone, it is easy to feel nervous or uncomfortable. One way your body tries to dissipate your nervous energy is by constantly moving. If your crush is nervous around you, he may adjust his position constantly because he feels uncomfortable. He likes you, and he can’t sit still because of that.

6. He Licks His Lips

When someone is attracted to you, there are a number of subconscious signs that happen. One is that he will subconsciously start to lick his lips. He may also do other things that involve his lips like taking more sips of his beer than normal or actually touching his lips with his fingers.

7. He Locks Eyes With You

subtle signs he likes you more than a friend

This is another common sign a man likes you. Eyes are thought to be the window to the soul, and they are an amazing signal when someone likes you. He may blink frequently when he looks at you, and you may find him looking at you when he thinks that you are not paying attention. The same sign works in reverse, however. If he never looks at you or deliberately avoids being around you, then he doesn’t even want to be friends with you.

8. He Is Touchy Feely

When you like someone, you naturally want to be close to them. You often won’t even realize that you are doing it. When your crush is around you, he might touch your shoulder to get your attention or place his hand on your elbow. All of these subtle touches are signs that he wants to be close to you and is into you. If the touches are more personal like on your face or hair, then you can basically guarantee that he likes you back.

9. He Tries to Be Close to You

Subconscious Signs A Man Likes You

While the size of your personal bubble can change depending on your culture, you can basically bet that someone who feels close to you will stand closer as well. Friends and family members stand closer to you than a complete stranger would. The same is true for your crush. If he is trying to stand near you, then you can bet that he at least feels like close friends. Most likely, he wants something more than friendship out of the relationship.

10. He Tilts His Head

This is another common sign that someone likes being around you. Friends, family and romantic interests will all do this without realizing it. While you are talking to him, he might tilt his head slightly to the side. He might even do it when he makes eye contact with you. This is a friend gesture that shows that he wants you to come over and start talking to him.

11. He Mirrors Your Gestures

When someone is close friends or has a crush on someone else, they unintentionally mirror the other person’s actions. You might touch your elbow, and then he touches his elbow. You lean into the conversation, and he leans in as well. This type of mirroring behavior is well known in psychology as a sign that two people feel closely to one another. While it is possible he just views you as a good friend, it is also possible that he is interested in you.

12. He Plays With His Belt Loops

This is a subconscious sign that people never realize that they are doing. When a guy is attracted to someone, he may fidget with his pockets or belt loops. While he does not realizing he is doing it, he is subconsciously drawing attention to his private area.

13. He Talks With His Hands

Everyone has different gestures and body language that they use. If he uses his hands when he talks around you, then there is a decent chance he likes you. At the very least, he feels like he can communicate openly with you.

14. He Wants Your Attention

subtle signs he likes you more than a friend

When you like someone, you love when they pay attention to you. He may deliberately try to get your attention if he has a crush on you. Even if you are just making a lame joke, he is going to laugh and try to get you to pay attention to you. He wants to see you smile and laugh. All he wants is to have a chance to get to know you better, so he deliberately tries to get your attention.

15. His Behavior Changes

One way you can see if he likes you or not is by looking at how he acts. Everyone has different body language and mannerisms, but the key is if these gestures change. Look at how he talks to other women or his friends. When he talks to you, does his behavior stay the same? Or does something subtly change? If he likes you, his behavior will change slightly because he feels differently when he is around you than when he is around his friends.

16. He Opens Doors for You

Obviously, you are more than capable of opening the door for yourself or walking home alone. When a guy likes you, he wants to “wow” you. He will go out of his way to be chivalrous and to show that he cares. He might pull your chair out when you sit down or open a door for you. If you have to walk home alone, he will offer to drive you are walk with you.

17. He Keeps His Palm Up

subtle signs a shy guy likes you

When someone likes you and feels comfortable, he will keep his palm up when he reaches toward you. This is a natural gesture for the animal kingdom because it shows that you are unarmed and not trying to attack. When he likes you and feels comfortable around you, he will reach toward you with his palm up to show that he is not a threat and wants to be friends or more.

18. He Gives You Special Treatment

One way that you can see if he likes you is by looking at how he treats you. Pay attention to how he treats his guy and gal friends. If he gives you special treatment, then you can basically guarantee that he likes you on some level.

19. Nothing Distracts Him From You

When someone really cares, he will pay complete attention to you. If you suddenly get distracted, he will try to get you to focus on him again. He will make continued eye contact and pay attention to everything that you say. He isn’t trying to make you feel weird because of the staring—he just wants you to pay complete attention to him because he likes you.

20. He Feels Protective About You

Don’t misunderstand this sign—this does not mean that he gets in fights with guys who talk to you or is suddenly controlling. Both of those actions are signs of someone that you should never, ever date. Instead, look for more subtle signs of a protective attitude. For example, you are talking with him when another guy shows up. Your crush spreads his legs apart and throws his shoulders back slightly. Both of these are body language signs from the animal kingdom that say, “Hey, watch out. I am protecting her and am keeping an eye on you.” If he is a nice guy, the body language will be the only thing he does, so pay attention.

21. He Takes a Deep Breath

Subconscious Signs A Man Likes You

When he sees you, notice if his chest suddenly expands. One of the subconscious signs a man likes you is that he takes a deep breath. This naturally pulls in his stomach and pushes out his chest. It serves to make his waist look smaller and his upper body seem broader—both qualities that will make him seem more athletic and fit. He won’t even realize that he is doing this though because it is just a side effect of evolution.

22. His Pupils Become Huge

When someone is attracted to their crush, their pupils will dilate. This dilation happens because the brain responds when you are attracted to something and makes your pupils appear bigger. This is especially easy to see when you are in a dark place where the pupils should never be dilated because of the lack of light.

23. He Smiles With His Full Face

Subconscious Signs A Man Likes You

We all know what a fake smile looks like. When someone is only smiling to be polite, the smile only happens around their lips. A real smile involves the eyes squinting slightly and the forehead lifting. When a guy smiles using his whole face, then he is genuinely happy to be around you.

24. He Sits With His Legs Spread

body language signs he's interested

This is another evolutionary sign. When someone sits with their legs spread, it exposes their genital region. Since this is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, it makes the individual vulnerable. Animals (and people) do body language signs like this to show that they trust the other person and are willing to be vulnerable around them.

25. He Plays With His Glass

When someone is nervous because they like you, they will play with things to dissipate their nervous energy. Your crush might play with his glass or fiddle with his watch because he has so much nervous energy when he is around you.

26. He Walks Next to You

Notice how he walks with you. If he walks ahead of you, then he is focused on himself or is not interested in you. The only way he should be walking ahead of you is if you are going through a crowded room or a scary area.

27. He Cross His Legs Toward You

If he crosses his legs when he is sitting, look at how he does it. If he crosses his legs so that his upper body and torso is facing away from you, then he is not that interested. If he crosses his legs so that his body faces toward you, then he is interested.

28. He Points His Toes Toward You

This does not happen for every crush, but it is something that you can look out for. When someone likes you, their toes will often point toward you. If they are afraid or want to leave, the toes will point toward the nearest door. The feet are a part of the fight-or-flight response, so they have to be ready to head to the door if there is a danger. In most cases, the toes will point in the direction that his heart wants to go. One interesting experiment that you can do involves his feet. Try touching your crush on the elbow or the arm. Pay attention to what his feet do. If they suddenly turn toward the door, then you can be fairly certain that he is not interested in you.

29. He Tries to Make You Laugh

When someone likes you, they naturally want to make you happy. If he has a crush on you, then he will do his best to make you happy. He will try to make you laugh and will do anything to get you to smile. If you are having a bad day, he might even bring you a cup of coffee or a small present to try to make your day better.

30. He Always Comes to You

You walk into a party, and you didn’t even realize that he was there. Suddenly, he shows up wherever you are to say hello. One of the subconscious signs a man likes you is that he always tries to be around you. Wherever you are, he will come up to say hello. He might only say a couple of sentences, but that is enough for you to start thinking that he could be interested. While he might just want to be friends, this is one sign that he could want something more. If you notice this sign, start looking to see if your crush does any of the other signs on this list as well.


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