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15 Signs He Doesn’t Like You Anymore


Does he like you? Has he lost interest? And how are you supposed to tell? Read these following 15 signs below to help you figure out whether he likes you anymore or not!

Sign #1: There Isn’t Much Communication

Yep, one of the major signals that he just isn’t that into you is he stops talking to you as much as he previously did. When you like someone, you tend to want to be talking with them constantly. That’s what makes the two of you want to eventually be a couple. So you can be sure when he finally stops responding to your texts or presses ignore on your calls, he’s not really digging you anymore. This goes hand in hand with him no longer initiating contact with you, as well. If getting him to talk to you feels like pulling teeth, then we’re sorry to say that you’ve probably lost his interest at some point.

Sign #2: He Starts Hanging Out With Other Girls

As much as this hurts, it’s a definite sign he doesn’t like you anymore. He would probably be spending his extra time with you, not some other chick, if he really liked you a lot. However, if you see him on the arm of some other girls on social media or in real life, he’s absolutely moved on. Men who have an interest in a girl will usually ensure that she is the only girl he is hanging out with. If he truly had feelings for you, you would be the only girl on his arm at all times.

Sign #3: He Never Initiates Hang Outs

Just like he is no longer initiating contact with you, he will also stop initiating when the two of you hangout. You will start noticing that you are the only one making plans or asking him to hang out. He might even be a little hesitant to agree to hanging out with you at this point. This is one of the major red flags that he does not like you any longer. Keep track and if you are asking him to hang out regularly, getting denied and not getting asked in return, it might just be time to move on once and for all.

Sign #4: The Intimacy Is Gone

Remember when he was all about holding hands or even getting as crazy to try and grab your booty? Now all of that has dissipated and suddenly the intimacy between you has flown out the window. That’s a straight up sign that he does not like you anymore. It could mean also that he has started getting physical with someone else. Usually guys are very physically intimate. The only reason they would stop is if they are getting intimate with some other girl or if they really don’t want to to lead you on anymore.

Sign #5: He Stopped Listening

So when you are talking to him is he actually taking the time out of his day to pay attention to you? If not, he probably just doesn’t care. As harsh as that is, it’s the reality of what happens when a guy stops harboring feelings for you. He won’t listen any longer, because he just does not see the point in doing so at this time. His mind is busy elsewhere. He will suddenly stop caring about your day or what is on your mind. If that’s the case, it’s time to find a new boo.

Sign #6: He Doesn’t Get Jealous

When a guy likes you, he will more than likely find himself getting super jealous when you talk with or hang out with other dudes. However, if he stops liking you, he will definitely not give a darn whether or not you are preoccupied with another man. Try flirting with another guy in front of him and if you get no reaction then it’s a sturdy sign that he just doesn’t care or like you as much as you previously thought.

Sign #7: You Don’t Get Special Treatment

You are probably wondering what that means. Well, let’s be clear: When a guy has feelings for you he will go out of his way to make you feel close to a princess. However, when he doesn’t give a heck, he will not treat you any differently than anyone else. That means no doors get opened for you, he doesn’t put any extra attention on you, no presents and definitely no compliments. These are the things that only people with romantic interest tend to do. So you can be sure that he doesn’t like you any longer if he stops doing all of that. Especially when you are out in public.

Sign #8: He’s Always Too Busy For You

Yup, once he stops liking you he will act like he is now the busiest man in the entire universe. Every time you ask him to hang out he will dodge it by making up some shoddy excuse. He will constantly be hanging out with his bros or with his family for an emergency. He won’t even bother to try to reschedule either. He will just leave you with the excuse and pretend like you never even asked him to hang out in the first place.

Sign #9: He’s Not By Your Side When You’re Out

There may have been a time where he never left your side when the two of you were out in the public eye. Now those days are long gone and only faint memories. That is probably due to the fact that he doesn’t like you as more than just a friend. He’s trying to make things the way they were before by making everything between you strictly platonic. So along with not getting any special treatment anymore, you probably won’t have him by your side any longer either. That is sadly just what happens when he loses interest in you.

Sign #10: His Memory Is Terrible

Well, okay, he might not have any actual problems with his memory. But it will sure feel like it all of a sudden. Meaning he doesn’t keep track of what you have said to him anymore. You might talk about something that is super important to you, but he will not have a single clue what you are talking about when you bring it up to him later. And those important events that you told him are coming up? Forgotten as soon as you said them. That’s a strong signal he just isn’t that into you at this point.

Sign #11: He Doesn’t Make An Effort To Get To Know You Better

When you start developing feelings for someone there is a time where the two of you cannot stop asking questions. That is because you want to get to know each other as well as you possibly can. However, when you don’t like someone, you don’t put the extra effort into getting to know them. That means if he stops liking you, he won’t continue to ask you questions or try to get to know you on a personal level. And then when you ask him, he seems very vague and distant. Time to move on girl, he just isn’t feeling you.

Sign #12: The Body Language Isn’t There

Body language is a huge giveaway to what he is feeling towards you. So pay attention to this closely! Is he giving off any signals that he likes you? These signals would be things like accidentally touching you, teasing you by playing with his hair, making eye contact constantly, etc. But if he stops doing this stuff and his body language goes dead silent, he probably stopped liking you at some point shortly before that.

Sign #13: He Avoids You

When he’s out in public and you spot each other, does he go out of his way to avoid you? That’s a good sign he isn’t vibing with you anymore. If he liked you, he would take the time to come over and say hello. Or at least he would give you a small wave to let you know that he saw you.

Sign #14: He Talks Up Other Girls

Obviously when you have feelings for another person you don’t start blabbering on about how hot another person is. That’s just plain rude. But if he doesn’t like you anymore, he might not hesitate to talk up another girl in front of you. Of course you’ll get jealous, but he most likely doesn’t care at all.

Sign #15: He Encourages You To Date Other Guys

And just like he will be discussing other girls with you, he will also be encouraging you to get back out there and start dating. He might even go as far as setting you up with one of his friends! What screams, ‘I don’t like you!’ more than that? The answer is: Nothing.


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