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10 Signs He Doesn’t Want to Marry You


So, you’ve been with your man for a couple of years and you think he’s the one. You’re sure this relationship is going to last a lifetime, until you’re both old and grey but there’s just one problem, he’s not asking you to marry him. If you’re reading this, then your head is out of the clouds and back on the land and now you’re a little worried. Of course, you’re worried, you invested years with him and you don’t feel that he’s going to take the next step with you. But instead of waiting around, it’s time to look at the signs and see if he’s ever going to take the next step and ask you to be his wife. Before you dump him in a panic, really make sure you look at these signs and see if he’s showing more than a couple of them. One of these signs isn’t enough to know if he doesn’t want to marry you, well, that is, unless he straight up tells you. These signs will help you figure out if you need to stick around or move on with your life. Signs He Doesn't Want to Marry You

There’s no talk about the future

Like, the crickets are talking more than he is. When it comes to the future, you two don’t even talk about where you’re going to travel this summer together. When it comes to the future, even usually has an idea of where they think it will go or where they want it to go. If he’s not talking about the future in any sense, whether it be months or years from now it’s because he doesn’t see a future with you in his head.

He may have proposed but there’s no date

He may have actually proposed to you which is a sign that he wants to commit, right? Some men feel the pressure or are tired of talking about marriage and thus, just propose to you to end the nagging conversation about the future. It’s a cowardly move on their part and is devasting for you when it ends – because it will end before you even walk down the aisle. He didn’t intend on marrying you in the first place because if he did, he would have no problem setting a date. If you see him constantly pushing the date further away or avoiding the conversation, it’s a huge sign that it was never going to happen in the first place.

signs she won't marry you

He told you he doesn’t want to get married

Well, that ends that conversation. Why are you still with him? I know why, it’s because you thought he would change his mind, that you would be able to work your magic and convince him otherwise. Well, here’s the thing, he’s already told you what he wants and doesn’t want. He doesn’t want to get married. Well, he does, but he doesn’t want to marry you. He didn’t tell you this to play mind games with you, he told you this because it’s the truth. Don’t take this as a challenge, listen to what he said because you’re not going to change his mind. He doesn’t think you’re the one for him.

You two don’t argue

It’s not because you two have nothing to argue about because every couple has something to fight over. This is because he doesn’t see the point in fighting with you. Why? Because this relationship isn’t something he sees as serious. Having a disagreement is one thing but you resolve it because you want the relationship to stay together and you want to grow from the disagreement. But if he doesn’t want to have an argument with you about it, it’s because he doesn’t fully care.

He doesn’t put a label on your relationship

Come on ladies, how many times has a guy done this just because they want to sleep around and see other people? This is a red flag not only for him not wanting to marry you, but it’s a red flag that he doesn’t respect you as a person. If he can’t call you his girlfriend, how do you expect him to call you his wife? Exactly, he won’t. I know, it’s harsh, but it’s reality. He’s never going to be with you because he can’t even commit to a basic girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

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He doesn’t want you to meet his family

If he’s into you, he has no problem introducing you to his family. He’s proud to have you by his side and he wants to show his family you who are. But if he’s avoiding to introduce you to his family there’s a reason why. Why would he get you to meet his parents if he’s not seeing you in his future? To him, that’s just a waste of time and neverending conversations with his mom asking about you. If he’s serious, he’ll act seriously. But if not, he’ll never do this.

He’s full of excuses

His parents had a nasty divorce, his friends are all divorced, he doesn’t have enough money for the wedding – trust me, if he doesn’t want to marry you, the list of excuses will be ready to spit out if needed. Plus, the excuses are all ones which you have no control over which is really smart as there’s nothing you can do but wait…for nothing to happen.

You argue about the future

This is the only argument he’ll have with you and it’s because he’s trying to defend himself for not wanting a future with you.  He’ll become angry when you bring up the subject and maybe you talk about it too much but so what, if he wanted to marry you, it wouldn’t be such a problem. But alas, here we go, he doesn’t want to marry you, so, for him, this is an annoying conversation that’s going nowhere. That’s the only reason why he becomes angry. It’s a subject, for him, that’s unnecessary to even talk about.

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He changes the subject 

The minute you bring up marriage, he comes up with a lame response, maybe even only replying with a grunt and then changes the subject to literally anything just to avoid the topic. Listen, he likes it the way it is right now. He doesn’t have to put in too much effort, he gets sex, you build his ego, what’s wrong with that? He has everything he needs. He’s with you but isn’t fully committed and for him, it’s enough, he’s fully content for now. If he changes the subject, it’s because he doesn’t want to marry you.

He hates the idea of marriage

It’s amazing how suddenly a man can hate the idea of marriage and believe that monogamy doesn’t work, etc. In other words, it’s a bunch of crap. And honestly, if he’s thinking like that, you don’t want him as a partner (if you believe in monogamy). You want a partner that is fully committed to you and your life that you made together. This idea that he has of hating marriage is frankly immature and shows you not only is he not ready for marriage in general, but he doesn’t want to marry you.


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