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Does He Love Me? 20 Sure Signs to Read His Mind


I think we all wish we had the ability to read minds. We go through life constantly wondering what people are thinking – specifically the people we have crushes on. For us ladies, this can be made even more difficult by the fact that guys aren’t really forthcoming with their feelings.

We can guess and guess about what they’re feeling and most of the time, we’re wrong. So when we think a guy is totally into us, he could be the farthest thing from interested. But what if I told you there was a way for you to know if a guy loved you?

It’s true! Actually, there are 20 ways to know if a man is totally in love with you. If you have your eye on that someone special and want to know just what they’re thinking, use these 20 signs he loves you.


  1. He lets you know he’s thinking about you.

When a guy loves you, he’ll go above and beyond to let you know he’s been thinking about you. Something as simple as a, “Hey cutie,” text is enough to show you that he’s been thinking about you. When you think he’s contacting you out of the blue, it really might just be him telling you that you’re on his mind.

  1. He communicates.

Communication is really the biggest way he can show you he loves you. When he tells you how he feels and makes sure to communicate certain things to you, he definitely loves you. This has a lot to do with respect. If he’s reaching out and communicating his plans and his whereabouts, he respects you enough to let you know what’s going on in his life. That’s just proof of how much he loves you.

  1. He’s honest.

Honesty is extremely important in any relationship and if your man is upfront and honest with you, it shows how much he loves you. This isn’t so much important about the little things, but rather, the bigger and important things. If he’s coming forward about things that you may get upset about, but he’s telling you anyways, he definitely loves you.

  1. He does selfless things for you.

Being selfless is mandatory in a relationship. You can’t expect to make it work if you’re only thinking about yourself. So if your man is wise enough to know this and does things for you without getting anything in return, he’s showing you how much he loves you. This is especially true if he does these things without even thinking about it. Because he’s putting your happiness first.

  1. He asks deep questions.

There’s a huge difference between someone asking you superficial questions and when a guy asks you deep, personal ones that speak to who you are as a person. If a guy asks you those types of questions, then he actually cares to get to know you on a much deeper level. He cares about who you are and not about what’s just beneath the surface.

  1. He loves to make you laugh.

I think we can all agree that a guy who tries to make his girl laugh and have fun is definitely a guy who loves her. The main point here is that he loves to see you happy. When a guy goes out of his way to make you smile and be happy, he’s showing you that he cares about your happiness and that you’re having a good time.

  1. He’s affectionate.

Now, you can’t get this mixed up with someone who just likes you for sex because they’re completely different. Affection from someone who loves you is very sweet and innocent. If he loves holding your hand in public and just sitting closer to you on the park bench, he loves you. But if he’s grabbing your butt in public and trying to mac on you, that’s more about his physical attraction and less of him loving you.

  1. He allows you to be vulnerable.

Every single person needs to be able to vulnerable in their lives – especially with the people closest to them. When your boyfriend allows you to break down and just be yourself around him, he truly loves you. When he doesn’t judge you and is there to support you and make you feel better, he definitely loves you. A man who wants to comfort you instead of

  1. He makes time for important events for you.

Not every guy is going to drop what they want to do in order to be there when you have something important going on. This could be anything from a work party to a family member being in the hospital. If a man puts aside the things he wants in his life to make time to help you and be there for you, he definitely loves you.

  1. He shows you off.

This is just a given. If a guy loves you, he’s going to show you off at every opportunity he gets. He will brag about you and talk you up to everyone. This can even be embarrassing from time to time, yet he means it. When he’s very public about his affection and how he’s feeling about you, he has no shame in it. That’s definitely proof that he loves you and even wants to show the world that.

  1. He divulges his secrets.

Everyone has secrets. This is just something you’ll never live without. Your man will even have secrets you’ll probably never know about. The point is, if he’s telling you things that other people don’t know, he loves you. He trusts you enough with that important information and he feels comfortable enough to not hide anything from you. That’s definitely a sign he’s in love with you and it’s a small way he shows it.

Does he love me

  1. He talks about the future – and you’re in it.

If a guy is talking about events that are far in the future and he’s mentioning you being there for them, it means he sees you in his life for a long time. If he hasn’t said he loves you yet and does this, he definitely does. It’s showing that no matter what, he sees you being there in the future and that only means he loves you.

  1. He never judges you.

You’ll reveal a lot of information to your man throughout the course of your relationship. Some of those things may be embarrassing or things you’ve tried to hide before. If your man is being accepting of those things and not judgmental at all, he loves you. When someone cares about you no matter what they learn, it’s definitely love.

  1. He supports your dreams and passions.

This is a HUGE indicator that someone loves you. If you have dreams and passions that you’re super into and have many goals related to and he supports everything about them, he loves you. A guy doesn’t do this unless he cares deeply for you – and this is especially true if your passions aren’t something he’s interested in at all.

  1. He’s proud of your accomplishments as if they were his own.

When a guy is really proud of you and makes this known and even shows other people that, he definitely loves you. It’s as if your accomplishments are an extension of his own because he cares for you so much. When he’s so happy for the goods things that happen in your life, he definite loves you because he’s concerned about you being happy.

  1. He goes out of his way to do things for you.

This has a lot to do with being selfless. There are things in your life that make you happy but don’t do anything at all for him. If he goes out of his way to do those things and make you happy, he definitely loves you. If he’s willing to be inconvenienced for the sake of your happiness, love is definitely there. This type of selflessness is definitely something you should look for in a man.


  1. He gives you space when you need it.

A lot of people think love is synonymous with attention and being with you all the time, but it’s not. Not everyone needs someone to be there 24/7 and not everyone even likes that. When a guy gives you space to sort things out on your own when you need to, he loves you. This type of understanding of your needs is important in love so if he does this, it’s a definite sign.

  1. You feel it.

You will feel loved. You can feel when someone loves you and when they don’t. The things they do and the way they make you feel can tell you more than you think. So pay attention to how you feel around him. Does he make you feel loved and cared for? Then chances are he definitely loves you.

  1. He loves you for who you are – not what you have/look like.

Not everyone looks like a model and there are definitely people out there who are better looking than you. But if a guy cares for you and is attracted to your personality in addition to how you look, that’s a sign of true love. You can’t just love the way someone looks. There’s far more to a person than just that and if he knows that, he loves you.

  1. He tells you.

Most guys don’t go around telling a girl he loves her for no reason. Be careful that this isn’t just a ploy to get in your pants. But for the most part, many guys will tell you just how they feel if they love you. Take it seriously and listen to when he says it. You can then decide how you feel about him or just say it back right away if you know he loves you. However, if he says this but doesn’t do any of the above things, it may not be real.

Being able to tell if a guy loves you or not can help you determine what to do next. By using these 20 signs, you’ll be able to know for sure if he’s in love with you or if he’s just keeping you around for fun.


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