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30 Signs He Has a Secret Crush on You


Usually, when someone has a crush, it can be easy to tell. But when you turn out to be the object of someone’s affection, you may tend to see mixed signals. After all, it can be hard to be objective when you’re not sure if someone likes you or if you’re just misinterpreting their behavior.

how to know if a guy has a crush on you

The one sure way to know is simply to ask. However, it can be hard to muster up the courage to just ask someone, “Hey, are you into me?”

For all you ladies who want to check if someone is crushing on you, all you need to do is observe their behavior. Check if they do any of the things we’ve mapped out below.

1. He has a big smile when you’re there.

signs he has a crush on you body language

You know how you can’t help but smile whenever you see someone you like? Well no matter how he tries to hide it, a smile always creeps into his face whenever you’re there or whenever someone mentions you.

2. He makes lots of eye contact.

Even if you’re talking in a group, he’ll maintain eye contact with you to show you that he has your full attention. It’s also his way of showing that he hopes you give him your full attention too.

3. He fidgets awkwardly when you’re there.

It’s the cutest thing when guys try to hide that they have a crush on someone. Whenever he’s trying to do something, he gets incredibly conscious of your eyes on him that he ends up fidgeting or being clumsy.

4. He tries to touch you as often as he can.

We’re not talking about invading your personal space. We mean trying to brush his thigh against yours when you’re seated on a bench or casually grazing your pinky with his hand when both your hands are on the table.

5. He wants to be as close to you as possible.

When it comes to group settings, he always wants the seat closest to you. When you’re walking, he walks just a tad bit closer. And when he knows you’ll be late, he saves you the seat closest to him.

6. His feet point towards you.

Pointing one’s feet towards someone is a sign that they want to appear approachable. It’s also subtle sign language that says he’s giving you his full attention.

7. He stumbles over his words.

Like with the awkward butter fingers, he can’t help but stumble over his words when he talks to you. This just shows that he wants to be so careful with what he says to you that he ends up not making sense.

8. He makes time for you.

He’s willing to drop his plans if you suddenly invite him out for some coffee or drinks. He takes every invitation as an opportunity to get to know you better. However, keep in mind that he’ll only drop these plans if they’re not that important. So don’t expect him to bail out on his mom when you suddenly ask him to go with you!

9. He offers to pay for things.

In this modern world, men aren’t always expected to pay for dates. But when you’re just friends, he always wants to be the one to offer first. This is his way of showing that he is financially capable of taking care of you.

10. He is generous with compliments.

Even if he stumbles over his words, he won’t hesitate to tell you that he likes little things about you. This can range from compliments on your work, your appearance, or just your taste in things. Giving you a compliment is a subtle way of telling you that he likes something about you, and he can’t help but say it out loud.

11. He is available whenever you need him.

signs that he is into you,sure signs a guy is crushing on you

Whenever you ask him if he’s busy, he’ll try to downplay just how busy he is just so he can have a chance to hang out with you. Maybe he would even mention that he’s free on certain days just so you know when you can invite him out for some lunch or coffee.

12. He likes to interact with you online.

It can be the little things like liking your posts or selfies as a way to tell you that he’s into whatever it is you’re up to. It can also be more proactive things like posting a cute photo of a puppy on your wall or tagging you in a photo you might find interesting. Either way, he’s not afraid to reach out to you online, even if other people can see.

13. He avoids talking about other women.

signs he has big crush you

Okay, so you’re not in the dating phase yet. But his avoidance of talking about other women is his way of showing you that you’re the only woman he wants. Of course, take this with a grain of salt because some guys avoid talking about other women because they have tons of ladies at their beck and call, and they don’t want you to get suspicious.

14. You can tell when he gets a little jealous.

Whenever you mention going out with a male friend or a crush you have on someone, you will notice that he gets a little quiet. He knows he has no right to be jealous because you’re not in a relationship. But if a guy really likes you, you’ll notice that just thinking of you with some other guy bothers him a lot.

15. He gives you his full attention.

When you’re out together, you can feel that he doesn’t want to pay attention to anyone or anything else but you. When you’re out watching a movie or a band, he pays attention to the band but you’ll notice him catching quick glimpses at you to see if you’re having fun too.

16. He tries to impress you.

Some guys try to impress women by boasting about their accomplishments. This may also be the case with a guy who likes you. However, he’ll also try to impress you by trying to be more knowledgeable about things that you’re into. For example, if you mention that you’re a huge fan of Game of Thrones, he might suddenly binge watch every single episode so you’ll have someone to talk to about it.

17. He is chivalrous.

He opens doors for you, pulls out your seat, and always makes sure you’re comfortable. Some people think these are outdated gestures, but he does this to show you that he cares about you. Naturally, he also will not take offense when you say that you’d rather be the one to open doors or pull out chairs for yourself.

18. He starts the conversation.

Because he just loves talking to you, he’ll start a conversation with you whenever he can. When you get to know each other better, you’ll notice that he’ll start it off with something you talked about last time.

19. He not on his phone when you’re together.

signs he has a crush on you body language

With the power of the internet, we can all be connected 24/7. This leads to a lot of people being glued to their phones and missing what’s right in front of them. If a guy has a crush on you, his phone stays in his pocket as he makes sure not to miss a single moment with you.

20. He considers your needs.

When you’re out together or in a group of friends, he’ll always be the first to offer things you might need. Need a glass of water? Maybe you want to trade seats to get a better view of the band? Do you want some coffee before you head home? It’s these little things he considers that shows just how much he likes you.

21. He offers to accompany you wherever you go.

signs he has a secret crush on you

In a casual conversation you might mention having to go to this boring government office to do some errands. If a guy likes you, he might offer to go with you just to help you feel less bored. He might also do the same thing when you mention that you’ll be heading to a less-than-safe place to run some errands.

22. He makes references to your posts on social media.

You can tell a guy likes you when he still thinks about you when you’re not together. So when you haven’t seen each other for a while, you’ll notice that he has thought of you when he remembers the things you post about. Yes, it might be a little stalker-y, but checking out your posts on social media is a sure sign that he’s into you.

23. He opens up to you.

Men tend not to share their feelings with people they aren’t close to. However, even if you’re not yet that close, he might have such a deep connection with you that he feels like he can trust you with his feelings. With women, it tends to be easier to open up. But when a guy opens up to you, you know he thinks you’re special.

24. He tells you about his day.

Some guys prefer to impress the girl they like by talking about all the cool things they’ve done. However, telling you about the mundane things that went on in his day can mean that he just wants to keep the conversation going. This could be his way of hoping that you’d share a little something about your day too.

25. He is always honest with you.

Okay, this one’s a little tricky. There are some guys who would rather lie to impress you. There are other guys who prefer not to mention the unsavory parts of their lives for fear that it will scare you off. However, when a guy truly, genuinely likes you, he wouldn’t lie about important things. Why? Because a lie at the start can blow up in his face when you are a lot closer to each other. So to keep the foundation of your potential relationship strong, he prefers to be as honest with you as possible… though he might sometimes downplay the severity of certain things until he realizes you’ll be more accepting.

26. He tries to make you laugh.

signs he has big crush you

When you have a crush on someone, it’s huge compliment when they laugh at your jokes. So when a guy likes you, he’ll try to get in tune with your sense of humor so he can create a better connection with you. Making someone laugh is a great way to associate them with a good time, and if he is into you, he definitely wants you to think of fun times whenever you think of him.

27. He wants to get to know your friends.

One great way to get to know someone better is to get to know their friends. If a guy is really into you, he’d be interested in meeting your friends so he can know more about you. It also doubles as an excuse to spend time with you in an environment where you’re comfortable.

28. He will try new, weird things with you.

signs he has a secret crush on you

If a guy has a huge crush on you, he’ll go to whatever lengths to be with you, even if that means doing the craziest, weirdest, most unconventional things with you. It’s his way of telling you what he’s willing to do for you, even if those things are what he would usually back out of if other people ask.

29. He doesn’t look bored when you’re together.

When you’re with your crush, every moment is a moment to cherish. So when a guy likes you, you’ll notice that he’s hanging on to every word you say. And even if you’re doing one of the most boring activities ever (like waiting at the DMV), he’ll still try to make it seem like a fun time by keeping the conversation going.

30. He gives you little gifts.

Gifts show you that you matter to him. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant a gift is, it means that when he bought it, he was thinking of you. So when you get random sweets, little contraptions, or just sweet little tokens, you know that a guy has a crush on you!

Keep in mind that the guy doesn’t have to do ALL the things above. But if they do a lot of the things we mentioned, you can be pretty sure that he likes you a lot!


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. We always appreciate when members of our community share their insights and experiences. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Daniela!

    • This person is interested in having your clothes for a period of time. This is an indication that he is attracted to you. However, his statement may be an indication of his thought processes that you may want to address. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings, and give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Hellen!

  1. A boy always wants to make m laugh but when hes with his friends he doesn’t. he always smiles at me and is always staring at me. Does he like me.

    • It is certain that he has feelings toward you. Make a decision about what you want for the future of this relationship. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings, and give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well.

  2. Ok.. So there’s this boy in school that I’m not sure if he likes me or not. Its kinda a long story, but I want to provide as many details as possible so I can understand his actions more..

    We go to the same school, he’s one grade above me, but my best girl-friend is in his class. The first time I saw him I thought he was cute, so i SMILED @ him and he smiled back. From then on, we always smiled at each other passing in the hallway etc. it seemed like we both knew we liked each other, I know for sure I did and still do, but I think he’s just trying to hide his feelings. Then one night, we were at a school event (our school has these little “get-togethers” every now and then as like a after-school hang-out, if you want to come) So i went one of those nights and he happened to be there too, I ate with my friends but after a while my friends were playing games but I didn’t want to play so I went by myself and started playing this random piano I found in the hallway. (I play piano and actually pretty known for my “good piano playing”.) But just somehow I turned around and he was peaking around the corner @ me playing piano and when he realized I saw him, it was like he started playing peekaboo around the corner. Fast-forward a couple months, My best girl-friend (that’s in the same class as him) said to me one day when we were talking in the car, out of the clear blue, she goes “Are you like friends with (name of the boy)?” Im like “umm, not really, IDK him that well at all, why??” She goes, “well he was asking me the other day about you and how u were doing, and he told me to tell you that he asked”. I was like “oh ok, that’s nice of him”. I didn’t tell her I actually liked him, just bc I didn’t want that getting back to him without me being the one telling him how i feel first. anyways.. What do you guys think?

    • While he hasn’t done enough to be actually certain about how he feels, it definitely seems more likely than not that he could like you. He seems to be fascinated by you, at the very least. It’s also a good sign that he was asking your friend about you. Now, you just have to decide if you want to make a move to see how he feels. Good luck!


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