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14 Signs He Loves You Without Saying It


You know how they say, “Actions speak louder than words”?

They are 100% correct. Sometimes we find ourselves doubting the relationships that we are in because we don’t hear what we want to hear. We might not always hear things such as the ever waited for and desired “I love you”. Not everyone is great at using their words to project how they feel. That’s why it’s crucial for you to pay attention to other signs that might give away how someone feels about you. Yes, even signs to show you that they love you.

We often tell people that we love them even before we, ourselves, know that we feel that way. We do it with subtle gestures or gentle words. We might not get straight to the point, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t feel strongly about those people.

This might be the case when it comes to your partner. Maybe he hasn’t gotten the courage to tell you that he has these strong feelings for you yet. Or maybe he is waiting for the right time. He could even just simply be scared. Why? He could have commitment issues or just be afraid of getting rejected by you.

So what if he hasn’t told you those three silly words yet?! It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. All you have to do is pay attention to the signs to find out what he is truly feeling for you. What signs would those be? Read below to find out now.

  • He’s Considerate

There’s no doubt that if he didn’t have deep feelings for you he wouldn’t respect you all that much. He might have a mutual respect because he’s a decent guy, but when a guy loves you they tend to treat you with the utmost respect and consideration. He will make sure that you are comfortable in any strange situations. He will care about what you are feeling at all times. They say chivalry is dead, but that is not true. Not even in the slightest. Actually quite the opposite is true. Chivalry absolutely still exists, but it generally only appears when a guy really, really likes you or loves you.

  • He Protects You

When a guy falls in love with a woman he tends to feel this overwhelming urge to suddenly take care of her and protect her. So you might notice that when he starts falling for you he starts doing his best to protect you when it’s called for. He’ll be certain to jump up if you hear a bump in the night. He’ll always offer to walk you to your car at night or walk you home after your date. You’ll see an increase of the care he projects out on to you when he starts actually loving you. He won’t want you to get hurt in any manner and will do his best to prevent anything bad from happening to you.

  • He Uses Other Phrases

He might not directly tell you that he loves you. Not with those words. But there are many other ways that people let others know just how much they care about them. Yes, even with their voices. These tend to come in phrases such as “drive safe, please” or “have you eaten at all or enough today”. You may hear your mom say them because she loves you. That is because these are the things that people only say frequently and sincerely when they care about you on a much deeper than just as a friend. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic level, but if it’s not a family member or your childhood best friend saying it, it probably is.

  • He Plans His Future With You

When a guy loves you there is not much he won’t plan that doesn’t involve you. When he mentions the future, like special events or days, you will have a permanent invite to it all. This means that he doesn’t plan on you going anywhere anytime soon. That’s a good sign he is feeling pretty serious about the relationship that the two of you share with each other. The cute part is that he can’t picture a future without you in it. That’s why he can’t resist telling you about all the cool stuff he has plans!

  • He Discusses Serious Commitments

And when he is talking about his future commitments, he will also start to mention more serious life events that involve you. He might discuss purchasing a house with you or adopting an animal together.  These kind of things means that he definitely loves you enough to want to be with you for the long haul.

  • He Cares What You Think

Well, of course your friends and even not so romantic partners will care what you think at least a little bit. However, if he truly loves you then he will not throw your thoughts aside. He will take what you think to heart and be considerate of it. He won’t care so much about your opinions and feelings if the two of you are only physically intimate with each other. Once he starts to actually develop strong feelings for you, his empathy towards you will grow. He will find himself gradually being concerned about how you feel.

  • He Takes You Seriously

Not only will he care about what you think, but he will also take it seriously.  What you say will actually matter to him. Even if you are saying something that you think might sound silly, he will make you feel as if you are totally sane. That’s what good partners do and when your partner loves you, they will do these types of things for you.

  • He Shows You Physically

Attitude and words can tell you a lot about how someone feels towards you. They definitely give away when a person loves you. Yet there is one more thing that can give it away also. What is it? How he acts towards you physically and how he gets intimate with you, too. We don’t just mean in the bedroom either. Although how he acts towards you in the bedroom is key. He will be passionate in bed with you.  You will be able to tell the difference between superficial intimacy and a true connection. Besides that, you will also notice that he is not afraid to get close to you when the two of you are hanging out or even in public. He will never fail to be holding your hand or touching your knee either. Physically closeness will come easily to him when he is with you.

  • He Includes You In His Family

What’s a big step that takes a lot of guts when you are dating someone? Why meeting their families of course! So you should feel totally special if he starts bringing you around his family on a consistent basis.

  • He Cares About Your Mental Health

A man who loves you, might tell you by how he cares for you physically and emotionally. He will care for your body and mind. So when you are having a bad mental day and need a shoulder to lean on, he will be there for you. He won’t do anything to make you feel worse, because he wants you to feel your best. That’s because he loves you.

  • He Uses His Eyes To Speak

This might sound silly, but he can actually tell you that he loves you by simply giving you the right look. There is a certain type of gaze that lets you know when someone loves you. You will definitely know it when you see it.

  • He Never Stays Mad For Long

Every couple fights. That is something we all know for sure! However, when the two of you have a fight it will be much easier for you to come to a resolution because you guys really love each other. When you don’t feel committed to someone it’s easier to fight and then stay mad for a long period of time. When you are in love with someone, you want to figure things out because you want to make the relationship work no matter what. A small fight won’t be enough to ruin things between you.

  • He Only Has Eyes For You

One thing a guy won’t do if he is in love with you is he won’t be giving his attention to other people. He will keep his attention focused only on you, because he has no desire to be with anyone else. When a guy is spending time with other women or obsessing over them, it could mean that he isn’t really that interested in pursuing you for much longer.

  • He Makes Sure To Communicate With You

Communication is one of the most important things in a healthy, happy relationship. So if he loves you, he will definitely ensure that he is communicating with you in a proper manner. He will be there to talk to you when the situation calls for it. You will be the first person he wants to tell good and bad news to. You will definitely see as he falls in love with you that he starts communicating with you more frequently!


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