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8 Signs He’s Serious About You


If you’re starting to feel those butterflies in your stomach, you know you’re falling for him and falling for him hard. Of course, though you feel euphoric, you also want to make sure that he feels the same way as well. You don’t want a broken heart and I totally get that, who honestly wants to go through that? Naturally, you want to make sure you two are on the same page. And that’s why you’re here. You want to know what the signs are that he’s serious about you. If you’re not sure or you just want to confirm what you’re seeing, well, don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything there is to know. Go through the list and if he’s showing more than a couple of these signs, it’s a good indication that he’s seriously into you.

is he serious about me or just playing

He puts you first

Everyone has priorities, everyone. If he sees you as someone important, he’ll make sure to put you on the top of his priority list. For example, if he’s free on Friday night, you’re not the second person he’d call to hang out with, you’d be the first on his dial. But don’t get this confused, it doesn’t mean he has to drop everything to spend time with you every single day, but he will make a conscious effort to make time for you even when he’s super busy. You see what I mean? You’re not an afterthought, you’re a priority. And that is a very good sign.

He’s honest with you 

Honesty is crucial for a healthy and functioning relationship. He wants you to trust him and he wants to trust you. The only way to build trust between two people is to be open and honest with them, that’s the only way. By him being honest with you, it’s showing that not only does he respect you but he wants to build a relationship with you. It’s not easy for people to be open and honest with others, thus, they usually only open up to people they really care about. So, if he’s doing this, it’s a great sign that he’s really serious about you.

You feel that you can be yourself around him

There’s the person you show when you’re on a date and then there’s the real you. Of course, you’re the same person, but usually, on first dates, you always end up showing the cleaner, nicer, cuter version of yourself. But when you’re with them, you don’t have to pretend or try to act. Around him, you feel free to be who you are and say what you want to say. You don’t have to shave your legs every day or hide your opinion because you’re scared about what he’ll think. This is because he’s also feeling the same way. He makes you feel comfortable because he also feels comfortable and safe around you.

He listens to you

He listens to you

If he doesn’t genuinely listen to you it’s because he doesn’t respect you. It’s really that simple. But if he’s listening to your opinions and taking them into consideration, it’s because he sees your opinion as something of value. If you were someone he didn’t care about and didn’t see with respect, he’d never take your opinion into consideration nor would he probably listen to you.

He lets you into his world

He lets you into his world

If he sees you as someone he can be with for the long-term, he’s going to show you his world. He’ll want to show you his passions, what he enjoys to do in his spare time and what his dreams are. This is because he wants you to see who he really is. Your passions help define you as a person and if he’s showing you them, he’s serious about you. In addition, if he’s introducing you to his friends, that’s also a huge step since his friends are also a part of who he is. So, these are big moves for him as he’d never introduce a hookup to his friends.

He keeps his word

Listen, men can talk a lot of crap and usually, half of it means nothing. But there’s a difference between a guy who just talks and a guy who sticks behind what he says. Does he keep his word? When he says he’s going to do something or makes a promise, does he follow through? If not, he’s not taking you seriously. But if he’s acting on his words, he sees you as someone important in his life, someone he values. He doesn’t want to disappoint you.

You meet his family

You meet his family

Meeting his family is a huge step. No man would subject themselves to hours of endless questions if they didn’t really like you. They know the minute you meet their mother, they’re going to be constantly questioned about you. By introducing you to his family, he’s showing you off to them. He’s showing them the person he wants to stand next to, the person who makes him proud and happy. He’s also seeing what his family thinks about you and if you fit in his life.

He talks about the future with you

He talks about the future with you

Now, this doesn’t mean he’s talking about the future as in five years from now. It could be going to see a new movie that’s coming out next month or a trip to his family cabin in the summer. But the point is, he’s talking about the future and he’s including you in it. If he wasn’t into you, he wouldn’t be mentioning anything past the date you’re on. The future is a huge thing for men, so if you’re in it, it’s a good sign he really likes you.



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